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  1. Sorry. You can't, buy one yourself, 24" screens are cheap nowadays. Yes, I can, it's not perfect since some characters are missing, but it works quite well and makes it feel cooler. Yes. Thanks :) It's my own guild, for me only. Because the guild bank system is tons better than a second character for bank-alt bag space. Also, two Steely Dan references in one character is better than no Steely Dan references in no characters ;)
  2. http://nightmaster.net/stuff/WoWScrnShot_012110_212350.jpg my wow interface
  3. jallamann

    Soundfont "mixer" program?

    Probably your best bet. If you have Cubase or another VST compatible program, you can use SFZ
  4. jallamann

    What car(s) do you own.

    not my car, but my brother's, and as he is doing his for the army, I steal borrow it regularly. It's a 1984 Datsun King Cab 2.4 liter diesel, 5 speed manual and with a boatload of amateur fixing (i.e. good luck getting it running without knowing how)
  5. jallamann

    ployobjects AND 3dfloors?

    The only way to do this is massive trickery, like making a path where you want the 3d floor to move with lots of sectors and correspondingly a lot of control sectors, instantly raising/lowering them in careful order. It'll probably show, though, because instant in this context is not as instant as people might like it to be. It's not an optimal solution, more like crap and tedious, but if it's absolutely necessary, it could work. If you want to have things on top of the 3d floor moving with it, I'd leave it there and never touch it again, though.
  6. jallamann

    Moving boat.

    The only way to truly move linedefs (not sectors, mind you) in ZDoom is polyobjects. Everything "inside" the polyobject is nonexistant, i.e. void, so the player can't really be inside it, and as a result of being void, it's infinitely tall. Floors and ceilings can be moved up and down with Floor_ and Ceiling_Waggle, which is a lot smoother than Floor_/Ceiling_Raise/LowerByValue. Making it look like you're on a ship, moving, you can make it by scrolling the surrounding water and put a Floor_Waggle on it.
  7. jallamann

    Vista Use Causes Suicide

    Vista works perfectly if you can get your head out of your ass and have a little patience while learning it. Sure, it's got a bit bigger memory overhead and things aren't where they were in Windows XP, but it was exactly the same when Windows XP hit the streets too.
  8. :'D it's almost too good to be true *sniff*
  9. jallamann

    your ringtones

    The A-Team theme ;D
  10. jallamann


    ADSL, but when one of the local ISPs gets their heads out of their collective ass and start expanding their fiberoptic lines it's 50Mbps full screaming duplex baby!
  11. jallamann

    Help Creaphis Find a New Mouse

    about wireless mice eating too much power: http://www.afrotechmods.com/cheap/arnoldpad/arnoldpad.htm ;)
  12. jallamann

    Runing Whacked Patches w/ZDOOM

    "c:\whatever\zdoom.exe" -deh whatever.bex mind the quotation marks...
  13. jallamann

    Weed worse than cigs?

    pub + beer + smoke + peanuts = best quad-combo ever. except myself and cute, nymphomaniac triplets.