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  1. DU0

    How to plan a map on paper

    Hm, this is an interesting thread. I actively avoid using paper when designing levels, though I do take notes. Actually, my first step is to open Notepad and start writing ideas for stuff I'd like to see done in the level. I leave it open while I work and check it periodically, changing it as I go - taking out stuff that turns out to be bad, adding new ideas, etc. On the editor, I just do sectors and corridors where I want stuff to go. Once this gets boring, I start refining, reverting back to blocking when it gets too tiresome, then back to set dressing. Lastly, I add functionality and monsters, keys, etc. I used to use paper, like, when I was in school, but translating it all to the editor always got boring and frustrating really fast .
  2. OK, I sort of figured this out. You need to use "player(x)" to refer to the player, "x" being the player number. Player 1 is actually player 0. Funny thing is that if I use player 1, player 2 gets kicked off of the server on the PSP as soon as it teleports. It works fine if I teleport player 2, however. yay glitches Anyway, my code looks like this: script 1 { //teleports player 2, actually if(trigger == player(1)) { teleport(player(1), 14); //14 = sector tag with the teleport thingie } }
  3. In multiplayer, how do I get the player number, so I can refer to it in code? I'm trying to make a linedef that only teleports player 1 elsewhere when it's crossed. Ideally it'd only be activated by player 1, but that's optional right now. I've tried a "print(player);" and "print(playerobj)" and "print(trigger);", but player and playerobj just gives me crazy numbers, which are the same to both players in multiplayer, and trigger just gives me the "doomplayer" string.
  4. DU0

    Doom Used in Study of Dreams and Learning

    lol how did my nick end up here? o.o anyway, I couldn't find info on those supposed "doom experts" they talk about in the article. must be like when the media called Harris and Klebold professional doom players; And since I'm already here anyway, the guy who *founded* BrDOOM was Logan MTM. Falci prefers to hang around here, I believe, as I've never seen him there.