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  1. I want to see this evolve into a full-blown id Software reunion. My body is ready.
  2. Stygian

    So where does your username come from?

    When I first signed up, I chose to use the "Styx" default avatar and needed a name to go with it. Also, I like MAP29 of TNT: Evilution. Maybe I would come up with something more creative given another chance, but probably not.
  3. Stygian


    Vaporwave reminds me of my carefree childhood. Also, I would be full of shit if I said that I don't enjoy "MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー" in spite of the fact that it's just a slowed-down Diana Ross song.
  4. The ride never ends, gents.
  5. Agreed that it's hard to concentrate on creative pursuits without going full hermit mode. Here's the link for the morbidly curious. I am not responsible for any loss of employment or sanity that might result from viewing this:
  6. Welp. I've done exactly what I wanted to avoid doing by creating this thread. Maybe I will reappear on a weekly basis or something. Who knows?
  7. I've been struggling with Internet overuse/abuse for a while, but this was kind of a new low. The existential crisis really kicked into overdrive. Just wanted to see if anyone else shares my problems or if anybody has managed to gain some self-control and turn things around. Right now, I wish I could just go cold turkey and cease all pointless Internet use forever.
  8. In a given week, how much time do you spend parked in front of your computer screen browsing the intrawebz? What proportion of those hours are productive? To what degree do you regret your past online activities? If you were to cease all aimless technology use, what would you do with your newly allocated time? I bring this up as I just finished reading a thread on some other forum in which some psychotically depressed man eviscerated his own balls, sealed up his sack with super-glue and documented the entire process for all to see. Midterms are next week and this is what I occupy myself with. Why?
  9. How about nightcore vaporwave? Set vid to 0.5x speed for vaporwave nightcore vaporwave. Now this next video isn't exactly the hardest song to listen to. It actually makes decent ambient music for studying, but it is pretty unusual. It's just a nebulous series of tones and chords played over and over again for a total of 840 cycles.
  10. Reminded me think of Thottwalk. @Tosi - The REMOVE KEBAB meme was my introduction to this "genre" of music. Serbian propaganda music is kind of like listening to a completely unironic, version of "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America. I think that's the source of my fascination with it. Changing subjects, the following is probably the weirdest and most pretentious form of "music" that has come to my awareness:
  11. Passive nihilist, reporting. Believe whatever you want, just don't destroy civilization, okay?
  12. I really shouldn't judge anybody for their musical preferences. I'm kind of an uncultured pleb when it comes to just about every form of media. On a related note, Serbian ultra-nationalist propaganda music has crappy, synthesized instrumentation and overly vibrato-heavy vocals that are mostly about blowing the fuck out of Turks/Croats with artillery, but somehow I manage to enjoy it. I like to call this song "General MIDI":
  13. Stygian

    Favorite YouTubers?

    Vinesauce Joel (Jaxxoon R watches Joel too and I stalk him in the comments section) Cr1tikal Demolition D JonTron Various Youtube Poopers But I Won't Post Any Because This Is Illegal, You Know Ciryes
  14. There's a lot of really dreadful art punk music out there. Seems like the kind of thing that hipsters would eat up to seem "ironic" and "sophisticated". This for example sounds like goats being bludgeoned to death with a Casio keyboard: @Xerge: I enjoy shitty 90's Eurodance more that any self-respecting person should. Sure it probably lowers your IQ, but at least it's catchy. I rank stupid music higher than music that physically assaults my eardrums. [EDIT] I'm going to have to issue a trigger warning for that link in case you are nauseated by the sight of floppy man meat.