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  1. This is where i am making most updates of the mod's status. Over the ZDoom forum at http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33822
  2. I was born and live in Quebec, Canada, so my native language is french, but i can easily speak in english fine :) I had the game done and about to be ready, then i got these nasty virus. I suspected and still suspecting someone who was jaleous of my programming project at the college, but it is all past and done so i turned the page. Now with all the amazing things that have happened with the latest ZDoom, i do not have to re-code everything in the engine at all, Randy have built it with most things i did on my way... and he did even more.
  3. Its been awhile i have not shown myself, i am happy to see alot of old friends are still alive here. I have some good news, status and what happened for all these years. I have posted the same on my own personal site today. I am happy to see how big ZDoom is coming now, Randy you made an awesome and marvelous work. Before going throught, yes i have worked on my english since these years :) So here is what happened. [size=150]6 years later, recovering some lost data from my old game based on Doom2.[/size] Several years ago I created a Doom2 game with the ZDoom engine. The game was almost ready (say 90% complete) I had the great misfortune to infect my computer with some nasty virus from the college. Unfortunately the data has been erased and lost. I had a backup on CD-ROM but which dated from a very long time. I tried to start developing the game after a few weeks but the motivation was not there. With my current job and knowledge, since a good week I finally picked a good bulk of data that have been lost 7 years before. Most files are there, some files are corrupted, but I'll deal with it. Images (sprites and texture) are all intact, maps and scripts are partial and corrupt. With the latest version of ZDoom 2.6.1 I no longer really worry for my ZXDoom engine which was made from ZDoom source code. Current ZDoom have all I created or simulated on a much earlier version of 1.98. With the DECORATE lump it is fantastic and with the 3D floor it's amazing... my 3D floor attempt did not work very well and the game crashed after a while time. The only feature missing in ZDoom is the one I created for the animated character in the game Thing_SetState(tid, State). The creator of ZDoom, Randy Heit, has created a similar function that does not seem to do what I need, I need to recreate it again with ZDoom 2.6.1... unless Randy want to implement it on his futur engine. I think to recreate the game map will be easier now, as I used WadAuthor map editor, now I use Doom Builder 2 it gives me to see quickly everything I create in real time instead of always running the game and check if everything is aligned properly, etc. ... So my game was put on hold for about 7 years, it will be able to see daylight. I will have to make a folder link on my site for the game development. So heres a look at my desk. Click the image to enlarge it, warning its a 1920x1080 resolution. A look to what is left in the maps folder after the recorery... its ugly as hell, missing 85 maps and 72 acs scripts, and few corrupted files of 1-10 kb. Click the image to enlarge it, warning its a 1920x1080 resolution. I will have some work to do.
  4. X-DOOM

    Daedalus Screenshot Countdown

    it is me or the Daedalus POTD still unchanged ? since 2 nights !
  5. X-DOOM

    GBA contest winners

    Congrats to These 3 winners !
  6. X-DOOM

    Retexture My World

    the site dont open....
  7. X-DOOM

    Which Beautiful Present?!!!!!!!

    I'm not alone as i see. Wow 2 Québécois sur DoomWorld ! fraggle : je ne pensais pas que tu parlais le français ! Merci - Thanks
  8. X-DOOM

    Where is my news report?

    Hello here ! i have send a news 3 time since Mon, 28 Oct 2002 04:09 AM. about my work... i was thinking that this could take 1 day or 2.... thats about 6 days! if this was an error i can send it again. Thanks
  9. X-DOOM

    Last Judgment

    all the world is fucked !!! (in my language this words known for saying ~your are confused)
  10. X-DOOM

    If there had been more monsters in Doom...

    i know it's a retarded replies, but hehe you will like this :))) ZD3K have those kind of monsters, and more to come ... :)))))))))))
  11. X-DOOM

    release date???

    COOL !!!!!!!!!! this realease date is at my birthday :)))))))))
  12. X-DOOM

    To Source Port coders...

    get ZDoom 1.23 Beta X (25 and higher) you will be able to have folder with space :)
  13. X-DOOM


    yeah, but when i said THANKS FOODERS, it was for the name of a DoomWorld members, not for the words. :/ sorry about that [quote]Woolie Wool says : How many maps will there be, total?[quote] They will be at least 50 maps. I'm planning to have 99. Maybe i will make a mission pack that will have map 51 to map 99...
  14. X-DOOM


    No offense :) Well for ZD3K, i think i will finish 50 maps before 3 months. I have 37 maps done.
  15. X-DOOM


    Hey hello, yeah i can't said if this port will be interesting, but ZD3K need it. New monsters, new ACS commands, new sounds, new dehacked script... I getting to add only the OpenGL Lights that crash some times. And i'm trying to make the launcher to have ZD3K is own IWAD no more Doom 2 needs. :)))))))