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  1. cannnAvar

    give me wad suggestion

    Thank you very much
  2. cannnAvar

    give me wad suggestion

    Can you give me must be played wads? I am realy bored.
  3. Awesome map keep going
  4. cannnAvar

    Vajjer's Halloween Map

    If we extrac the zip how can we play the music
  5. cannnAvar


    @Mac Tonight Yeah freedoom (gzdoom) don't work. If you mentioned it could helped.
  6. cannnAvar

    Go to sleep v2 (3 levels for doom 2)

    playable on mobile. good map
  7. cannnAvar

    Hello moblie doomers

    Freedoom not great as pc gzdoom port because some mods don't work like MyHouse.wad