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  1. J-selva

    ahh.. wtf: Michael Duncan died

    More the diet, which also contributed to his size, but yeah it might have been a factor.
  2. J-selva

    SNES Doom mod

    Not exactly. This is based on the NA version: -You can only play E1 on I'm too young to die, and without the ending. -You can only select E1 on Hey Not Too Rough, but you'll get its ending and go to E2, though you won't get E2's ending. -You can play E1 and E2 on Hurt Me Plenty. Here, you can go from E1 to E2 to E3, or E2 to E3. And all these have the endings. -There are all 3 episodes on Ultra Violence and Nightmare! Same as above; all 3 endings. In the Japanese version, all episodes are available on all difficulties and the endings too. When you transition from one episode to another, you start from scratch.
  3. J-selva

    SNES Doom mod

    You can verify it if you want.
  4. J-selva

    SNES Doom mod

    Nope, it keeps track of your arsenal (unless you have a screwed up copy, which I doubt). BTW, your username reminds me of Epic Meal Time.
  5. J-selva

    SNES Doom mod

    Though you can't save, any time you die and restart the level, or restart the level directly, you retain the guns and ammo from when you first got there.
  6. So yesterday I was working late night at a parking lot booth with some people (I run shifts at 15 of them, so I practically know all of downtown; it's fun since I can attend many big events). I was running the upper booth of the parking lot.

    Some time into the night, 2 SUV's broke through the main gates, each one ran over each leg of a co-worker and blitzed away. Needless to say, the guy's a cripple now. That was just a big WTF to me and the others. Of course, we had to stay late and report the mess.

    The cripple seems to have gotten in a bad way with some bad people. He either owed money to or stole from a mean group.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. Oh, and I once also worked a lot that ran 20 storeys underground. Pretty wild.

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    2. Creaphis


      That's a disgusting tragedy but I have to ask: parking lots still employ people? Around here everything is automated.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Damn... Did he lose his legs?

    4. J-selva


      Sorry for the late reply.

      This is in Montreal. And so yes, there are plenty of person-opped parking lots, especially in the developing districts and "Old Montreal" (GREAT place).

      He lost his legs in the sense that they're functionless now, but they're still intact; however, he's considering whether to do any operation (the intent of that, I don't know).

      The guy was sort of a jerk, and having gotten himself into money troubles, you might expect something bad to happen like this. Still, he's relatively young and I feel bad that his decisions led to this.

  7. J-selva

    Interesting McNuggets Read

  8. J-selva

    Interesting McNuggets Read

    The author is Dr. Joe Schwarcz. He's a university professor who teaches many levels of chemistry. He specializes in trying to get fact out to the public and disproving many stupid claims made by people regarding chemicals. I think he's pretty credible considering his information is consistent with the shit-ton I've learned in my many chemistry, physics, etc. studies. His work is also supported by plenty of separate scientific literature that I've been having to read for my research projects. I also like how he's objective, not taking side except for science (which may sound a bit confusing). It should be clear that he's not trying to defend/promote Mcnuggets, or anything else, with his publications. He only seems to be alone on this because there are not many other people that are making public the studies that parallel what he says. Most information that's out to the general public these days are by people who nitpick startling results from a random single study. And yeah, I hate Mcnuggets, too (from a health and taste point of view). Some of those myths may seem obscure, but search them to find another level of stupidity, misinformation and ignorance from its followers.
  9. J-selva

    Interesting McNuggets Read

    Here's an article that discusses the nature of Chicken McNuggets from Mcdonald's. The auhor also debunks many myths, misconceptions and misperceptions with regard to the ingredients/chemical contents of the nuggets and, furthermore, chemicals in general. I think it's pretty cool and far more interesting/believable than the scare-tactic articles he proves wrong with regards to these foods. Here's his funny followup if you're curious:
  10. J-selva

    Climate Trolling

    I agree. And the damage that's been done by CO2 on aquatic life is undeniable (also how CO2 can displace oxygen in the water, affecting BOD and in extension, cause eutrophication among other things). To say that our current lifestyle is not the problem is ignorant.
  11. J-selva

    Doom 3 Old Monster Design

    I guess excessive visual homology, repetition and lack of variety can be excused enough to be scary due the better graphics.
  12. J-selva

    Do you like Doom 64's music?

    I think you got 1 and 2 mixed up. 1 artifact speeds up the gun while any more gives more lasers. Also, there's a certain password that takes you to Absolution with everything at hand (including the artifacts). I think that's the password ym54 used. The features menu doesn't provide the artifacts, though.
  13. J-selva

    In order from easiest to hardest, list each DOOM game.

    Doom 2 Doom 64 Ultimate Doom TNT Plutonia
  14. J-selva

    Do you like Doom 64's music?

    One of the interesting things about my experience with Doom 64 was that although I was mostly tense by the music/atmosphere, I always did fine in beating the levels. Even on Watch Me Die, the toughest part was feeling uneasy by the fright. Yet I'd make it through the game; it's almost like it doesn't want you to feel good that you beat the game or something.
  15. J-selva

    Do you like Doom 64's music?

    Probably because it's part of the Classic Doom category. If it really does need its own section, which I don't think it does, then the other games (Doom 2, Final Doom, etc) would have one, too, and we also don't need that I guess.