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  1. Mr. T

    On the subject of edible wetware

  2. Mr. T

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Are you mom or dad? :-o
  3. Mr. T

    Classic games that got old

    Play God Hand. It is like, the beat em up game to rule all beat em up games.
  4. Mr. T

    Integrated GPUs other than Intel

    The Source engine in CS:GO is way different to the one from 2004 :-) It was a rude awakening when I couldn't play CS:Source on a computer with much better specs than the one I had in 2004 a few years back. You can get avg 30fps in BF3 using current Intel IGPs: http://youtu.be/N2UVco1S6aI sure it's not amazing, but it's pretty exciting how far IGPs have come along.
  5. Mr. T

    Integrated GPUs other than Intel

    Intel's current IGPs are pretty adequate. I could play Borderlands 2 and CS:GO at medium (to keep 60fps) settings on my laptop from last year for example.
  6. Mr. T

    Stuff you hate in games

    So basically all of HL2? "We're going to teleport you now Gordon. If this was a cutscene, you could just skip it, but nope. HL doesn't have cutscenes. Listen to us talk. I have a head crab for a pet LOL" "Play basketball with my robot. His name is dooooooooooooooooooooooog cmon Gordon"
  7. Mr. T

    Stealth and action in first person games

    Just play any MGS game. Stealth Espionage Action.
  8. Mr. T

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    A guy gets his eyes cut out? Then his brain put into a robot? WTF?
  9. I guess it would have been a success at first, but would be even more niche (or forgotten) now. The original Starfox is a fun game but still feels like a museum exhibit rather than an actual game these days. Doom just hit all the sweet spots at the time, which is why it is still remembered as a classic today (and Doom 3 isn't.)
  10. Mr. T

    Is Japan such a magical place?

    Japan is pretty normal. Like China, it is stuck in both the 19th and 21st centuries at the same time. Most extreme opinions about Japan (good or bad) come from people who don't really have a deep experience with the country. I have lived here since I was at high school (mid 20s now) and have assimilated enough to have an idea of what people are really thinking. Relationships here are based on mutual obligation, which is something a lot of gaijin get burned by when they realize that people are doing things for them only because they feel like they "have to". That's where the "Japanese are fake" meme comes from. I was really happy when I understood this because sending the right social signals is the only way to get people to really chill out and accept you as a real friend instead of their gaijin buddy. Anyway, the country is a lot of fun. It's good for tourists if you have a reasonable amount of money, as service all around is great and it's really safe and clean. The food is great as well. The otaku thing is totally true. Kids and adults alike read manga, and people often have action figures and other goods from their favorites. If you can get certified Level N1 in the Japanese language test, it opens a lot of doors for you in terms of employment. Otherwise you will be stuck teaching English. Frustration stemming from that is why a lot of people think Japanese hate foreigners. If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask. lol
  11. Mr. T

    Sega Saturn

    Ohhh yeah. I was playing this the other week at my friend's house. He even had arcade-style controllers. That was legit.
  12. Mr. T

    No console

    I still have one of the fat ass PS2s from when they first came out. And it WORKS! My funny story is that the dongle to connect PS2 to a monitor with only HDMI was going to cost ~$30, so I just went and bought an ancient total piece-of-shit LCD TV for $5 from a junk shop. It's terrible, but that actually makes it more fun. 100% emulators are possible (see: BSNES or whatever it called now). It's a replication of "every hardware quirk" because it is sort of like a VM instead of a high-level emulation. The only cost is that it needs an OK computer. Then you'll need to use a real TV that is older than you are. Your graphics card has nothing to do with it ;-| You want the real experience, but recommend using a high quality monitor. OK, that totally makes sense.
  13. Super Pig Feeder? http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/535880
  14. Mr. T

    Gamespy shutting down in may

    Why not just make your own box with an IOU card in it or something?