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  1. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    thank you all for help :D
  2. Synuś Vader

    Super Shotgun doesnt work

    Hi I need some help AGAIN i wanted to put the super shotgun from DOOM 2 in The Ultimate DOOM (dont ask why) i copied the code from DOOM 2, then i added sounds and sprites and everything is alright BUT... when i run out of shells, the super shotgun dissapears and even if i find some ammo, i cant get it back. When i press 3, nothing happens. The weird thing, is that this "BUG" appears only on PrBoom, it works perfectly fine with Zandronum and GZDOOM
  3. woah, i forgot to add DM things to my map, we still have time, dont we?
  4. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    yeah! That will be embarrassing, but.... how do i create a batch file?
  5. Synuś Vader

    I need help with PrBoom+

    Hey guys A few days ago i've got a new PC, and i wanted to try out prboom+, this is my first time using it. Can someone explain me how do i run prboom with parameters? i know that you need to do something in CMD
  6. hey @Doomkid, i wanted to ask is it possible for you to put my map in the 15th slot? thats's because it has a secret exit to map31
  7. okay, my map is ready Name of the map: UAC DELTA LABS More informations in the TXT file! delta.rar
  8. Some final screenshots of my wad, tomorrow i will upload it.
  9. Synuś Vader

    Which WADS would you think would be in a Walmart Bargain Bin?

    DMD2DIE (or just Doomed to die)
  10. Synuś Vader

    Real DooM keycard

    what about skull keys? they would look great! :D