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  1. timmie

    Morrowind Soundtrack Released

    I got the collectors edition, which came with the soundtrack on CD.
  2. timmie

    New SYL = sweetness!

    Well, this might be more to your taste then: http://www.hevydevy.com/mp3/Canada.mp3 Believe it or not, it's the same guy (and same drummer, for that matter).
  3. timmie

    New SYL = sweetness!

    Check out the mp3 that I posted to find out yourself! It's, um, a bit aggressive, but I really like the melodies in it. http://www.metaleater.com/album_reviews-syl2005.html
  4. timmie

    New SYL = sweetness!

    It was, uh, reverse psychology! Yeah :)
  5. timmie

    New SYL = sweetness!

    If you don't know that SYL means Strapping Young Lad, then get the hell out of my thread since you're clearly in the wrong place ;) So I (finally) picked up the new SYL album "Alien" the other day. My god, this album is pure awesome. Two standout tracks (imo) are "Skeksis" and "We Ride". I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop for the last couple days. I find it much more catchy than their last album and City, but it has the same intensity as City. Overall, it's my favourite album of theirs now, although I haven't picked up their first yet (Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing). If you're a SYL fan and haven't picked it up yet, I heartily recommend it! Can't wait for May 14 to get here now, I get to see them finish their tour here in Vancouver :) edit: sample track from their website: http://mp4.centurymedia.com/audio/syl_shitstorm.mp3
  6. timmie

    Quick video card poll

    Head on over and make yourself heard! http://forum.mancubus.net/viewtopic.php?t=423
  7. timmie

    Guess I can cross post this

    ZDoomGL now supports Vavoom's lights (minus the lightmap)... http://timmie.squabble.org/screenshots/lights/vavoom_1.jpg http://timmie.squabble.org/screenshots/lights/vavoom_2.jpg http://timmie.squabble.org/screenshots/lights/vavoom_3.jpg
  8. timmie

    The New 64

    2.0.91 is out: http://zdoom.org/files/lars/91.cab
  9. timmie

    Uncapped FPS In PRBoom

    it does run nicely, but the strange thing is that it starts to jerk a bit for me when the fps go under 70 or so. It looks like it's running slower than it is (according to fraps, anyway). Oh, and on some maps (P:AR E1M1, for instance), I get strange flickering periodically, like the camera jumps for a single frame or something. No idea what's causing it, though.
  10. timmie

    Speedmapping Rises Again

    BC is in the PST time zone.
  11. timmie

    ZDoomGL 0.8 Beta

    but don't forget about the other light types! Personally, I can see the sector point light being very handy.
  12. timmie

    ZDoomGL 0.8 Beta

    heh, yeah, I had been focusing on dynamic lights. The decal stuff is next on my list (after I get through this round of crashing-type bugs). Also, Disneyland was lots of fun and the Oregon coast is very scenic, but damn is it nice to be home.
  13. timmie

    0.8 Preview Release

    Check it out: http://forum.mancubus.net/viewtopic.php?t=296 Have fun!
  14. timmie

    The /newstuff Chronicles #199

    is it just me or are all the image links broken?
  15. timmie

    new screenshots

    no multitexturing yet, just many passes. Although I guess it would be good to be able to draw two lights at once per surface (or even how ever many texture units your card has, I guess). We'll see, anyway. I just want to get this out there for now :) Heh, and there's no smoothing being done on the lights in that video. That's just ramping up the intensity by one each tic. I'll have the pulser lights interpolated, though, since I have a little cycler class to interpolate between two values (linearly or with a sin/cos curve) from the shaders, so it should be really easy to do.