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  1. Xyzzу

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    I only just thought of this but Doom 3's cyberdemon has a sort of "stomp" attack that instakills when anything gets too close to it. Giving the lamest monster in the game a call to A_Explode or something during their walk cycle would probably help it tremendously, at least when intermingling it with other monsters.
  2. Xyzzу

    Best years of your life?

    I have yet to experience the best years of my life tbh mostly because I don't know what to expect tomorrow or even minutes from now. There's always the potential for something better waiting for me in the future
  3. Xyzzу

    What's in a Name?

    I like maps that are named the same as the WAD they're a part of; it's so silly most of the time, but it works when it gives off some sort of utmost importance to me, like if it was the last map of the set. Shoutouts to WADs like Hell Revealed, Ancient Aliens and Down the Drain for having the gall to do this. I adore repetition if it makes sense, like the eight times you visit the Batcave, or all the times you visit the hubs of "Better Texturing with Startan X" and "Big Towers, Says Xaser". Another approach is sequential map names; without just slapping a number at the end of a title like the Poison Ivy trilogy, I can think of the Angry Arch-Vile duology and Scimitar's charming arachnotron-focused quadrilogy off the top of my head. As I'm sure is the case with most people, names tend to stick the more you hear them. That's something I wanna see more of in WADs. I wanna see more map names from the perspective of the WAD's protagonist, like The Way Forward? and Wrong Turn. Perhaps also Hello, Cybie! or What Can Go Wrong?... or do the opposite and produce names from the author like the aforementioned Go Fuck Yourself from Sunlust, but also more playful, joking types of fourth wall break like Nevermind, There Was A Backdoor and the classic Mr. Adolf Kill You! My neurons activate the moment I notice some sort of Duo Trope in a pair of maps. It skyrockets my interest in maps and how they go together more than just sticking the exit of one to the start of the next, like it adds depth to them and the environments they create in my mind somehow. Ebb and Flow as well as Skull and Crossbones are nice examples, but I want to see more robust pairings. More map continuations like The Way to Jadeamir and Jadeamir, please! As dumb and simple as it is, I love how well Secret and Super Secret go together in Scythe 2. ...shit, I effortposted again; bad Xyzzy! 🗞️
  4. Absolutely Killed's first level. Also wow this has to be the first time someone's wished some absolutely horrible death on me. Who shat in your mouth this morning?
  5. Xyzzу

    What are your creative crutches?

    I do indeed mean the former; maps floating in the void are much too easy for me to fall back on and make. I'm guessing the reason for that is it's seemingly much easier to create a layout that simply lacks background scenery (e.g. natural landscape, towering man-made structures, or even just a vast ocean), douse it in a surrounding sky texture and call it a day. Even if, funny enough, it's usually more effort and a much bigger pain to make such a map given how much of a hassle Doom's sky hack feature can be (noticeable cutoffs of taller buildings due to the lowered sky ceiling of shorter ones, the fact that the sky hack only works on the upper texture of sky sectors, etc.) Nowadays, if I'm mapping at all, I'll try to make levels that feel more robust visually, with mountainous ridges and cave entrances miles away or river valleys that look like they could be followed down if the map allows, or alleys/roads that extend past where the player can go gated off by fences or whatever. Void maps are just a tired default aesthetic to me at this point. EDIT: also thanks c:
  6. Xyzzу

    What are your creative crutches?

    My first instinct was to say "void maps", but I remembered a much more definitive one:
  7. Xyzzу

    Saturnia [/idgames] -cl4

    Oh, you're in the trenches actually playing this in vanilla Doom lmao. I assume you DeuSF'd your way into playing it? TIL
  8. Xyzzу

    Saturnia [/idgames] -cl4

    @OpenRift Strange, I never had that happen in all my playthroughs of it in Chocolate Doom. The MIDI in question is 82.91 KB, which should be small enough to convert to MUS under vanilla's limits. Plus, this MIDI was originally made for the Plutonia: Revisited Community Project, which itself is vanilla. Dunno how else to put it but are you sure your "vanilla" Doom is correct? 😅
  9. While not very winter-y, the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned JUMPWAD and "solitary" is Ask The Wise Guy from TurboCharged ARCADE! - The Sequel Episode. You climb what's seemingly the Doom equivalent of Mt. Everest, alone with only the music to accompany you. FWIW, that one map I made (that you probably already know about, heh) is supposed to be chilly, both from the nonsensical air vents placed throughout and the ice cold water I drink at night manifested into damaging liquid. Bring a blanket. Other maps that spring to mind that aren't very desolate but are frozen: MAP09 of A L.T., much of the second episode and MAP30 of 50 Monsters, E1M6 of ZPack, and Level 04 of Skulldash.
  10. Xyzzу

    Saturnia [/idgames] -cl4

    Bumping this one more time to let everyone know, as a heads-up, that Saturnia has been updated - despite it being up on /idgames. This update mostly addresses a couple problems discovered in coop by the TNSTeam. It also reorders some of the maps (03, 05 and 07) to hopefully provide a more sensible progression. There's also been some slight edits to map 06 and 31 in particular. Simply redownload the file from /idgames to get it. BTW @whybmonotacrab This should no longer be the case c: Thanks for playing!
  11. The Instant Discharge Cannon, replacing the chaingun in The Sky May Be is way cooler than the weapon the hack was named for. It dispenses your entire bullet capacity at once, guaranteeing instant death to pretty much anything, if you have enough bullets. It's a nice "get out of jail free" card in general; I have a projectile version of this weapon in a thing I'm working on. Linguica's recreation of the Static Cannon from Doom (2016) is one that I've been wanting to using in a WAD for so long, but unfortunately, it is limited to straight vanilla ports due to its hacky nature - I tried it in DSDA-Doom to no avail :c Anyways, the way it works is that you have to move to shoot it and the faster you go the stronger of a shot it puts out. Simply amazing and an incredibly unique mechanic for Doom (1993), heh. And finally, I present the most super of all super weapons, something so powerful you can end entire megawads with it. Something that allows one to Thanos-snap any map they don't like into smithereens at the push of a button: Don't ask me to "effortpost" again.
  12. Dang, I knew it'd have to be some random ZPort shenanigans I forgot about. That extra teleport spot just slipped by me undetected. I had fun in the server! It was cool to see MAP31 still be somehow beatable even with all the mod craziness and lack of voodoo doll foresight on my part!
  13. Xyzzу


    Yay, cats!
  14. Xyzzу

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Ignore this! 😝
  15. Hey, this is awesome! Glad to see my hard work making this coop-compat is finally paying off :D Just as a heads up, MAP32 has no actual exit so it should probably be removed from the map rotation. Here's hoping those buncha numbers in those DMFLAGS mean teleports work as they should in Final Doom. Even if there are no extra coop monsters, I wish y'all good luck and have fun!