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  1. Games you would like to see made into movies

    Psh. Pong would be way too action packed. TETRIS!
  2. Guitars and other instruments

    Eh, well I knew for several years before that I had a driving passion to learn how to play guitar. I'm not very good at it yet, but I do enjoy practice and I am getting better. I started off with the book that I got with my Squier, plus the tabs on Ultimate Guitar. Picked up some other tabs here and there and made a couple of my own... Now I'm in an experimental stage, messing with chords. :)
  3. My final senior project (NON DOOM RELATED)

    Well... Gaming mostly. Doom just sorta lost the best of its flavor for a while mostly because everything I wanted to impliment in my mods was just too much... May as well have got into 3d modeling and made a half life mod. I have been thinking of revising my mod though... toning it down quite a bit and making something that plays nice. I can't get my new art on DeviantArt because their site doesn't appreciate my IP setup--I guess they think I'm a 1337 h4x0r or something. :( But... I did get Dreamweaver at LOOOOOONG last so I should probably have an updated website within a months time. :D
  4. I wonder if the dogs lost their souls... :P
  5. Guitars and other instruments

    All I have; Squier SA-100 acoustic Korg GA30 tuner yay. I want to get an Ibanez or Yamaha electric but I'm saving money for insurance. Doom 95 tab I transcribed this from the MIDI file, thought you guys may enjoy it. :)
  6. My final senior project (NON DOOM RELATED)

    Cool. :D
  7. Post yer booty

    Probably the best present yet in here. :D
  8. Post yer booty

    1 single item I paid for myself. A Squier SA-100 guitar that some fuck from UPS slammed into a shelving bracket or something. Put a nice gash in the body. Merry Christmas. lol Hey guys. Missed you.
  9. Maps: WadAuthor (what is this DoomBuilder that I keep seeing??) Graphics: The GIMP (gimp.org) Lumps: XWE (used to use Wintex) Sound: Sound Recorder (:P)
  10. Installing EDGE MODs

    ah, good. Looks like I wasted a bunch of brainwaves and typing... :)
  11. Installing EDGE MODs

    Usually the mod desigener is intelligent enough to create a subfolder for his project, i.e., "Mod." this should be placed in the edge folder (I'd assume) like this, "c:\doom\edge\mod\." Then you'd look for a batch file, "mod.bat" and put it inside the edge folder, "c:\doom\edge\mod.bat." This should work properly if the author had a subfolder. Names will most likely be different from "Mod."
  12. Doom3 in Doom2?

    Hey Nick, wasn't Carnage helping you on weapons?? And levels?? (I should know... MUHAHAHAHA! I'm his brother!) Edit: http://www.freewebs.com/carnage_doom/Carnage_DooM.html I believe this stuff was intended for one of your mods...
  13. Artist needed for Scythe 2.

    That would be very hard to match because of the text/theme setup on the interpic/credits pics... Font would be a pain... not sure how you'd make the sbar work with a weathered bloody stone look. o.O
  14. First map was like E1M7... at a friends. He and my bro said that when I died it was their turn again... they put it on nightmare and I got eaten by a spectre. >.< First pwad was some crappy thing my bro and I put together in DoomCAD. :P
  15. crappy pinky sketch

    Nice character, eyes are a bit weird... seems like the pupils on it dont do the "pinky goldeyes" thing. But really, quite decent.