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  1. Ismaele

    Serpent: Resurrection released

    How come he can post news about his own projects, against the rules, whereas other people cannot?!
  2. Ismaele

    Realm of Cheogsh

    I just saw screenshots and I can say that it is visually stunning! I hope that gameplay is much better than "Chegosh 2" but what have been said so far doesn't seem promising... even as for difficulty (dammit - stop using those Ghauts!).
  3. Ismaele

    Gothic/Creepy WADs

    Try "Sacrifice in Blood" (sac_bld.wad) by John Washburn (a.k.a. Gray Lancer).
  4. Ismaele

    Next Project

    I can't wait to test the final beta...! :)
  5. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    "Cheogsh 2" has been reviewed on my web-site. Check it out!
  6. They won't. Trust me, trust me!
  7. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    ...no, if they want to take advantage of special features!
  8. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    Yes, I know about this problem (de-sync) for continuously developing ports... but it is a pity that such .WADs can't have a good demo just for this reason!
  9. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    That's bad! Maybe the authors could make one...
  10. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    Oh, yeah... what a stupid I am...! :p Thanks for recalling that scene... I forgot it somehow! Now I've just finished "Cheogsh 2", but I am not going to spoil my review here. Wait for it - I think I'll publish it tomorrow on my web-site. By the way, has anyone recorded a (UV-max) demo of "Cheogsh 2"? I would like to see a complete walkthrough!
  11. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    Sorry again for double post! I am near to the end. I defeated Darkness in map07 and went back to Temple of Seth (map03), but now... what?! What should I do!? I went back to map02, thinking that the start was also the ending teleport, but I was wrong! So, where's the exit?
  12. Ismaele

    Just a waste of time to read this!

    You guys make me roll on the floor laughing! :D
  13. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    Yep, a very bad idea! Anyway... tomorrow I am going to finish Cheogsh 2, I hope so at least... and then I'll review it on my web-site.
  14. Ismaele

    Cheogsh 2 - Lost in map04

    Thanks for your help, Shadowman, but let me tell one thing: that was really an idiotic thing to put in a map!!!
  15. Ismaele

    Just a waste of time to read this!

    Why do Tormentor667's threads ALWAYS end in flaming about hype and such?! =P I say: come on, guys... he's just advertising his projects after 6 years of development! Who wouldn't do it? I would be excited as well, having worked on it for 6 years and releasing it at last...! 40oz, if I am not wrong, you started a thread about your "UAC Ultra" here on DoomWorld forums too... isn't that advertising too? Isn't that hype? I think that this kind of argument is quite boring. Stop starting it everytime Tormentor667 is involved!