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  1. Awesome work. Any plans for an Android port?
  2. Hi all. Not sure if this conversation in particular belongs in this thread, so I apologize in advance in case it doesn't. Has anyone been able to run this on a PS3? I own a modded PS3 that just refuses to run this game in any form. I have tried creating a PKG file, but most builders fail at one point or another. I've also tried converting the PSP version (which runs fine on my Vita) to the PS3 but had no luck. Once I managed to get a PKG file, it appears to install but the game doesn't appear in the XMB. Finally, running the .bin files straight from mmCM just closes the software and reboots the PS3, it seems. If anyone had more luck and is willing to share the PKG file, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Playing this flawlessly on PRBoom+ for the PSVita (so far, I'm only on map 2). Outstanding work, everyone. Can't wait until I have the time to peek under the hood.
  4. DU0

    WAD Commander and wasm-doom

    Did you try refreshing the page? Here it froze on my the first time I tried running my own .wad (which is 10Mb in size), but worked on the second try after 10 seconds or so. Also (and unrelated), did anyone manage to compile this from source?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write this out, but this is not really the info I was looking for. I mentioned the pipeline specifically because I think it'd be cool to be able to rework the textures and flats to look like the above screenshots. I've recently run into a lot of free time, so I feel like I could at least help out or pull it off in a few days. My biggest issue right now is on converting files in and out of Slade. I find it super unreliable to work with palettes. A while ago I ran into some issues trying to work out tranmaps, because it would apparentely lose data after importing and stuff would change formats. A proper tutorial could save me a lot of headache.
  6. You can use a monster to block it and make the sector a crusher, so when the player is near the end of the level or past this arena, have the crusher activate so the player can have 100% kills.
  7. Can you share the pipeline on how to do this? I get how it works, but not which tools to use/how/where/when in order to pull it off.
  8. I recall playing a puzzle-themed wad many years ago, in which you had to deal with certain situations with limited ammo. It was shared by some guy on Facebook, and as far as I remember, he only ever did two levels, so my guess is that there aren't many.
  9. DU0

    How are you playing DOOM?

    Didn't know about this port. Thank you very much! Edit: sadly, it works the same as OG Doom and earlier iterations of PrBoom+. :(
  10. By "id" you mean current id or, y'know, both Johns, Sandy Petersen, American McGee, Tom Hall and the others?
  11. DU0

    How are you playing DOOM?

    PrBoom+ on PC (with the keyboard) or on the Vita. I wish the PC build of PrBoom+ had better controller support, so I could use it here as well. Hate playing Doom with kb+m.
  12. Young people no longer buy houses, or cars, or have kids. We (they?)'d rather have a smartphone with Uber, live with their parents paying rent or helping out with some income, and that's that. Apparently Marx predicted that something like this could happen when you have wage slavery; when you can't consume what you're producing because it's too expensive. But I wouldn't know about any of that. So yeah, try to find something you can make money out of. Learn how to fix computers and go update some notebooks around the neighborhood or something. Our generation doesn't get to live the american dream.
  13. Nevermind, figured it out. After importing and converting to flat, you have to save; otherwise SLADE won't update it.
  14. Thanks, but none of these answer my question (and, in fact, one of those is just a link back to this very thread).
  15. I'm trying to import some PNGs I have here and make them into colormaps, like so: However, when I import, they are left as PNGs, which PrBoom+ can't handle, and I can't find a way to convert them to colormaps, only to flats or gfx. Importing files with the name "COLORMAP" doesn't appear to work either. I even tracked down an earlier version of Slade 3 which did it but when I try to load it up on newer Slade, the type becomes "unknown". How can I do this?