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  1. Draconio

    What new monsters would you add?

  2. Vanilla compatible? If not, what port(s)?
  3. Draconio

    troubling questions

    After that message appears, does the game run normally after you press a key? Unless something else is wrong, that's just an annoying message that's in there because iD doesn't give technical support for Doom if it's running a PWAD.
  4. Draconio

    I had a dream about a Doom TC last night

    Offhand, I can only think of two spells from Harry Potter that are meant to injure/kill an opponent, those being Sectum Sempra and Avada Kedavra. I suppose Incendio could be used as an attack also, but really, most of the spells that can be used in a fight have other effects like immobilizing you. Even disregarding this, I'm not sure how you would make the gameplay pan out. I just don't see Harry running around trigger-happily blowing stuff up Doom-style. Edit: Actually, if you want someone running around trigger-happily blowing stuff up in a Harry Potter setting, maybe you could make the player a Death Eater, if you don't mind telling it from the "evil" point of view. This would have the added bonus of making it justifiable to add the Avada Kedavra spell as an attack. I'm still not sure it would work out that well though.
  5. Line up your sectors with the 64x64 grid lines. That's the only way you can do it for vanilla Doom. ZDoom has flat alignment, but I haven't looked into how it's done, so I'll leave any explanations of that to someone with more expertise.
  6. I'm looking for both of these wads: MSA Doom was a deathmatch megawad for ZDoom, with the backstory that the players are violent prisoners sent to a maximum security complex on an island, where they fight each other for entertainment purposes. There were a lot of different areas, I remember in particular an arena on the top of some skyscrapers, a wilderness area, a MAP01 clone called "The Mimic", and one map that had a huge statue of the Q3A Doomguy. Most if not all of the maps used ZDoom features like fog, spawning items, and so on. There were several altered graphics, including black gloves on the weapon sprites, and the helmet bonus looked like the Doomguy's helmet. There was also a .MOD soundtrack for the background music. All told the filesize was quite large. The JWango (Yes, that's JWango with a J, not DWango) wads were also deathmatch wads. There were at least two that I remember, JWango13 and JWango15, but that numbering makes me suspect there could have been others. The maps were mostly taken from other wads, particularly the DWango series, but they usually had a lot of changed textures and other alterations. One of the maps I recall was an adaptation of a Quake 1 map. There were a ton of graphics and sounds added. One or both of them had a BFG ball that flashed different chaotic colors as it flew. One of them (JWango15 I think) had a player sprite that looked like a ninja. There were some HacX weapon sprites in there too if I recall correctly. I'd appreciate if anyone can help me find these, particularly the MSA Doom one.
  7. Looking at this thread again I took a bit more notice of this passage. When you say every character, are you saying that you think that ruddy lizard assassin thing that teleports to you and slashes your throat (or whatever he does that instant-kills you) is weak, or did you just forget about him? Remembering that enemy gives me one more reason to put Heretic II as my least favorite. I hate that guy.
  8. Hexen is probably the best one, in fact I'm in very much of a Hexen mood at the present moment. I'd say it had the coolest enemy designs in the series. Some of the levels are memorably cool as well, Darkmere and Bright Crucible come to mind. The puzzles were sometimes a bit annoying in the first run through, but it becomes a lot more fun once you get used to it. Deathkings was also fun. Heretic was at one point my favorite game, so I'd say it's also good. Its main weakness is that it does feel a bit much like a medieval/fantasy TC of Doom. Also it could have used some better creature design, as some of them are rather cheesy. This game does get bonus points for having the Tome of Power, and better Tome effects than the other two games that had it. Also with the expansion it has a ton of levels which is a plus. Hexen 2 had some good parts, and some others I didn't like. I didn't like the bosses much, War was overly difficult and felt like he was as tough or tougher than Eidolon, and all of them were a chore to fight. The Egyptian levels didn't do much for me, and it felt weird that they named these various places things like Thysis and Septimus and whatever but then didn't even bother changing the names of stuff like "Temple of Mars" and "Crown of Upper Egypt". Also the classes didn't appeal to me as much as the first Hexen's clean-cut archetypes did, although the Demoness in the expansion pack was interesting. Heretic 2 was messed up... it doesn't even mesh with the others aside from having Corvus as the main character and some scattered concepts from the previous games, like the hellstaff and the two colors of mana. The enemy concepts were lame and the gameplay was very often annoying. I never bothered finishing it (I got as far as somewhere in the cloud fortress, probably near to the end of the game when I gave it up).
  9. Draconio

