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  1. Dima

    Classic Doom 3 1.1 Final

    Finished it a while ago. Pretty darn good, though I wish they had incorporated new weapons/monsters/scripting.
  2. Dima

    The problem with slowing things down

    Well lads, whatever the final answer to this pending question will turn out to be, we won't have to torture ourselves playing the waiting game as Quakecon is right around the corner, and if the latest gossip scattered around the net is any indication of what we could expect from this year's most inclusive event, we are bound to stumble on the final answer muy pronto! :)
  3. Dima

    The D3 Rant Thread!

    Melfice Well m8, they did have a release date, until that icky hacker bollixed up their plans! :( As a sumptuous lad who had the luxury of witnessing the beta in all it's extravagant resplendence, i can tell you candidly that it was veiled in incredibly cheesy graphics and gameplay mechanics (HL2, that is). I surely hope he didn't purloin the sole version immured in Valve's offices, otherwise, the prorouged release date was anything but inevitable... Sure enough, it's never too late to bushel things up a bit, although Valve's reputation is hinged upon the pretermit release date.
  4. Dima

    New screenies

    Sorry Tetzlaff m8, that's merely a consequence of unawareness.. many (myself included) often opt for new threads, instead of going through the less recent ones.
  5. Dima

    New screenies

    With the abundance of posts around here, donno if you guys have seen the new chunk of screens: (url removed) Good day.
  6. Dima

    Framerate capped at 60fps

    A logical and while we're at it, reasonable decision by id, though i was a bit perplexed at first... i mean, there was Carmack 2 years ago, saying that 30fps is the bar max cap they'll cleave the game on, and hereby, we're getting a two-fold jump - great news! :) Guess that either Carmack underrestimated the technology roadmap at the time, or he was simply aware of too many "for your eyes only" type of material :)
  7. Dima

    that screenshot...

    While it did seem a tad uncanny (the collage), it's not as if someone had just heedlessly flung it up in Photoshop... it's a bona fide, not a counterfeit...
  8. Dima

    that screenshot...

    NO SCANS! BTW, the MP QuakeCon canvas we've been getting around here (albeit, in a circumscribed fashion), is something i'd happily embezzle my money on! :) Oh, and you can welcome me back, i'll post around here now and then in the future. edit: It slipped through my silly archaic mind that another thread is well underway... i guess that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the fate of this thread at it's current show-up :)
  9. Dima

    DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    I surmise you had the occasion to observe attentively the movie linked above, but to answer your original question, yeah, it's a much better version :)
  10. Dima

    DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    For people not aware of the location of the movie: http://www.shackspace.com/~kronologik@shackmail.com/e3-doom3trx1_qt.zip New screenshots: http://www.shackspace.com/~aggressor@shackmail.com/pc_doom305120900_screen001.jpg http://www.shackspace.com/~aggressor@shackmail.com/pc_doom305120900_screen003.jpg
  11. Dima

    The card that will make Doom 3 take it in the ass

    That comment wasn't justified, not at all m8... Radeon 9800 offers the following improvements, both in the software and the hardware aspects over Radeon 9700: 1. F-Buffer 2. Better cache design (not sure exactly what they did over there, but i think they refined it a bit). 3. Better drivers (you won't notice a big difference with R9700, unless you have the 9800). 4. Higher core/memory clock speeds. The Smooth shader you pointed out is nothing worth mentioning... the version is still 2.0, nothing except F-Buffer was added to the package, and calling them 2.1, just because of the F-Buffer is a bit unfair, considering that they're not part of the DX9 specifications. The next generation of GPUs would bring PS/VS 3.0 support to the table, but contrary to what many think, PS/VS 3.0 specifications are defined in the DX9 specs, so basically NV40/R400 will all comply fully to the specifications put up by DX9. DX10 is supposed to come out together with Microsoft's next-gen OS, codenamed Longhorn, slated to be released in 2005 and would unify both the pixel/vertex processing together (i.e. unified instruction model, etc). Don't get me wrong, first, support for PS/VS 3.0 is needed and afterwise, optimisations should take place as well, but in the long run, only NV50/R500 would target DX10, considering that it's barely in the design table yet...
  12. Dima

    DOOM III 90% complete?!

    I just read on a gaming side i visit frequently that Todd Hollenshead, id's CEO appeared on stage during GDC (Game Developers Conference) and stated clearly that DOOM III is 90% complete! It might sound weird at first, a game of such calibre, shrouded in so much hype is already upon us... but, that appears to be the way things are! I was a bit sceptical when Carmack said they wanted to finish the game before E3 and was actually quite sure that even if they do manage to meet their suggested timeframe, a release date of June-July is more likely and there is always a possibility for further postponing the release of course... If the report is indeed correct, sometime after E3, we shall all be in heaven (can't say the same thing about our pc's! :)
  13. Dima

    GeForce FX benchmark

    That's where you're wrong! Not only ATI's successor to R300 has been in development for a while now, but it has already taped out, meaning that if GeForce FX turns out to be faster by a large margin than R9700pro, most chances are that ATI would release R350 (if i'm not mistaken, that's it's codename) to counterattack the GeForce FX. If the card turns out to be just a bit faster than R9700pro, ATI would manage by simply lowering the prices on R9700pro and R9700 cards.
  14. Dima

    New shot

    Awesome shot m8! :)
  15. Dima

    Doom III's Explosions

    Perhaps a bit offtopic. but still a rathing interesting comment from Epic's top guy Tim Sweeney that might answer some questions...