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  1. fyrestorm

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #6 - Old Schewl CTF

    did anyone record any demos? i'd like to see the gameplay
  2. fyrestorm

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #6 - Old Schewl CTF

    I really want to clean up some of these levels and maybe do some new ones. Anyone feel like getting involved?
  3. fyrestorm

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #6 - Old Schewl CTF

    osctfmp1? my compile?
  4. fyrestorm

    Doom 4: Classic Doom in HD clothing

    Worst april fools ever.
  5. fyrestorm

    New (Old) Doom Tunes

    un19 - alice in chains - dam that river (?) un20 - alice in chains - man in the box un23 - stone temple pilots - sex type thing un31 - soundgarden - rusty cage un45 - alice in chains - god smack
  6. fyrestorm

    The /newstuff Chronicles #87

    into a dream within a dream.
  7. fyrestorm

    Go Retro

    awesome maps. great ep1 feel to them. now someone speedrun em.
  8. fyrestorm

    I'm Too Young To EDGE

    oh gn0! kats invaded dw!
  9. fyrestorm

    Wad Up Julian

  10. fyrestorm

    Reznor On Doom 3

    dude, reznor owns.
  11. fyrestorm


    using the BFG is a skill. there are players who know how to avoid it, and kill someone when they are firing it. read the bfg faq
  12. fyrestorm


    map10 has a rip of knort map02! I WANT MY DAMN CREDIT!!
  13. fyrestorm

    NoSkill Dies In Car Accident

    Good words, bahd.
  14. fyrestorm

    Alien Vendetta Released