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  1. I played it my first impression was WOW! i didn't know you could get ZDoom to produce that Arcade title screen with scrolling images :) and the statistics screen was pretty damn sweet also. Nice improvement to the levels but i find the Level 10 Boss easy, (Really i do) the Chaos Elemental was the real challenge. My favourite thing out of all of this wad the awesome Ordering screen at the end, reminded me of Doom Shareware's screen and was a good joke. All hail Spork's glorious mapping skills! Ultimate Simplicity FTW!
  2. Phobos

    Dead-center weapons

    I've always thought that the Pistol and Shotgun look dodgy, Because your looking down the barrel POV altho it is kind of strange how he fires the pistol it should spring backwards. It looks to me like it jumps in the air
  3. Phobos

    Quest for YouTube's FUNNIEST video

    This made my day, 2 gay loosers doing their own version of pokemon and mortal kombat theme songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmp0SUExY-w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FheI0auVl7Y
  4. Phobos

    Hexen II -- good game?

    Their is a simple solution to this, when you enter the axe room, jump on the icon of the defender and kill the afrits but when the Chaos Serpents appear. DO NOT KILL THEM! Wait until 2 side walls open with dark bishops, then you may proceed to destory them.
  5. Phobos

    Hexen II -- good game?

    Bid Ended
  6. Phobos

    How do you like your Doom?

    Action packed, Enjoyable, some Exploring, some challenges. Think AV, Eternal, Simplicity etc.
  7. Phobos

    Hexen II -- good game?

    First of all: Please do get it, It's a very good game, nice exploring and the puzzles ain't to hard, also don't get Portals of Praevus off amazon these fags are selling it for nearly $80. Also, You'll all be happy to know that there is a Hexen Sourceport, It has lots of new features, has a bloom effect to make the game look very nice, Is the successor to Newhexen and has OpenGL Support etc. It's called UQE Hexen II and you can get it here: http://www.quake-engine.com/ And here's the screenshots page if your interested: http://www.quake-engine.com/screenshot.aspx?game=hx2
  8. Phobos

    Things that Piss You off about Modern Day games....

    Bloody games based on movies, face it their worthless and most of the time crap. No one gives a damn about the game anymore, why can't we go back to the olden days with games like Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Blood etc. They should make the game enjoyable as it can be and not make bloody cutscenes or make you go in 1 direction.
  9. Phobos

    Player Connector?

    Does this thread deserve to live anymore?
  10. Phobos

    Player Connector?

    Thats because theirs a IRC chat channel if you haven't noticed. Why the hell do they need to talk about Doom all the time? they share discussions on everything and Zdaemon is not Idle, or maybe you find it boring because you have no friends on Zdaemon. And that's your opinion saying that Player Connector is the best, But This persuasion isn't working on us and i proberly know where this thread is headed...
  11. A Doom RPG? This looks promising :) nice story and Pics
  12. Phobos

    Player Connector?

    Your right forget EXP what was i thinking. But still Doom on Player Connector? Not gonna happen if we have Zdaemon and Skulltag.
  13. Phobos

    Player Connector?

    Does it actually host pwads? such has dwango 5, 2dmmaps, Brit 11, CTF etc. and is their GETwad? and yes Zdaemon can be a bit idle but it heats up later in the day in late afternoon and evening.
  14. Phobos

    Your first DOOM emotions

    First got/saw Doom Shareware around 1998/1999. Played the episode thought "This is really neat, I really wanna buy this." I remember visiting the Info screen about Ordering and what comes in the Full version. But i couldn't find it in stores due to it being old, but on a trip to USA i found Ultimate Doom and brought it back home :)
  15. Phobos

    Heretic: Treasure Chest

    Nice room, Can't wait till this is released, I absolutely love Heretic. Loaded it up a week ago on GZDoom and loved Episode 1 :) Good luck to all the mappers