    Sprite vs. Polygon

    It really depends. A good sprite is better than a bad model. I generally prefer Doom with sprites than models though. The JDoom models aren't necessarily bad, but they don't capture the feel of the game properly for me. For one thing, some of Doom's objects aren't meant to be viewed from more than one direction, and adding multiple angles to them sometimes makes things look weird due to them being placed with angles that assume they'll look the same from all directions. Also, the last time I checked some of the JDoom models, like the pink demon, seemed to be too big compared to the size of the sprites they replace.
  10. Draconio

    99 level iwads

    Easiest I can think of is using XWE. Here's what you want to do: - In XWE, go to "File > New" and give a name to your compilation .wad, for instance "99maps.wad". - Open the .wad that contains the map you want to add to the compilation. - Find the map number of the level that you want to copy. You'll see something like this:MAP01 THINGS LINEDEFS SIDEDEFS VERTEXES SEGS SSECTORS NODES SECTORS REJECT BLOCKMAP MAP02 THINGS LINEDEFS ... And so on. Depending on what game/port the map is for, there might be others like SCRIPTS and BEHAVIOR. - What you have to do, is select the entry for the map you want, and all the entries between it and the next map number entry (if there's only one map in the .wad, select all the entries). - Go to "Edit > Copy" once you have the entries selected. - Now open your compilation .wad again and go to "Edit > Paste" to put the map data into your compilation. - Go to the map header (that's the "MAP01" bit) and change it to the map number you want it to be. - Repeat this for every level you want to add to your wad. It's very important to keep all the entries for one map together in the proper order, because if they get mixed up it can cause the .wad to not work. If there are custom textures and such involved, then you might have to do extra work to account for them, such as copying the textures into your wad and possibly correcting for clashing texture sets, but if the .wads you're merging have only maps and nothing else, you shouldn't have problems. Hope this makes sense, it might sound a little complicated, but it's not hard once you understand what parts need to be copied. Edit: This is basically what Epyo said, in more detail.
  11. Draconio

    99 level iwads

    I'll do my best to explain and hopefully it will be clear to you. If it isn't, ask. It doesn't have to be an IWAD. To make a multi-level wad with DoomBuilder, this is what you have to do: - Go to "File > New Map" - Fill in where it says "Level Name". If you want it to be level 1, put "MAP01". For level 2, it's "MAP02", for level 16 it's "MAP16" and so on. - Create the map. - Go to "File > Save Map" and save it into a .wad, for instance "99maps.wad" or whatever you want to name it. - Go to "File > New Map" again and make sure you enter a different level number than the one you did before. - Create the map. - Go to "File > Save Map Into..." and select the same .wad that you saved the first map into. Now both maps are saved in that wad. This is assuming you're creating the maps yourself. If you're making a compilation of pre-existing maps there are other ways to do that. - Open the .wad in XWE. - Go to "Entry > New" and enter "MAPINFO" as the entry name. - Select the new MAPINFO entry and a text entry area appears in the main XWE screen. - Type in the MAPINFO data for your maps in the text entry area. - Go to "Script > Save" to save the MAPINFO into the .wad. There are a lot of things you can do with MAPINFO that are covered here. You're probably only concerned with a few things, though, so here's an example:MAP MAP01 "LEVEL ONE" NEXT MAP02 MAP MAP02 "LEVEL TWO" NEXT MAP03 Just define each map like that, giving it whatever name you like, and defining which map it exits to. I haven't checked, but I don't think you need to specify music or skies or any of that stuff for it to work, though you might want to if you understand how. Probably an issue with the way SLIGE makes its custom graphics, then. There's a setting to turn off that feature for compatibility with source ports, but I don't have SLIGE on hand to check what it is.
  12. Draconio


    Look here.
  13. Draconio

    99 level iwads

    Does it have to be an IWAD rather than a PWAD? You could make maps with DoomBuilder and a MAPINFO lump with XWE into a PWAD and it should work in ZDoom with as many levels as you want. For the JDoom issue, do SLIGE wads with less levels work? If they don't, then it's probably an issue with the custom graphics SLIGE generates. If they do, it's probably because JDoom isn't expecting more than 32 levels in the wad.
  14. Mmmm, it was pretty crappy, and I realized it at the time, but I was also thrilled to have actually made a level for Doom. Basically you killed some sargeants and took their guns, went up some stairs, blew up a ton of barrels surrounding a Baron, killed a big bunch of troopers who were standing in a rectangular formation, got a chaingun, went through a door into a dark room with spectres, took a key, went through the locked door into a dark hall with spectres, went in the secret and got a plasma rifle (which you'd most likely die without), got another key in the room at the end of the hall, went back to that door, faced a spiderdemon (which you needed that secret plasma to be able to kill), then exited. It's long since been erased off of the computer I used to have. No great loss. I could probably remake something like it in less than an hour using DoomBuilder.