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  1. Ok thanks
  2. What ever happened to "Millennium"?
  3. meh
  4. Ok the sectors are all screwy you should redraw it and make sure the same sector doesn't go on each side of the linedef... and also make sure you dont have sectors with only one lindef. You can't have a double sided line in the blank map space only between sectors.
  5. You mean the program? try this
  6. You could send me the wad..
  7. Yes try cleaning the wad
  8. Well if you learn exactly what dehacked does you can edit it in notepad... so if you had a "dehacked" entry in a wad you could edit it with XWE...
  9. That was fun.
  10. Here is an example of the unclosed sectors in your map. You need to fix this.
  11. Give us an in editor screenshot
  12. Ok, I thought you might be using doomcad or deu...
  13. Use XWE select the entries, you can click on the top cyberdemon entry scroll to the bottom cyberdemon entry press and hold shift and click it. then when they are selected, go to entry, save as...
  14. He LIES!!! -jk beanenator, what map utility are you using?
  15. What program did you build it in?