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  1. Hahaha, what the hell kind of a retarded review is that? Just a short while back "Does not work in intended sourceport" used to be the standard review when maps claimed to be for boom/limit removing when it wasn't. Now the standard seems to be testing it in another sourceport then intended and complain when that port's added features interferes with the wad. What happened to t/nc? I hope this is just a case of one retarded reviewer, and not a new standard of t/nc.
  2. Link the .wads you're loading. The error message could imply that the wad directory is broken or something like that. Of course DB should handle such errors more gracefully, but the .wads are still needed to make sure what the error might be.
  3. Doesn't limit removing ports usually take care of that limit?
  4. Haha I remember I did the truly awesome calendar image and PHP work back then. Just holler if you need any help with that again. :)
  5. Scuba Steve: Just shut up and draw him some awesome sprites for his new monsters! :)
  6. Since scythe2 has always been very demo oriented I don't think it's worth it to make demos desync just to fix some minor bugs. If there are any truly gamebreaking flaws in there it might be worth it though.
  7. Any chance of removing the blacklisted advertiser from the ad rotation?
  8. Beer? In Stockholm? Can I come too?
  9. Do you cry "FAKE!" whenever you see a movie with CGI aswell? Considering the TV audience is several thousand times bigger then the live audience, CGI makes sense.
  10. I just picked one of the availiable avatars. EDIT: Which seems to be b0rked. i must have missed something.
  11. Maybe it should be clarified that the main motivation behind this is not to make all ports support all maps made with it, but to agree on a format so that editors can support it aswell. It wouldn't be hard for a port author to come up with his own format, but no editor author would support it if it was just for one sourceport (unless the editor in it self was port specific)
  12. I also reacted to this, but I'd guess some of the wannabe-q2-engines change this to spheres or whatever. Anyway I am assuming this will be an option (because, as you say, it's annoying to not see the real hitboxes when editing).
  13. I saw Erik today.
  14. imho the 3d editor should not try to render stuff as doom does. it would be horrible if it would not render invisible lifts and stuff like that, since you do want to se that when editing. The 3d mode is not meant to be used to see how the map will look in the end, it's meant to assist you in editing. You'll still always have to use the real engine for testing. (I run 64bit vista, so if you want anything tested just harass me on irc or something)
  15. I loved the NES game as a kid, so I'm really looking forward to this. Statements like "it looks like an unlicensed spiderman game" doesn't make sense, since bionic commando is way cooler then spiderman.