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  1. Doomshadow

    Classic Doom 3 1.1 Final

    Does it still require V 1.3 of Doom 3?
  2. Doomshadow


    I never see a way of buying strife nowadays. Is there any possible way to get it?
  3. Those screenies look awesome and crafty!
  4. Doomshadow

    Top 5 songs

    I like alot, so many to choose from, I love the intermission from PSX Doom
  5. Doomshadow

    How are you celebrating DOOM's 13th?

    I will make a server in skulltag with the episode 1 levels of Doom 1, and invite lots of people to join the holiday.
  6. hmmmm... about 3000 a week
  7. Doomshadow

    Old (IBM) computers

    I have my old windows 98, it has been upgraded to windows 2000 though. The monitor broke so I can't use it for now, but I remember so many memories with that good old computer.
  8. Doomshadow

    [name goes here] is doomguy

    Yeah the character in starship troopers does look kinda like a younger version of doomguy.
  9. When i was veyr little and played doom, i also thought that the rocket launcher shot fireballs.
  10. Doomshadow

    [name goes here] is doomguy

    He needs more wrinkles and darker hair and eyes a bit different.
  11. Doomshadow


    He gets sued? for what, borat=respect
  12. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Chainsaw zombies and pinkies were far too rare in the game, those excellent monsters but almost hidden away.
  13. Doomshadow

    PS3 released (when, I dunno) drama ensue.

    The geeks went wild, shooting eachother over the ps3s in connecticut