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  1. Goat

    Vista bashing

    i love vista
  2. Goat


  3. Goat

    Ban black pussys in Idaho

    vaginas indeed
  4. halo is so fucking overrated...
  5. Goat

    Take bets on Oct 6th?

    so howsabout that october 6th thing i swear it seems fodders hates bush more than the american bush haters
  6. the entire episode was GENIUS
  7. who the hells sacha baron cohen and whos borat
  8. probably my favorite episode ever
  9. anyone remember the doomworld rpg
  10. Goat

    white n' nerdy

    Awefome indeed
  11. fill the bowl to the brim and walk away check on it like once every 2 days, if its empty, fill it back up