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  1. Hey, there is something important that i need to tell you all. I'm leaving Doomworld, as well as the DOOM community. I had great time with all of you. I'm not going to delete the account, it will just be offline. Once again, thank's and goodbye



    1. AlphaSoraKun


      Sounds fair. Good luck out there.

  2. Synuś Vader

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    nice hat
  3. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    thank you all for help :D
  4. Synuś Vader

    Super Shotgun doesnt work

    Hi I need some help AGAIN i wanted to put the super shotgun from DOOM 2 in The Ultimate DOOM (dont ask why) i copied the code from DOOM 2, then i added sounds and sprites and everything is alright BUT... when i run out of shells, the super shotgun dissapears and even if i find some ammo, i cant get it back. When i press 3, nothing happens. The weird thing, is that this "BUG" appears only on PrBoom, it works perfectly fine with Zandronum and GZDOOM
  5. woah, i forgot to add DM things to my map, we still have time, dont we?
  6. Synuś Vader

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    noot noot
  7. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    yeah! That will be embarrassing, but.... how do i create a batch file?
  8. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    Hey guys A few days ago i've got a new PC, and i wanted to try out prboom+, this is my first time using it. Can someone explain me how do i run prboom with parameters? i know that you need to do something in CMD
  9. last online 1 year ago :(

  10. hey @Doomkid, i wanted to ask is it possible for you to put my map in the 15th slot? thats's because it has a secret exit to map31
  11. today is my birthday :DD

    1. Worriedidiot


      Nice. Happy birthday, mate!

    2. Jastrzab Trzeci

      Jastrzab Trzeci

      Happy Birthday!

  12. okay, my map is ready Name of the map: UAC DELTA LABS More informations in the TXT file! delta.rar
  13. Some final screenshots of my wad, tomorrow i will upload it.