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  1. I redid it based on the source image after being linked this thread.
  2. Still alive.

    1. esselfortium


      Good to see you around again :)

    2. 40oz


      hell yeah!

    3. Pavera


      Finally escaped Super Jamie's basement I see.

  3. It seems I missed a link! Hopefully this is what you're looking for More here:
  4. He's still around. And yeah he's lazygecko And here's a bunch of his older stuff, it's not gone forever:!/profile/Gecko+Yamori/22186848 This site has more in the sidebars: Probably, that's the #1 reason I don't upload anything to YouTube.
  5. ...Ok. Then why did you post all that?
  6. conspiracy theory: doom community members that go to a doom community irc channel also go to a doom community forum ignore the fact that it's linked in the FAQ! EDIT: oops I'll stop
  7.'s_paradoxes I too, have been to college.
  8. There needs to be an error message that shows up any time something falls out of the map, like ROTT had
  9. You definitely make a terrible poster, that's for sure!
  10. Aren't there tons of sci-fi books, films and games about this already? Lab-grown surrogate life forms Augmentation Dogmentation. In my opinion, we'll have robots that are controlled remotely via VR headsets before we have all this pie in the sky sci-fi stuff.
  12. A reference to recent events in popular culture can go in many different directions. Just look at what people think of Family Guy, or South Park for that matter.
  13. *COUGH* *COUGH*