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  1. Big_al

    New Level : The End of the Old Order

    Its more of a total overhaul and design of an old level.
  2. I just released my latest Legacy level at Doom Heaven. The End of the Old Order is a real hi-tec looking single player Legacy level. Has lots of new textures, 3D and fraggle script effects.
  3. Big_al

    Map Builder for doom

    You can find a selection of editors on the utils page on Doom Heaven
  4. Big_al

    idgames ftp Incoming Directory

    What we need is some kind of scripty thing to do this :D
  5. Big_al

    idgames ftp Incoming Directory

    Thanks, although its always been too busy for me to get logged on anytime I've tried.
  6. Anyone go a link too idgames ftp incoming directory? The directory doesn't seem to be at the old URL (ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/) I was using anymore.
  7. Big_al

    Emulating DOS editors in Windoze

    I have no problems running DETH on XP or 98. Although it didn't work on W2K.
  8. Big_al

    WindowsXP compatible editor

    I just copied my DETH folder from my Win98 box to my XP box and it worked with no problems.
  9. Big_al

    What editor do you use?

    Previously DETH now mainly registered DeepSea.
  10. Big_al

    Will Deep ever be freeware?

    Er why should it be? Surely it up to the software writer what he does with it? And its up to us the in the Doom Editing community if we want to buy it or not.
  11. Big_al

    deth question

    If that messes up you can always just select all the linedef's and manually change their sector assignment. Then run the error checks to get rid of the unused sector number.
  12. Big_al

    Deep Water (Legacy style)

    The ceiling height of your control sector need to be where you want the top of your water, its floor the bottom of the water. Make the sector where you want the water to appear be a hole of the correct depth (same as the floor of you control sector). [shameless plug] Check http://www.doomheaven.co.uk/ most of the Legacy levels there use deep water. [/shameless plug]
  13. Big_al

    help once again!

    I don't see any problems having a 3d lift with a null sector in the middle if that's the look you want.
  14. Big_al

    Doom Heaven MIA

    Turn's out my domain name forwarding URL, http://www.doomheaven.co.uk/ has been messed up today. You can still get access to Doom Heaven using http://www.doomheaven.info/ URL. Hopefully the company will get their fingers out and fix it soon, then RTFM next time before the start messing about with their config files.
  15. Big_al

    Map Editor?

    If you're not scared of the command line I would use DETH you should be right at home if you've used DEU in the past, works on W2K and XP too.