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  1. KoolKat

    Games you would like to see made into movies

    Psh. Pong would be way too action packed. TETRIS!
  2. KoolKat

    Guitars and other instruments

    Eh, well I knew for several years before that I had a driving passion to learn how to play guitar. I'm not very good at it yet, but I do enjoy practice and I am getting better. I started off with the book that I got with my Squier, plus the tabs on Ultimate Guitar. Picked up some other tabs here and there and made a couple of my own... Now I'm in an experimental stage, messing with chords. :)
  3. KoolKat

    My final senior project (NON DOOM RELATED)

    Well... Gaming mostly. Doom just sorta lost the best of its flavor for a while mostly because everything I wanted to impliment in my mods was just too much... May as well have got into 3d modeling and made a half life mod. I have been thinking of revising my mod though... toning it down quite a bit and making something that plays nice. I can't get my new art on DeviantArt because their site doesn't appreciate my IP setup--I guess they think I'm a 1337 h4x0r or something. :( But... I did get Dreamweaver at LOOOOOONG last so I should probably have an updated website within a months time. :D
  4. I wonder if the dogs lost their souls... :P
  5. KoolKat

    Guitars and other instruments

    All I have; Squier SA-100 acoustic Korg GA30 tuner yay. I want to get an Ibanez or Yamaha electric but I'm saving money for insurance. Doom 95 tab I transcribed this from the MIDI file, thought you guys may enjoy it. :)
  6. KoolKat

    My final senior project (NON DOOM RELATED)

    Cool. :D
  7. KoolKat

    Post yer booty

    Probably the best present yet in here. :D
  8. KoolKat

    Post yer booty

    1 single item I paid for myself. A Squier SA-100 guitar that some fuck from UPS slammed into a shelving bracket or something. Put a nice gash in the body. Merry Christmas. lol Hey guys. Missed you.
  9. Maps: WadAuthor (what is this DoomBuilder that I keep seeing??) Graphics: The GIMP (gimp.org) Lumps: XWE (used to use Wintex) Sound: Sound Recorder (:P)
  10. KoolKat

    Installing EDGE MODs

    ah, good. Looks like I wasted a bunch of brainwaves and typing... :)
  11. KoolKat

    Installing EDGE MODs

    Usually the mod desigener is intelligent enough to create a subfolder for his project, i.e., "Mod." this should be placed in the edge folder (I'd assume) like this, "c:\doom\edge\mod\." Then you'd look for a batch file, "mod.bat" and put it inside the edge folder, "c:\doom\edge\mod.bat." This should work properly if the author had a subfolder. Names will most likely be different from "Mod."
  12. KoolKat

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    Hey Nick, wasn't Carnage helping you on weapons?? And levels?? (I should know... MUHAHAHAHA! I'm his brother!) Edit: http://www.freewebs.com/carnage_doom/Carnage_DooM.html I believe this stuff was intended for one of your mods...
  13. KoolKat

    Artist needed for Scythe 2.

    That would be very hard to match because of the text/theme setup on the interpic/credits pics... Font would be a pain... not sure how you'd make the sbar work with a weathered bloody stone look. o.O
  14. First map was like E1M7... at a friends. He and my bro said that when I died it was their turn again... they put it on nightmare and I got eaten by a spectre. >.< First pwad was some crappy thing my bro and I put together in DoomCAD. :P
  15. KoolKat

    crappy pinky sketch

    Nice character, eyes are a bit weird... seems like the pupils on it dont do the "pinky goldeyes" thing. But really, quite decent.