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  1. MP2E

    Doom for Doom64

    Yes there is, press F5.
  2. MP2E

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Yes, anything is fixable in the code. This is an odd question. The concern is that fixing the bug will break all existing savegames and make them unloadable. This would cause many users to be annoyed that updated without looking at the changes.
  3. MP2E

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Isn't that what this is, though? The source is open under the GPLv2 and it's made by 2 source port developers in the Doom community. Not only that, it's based off of chocolate strife while removing limits and it updates the renderer. Best of all, IMO, it's all optional and you can turn the game back to classic mode. This is a dream come true as far as I'm concerned.
  4. MP2E

    BFG edition = 2.0?

    It's a bit more involved than that. Because the legality of such measures is in question, as Quas pointed out, it'd probably be best if I didn't elaborate.
  5. MP2E

    BFG edition = 2.0?

    And it just ripped No Rest For the Living from the Xbox 360 Live Arcade version of Doom II, the wads even match multiple checksums. Doom 3 BFG Edition still gave the average person the ability to play it on PC, though, which is cool. You could play it on PC before, but it took a little bit of hackery.
  6. MP2E

    Will Be Working On Chocorenderlimits 2.0

    More than a few serious bugs have been fixed in chocolate doom's master since v2.1.0, I would recommend basing changes off of that.
  7. MP2E

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    After looking at the clues, I have determined that "the root of forever" is where Eternity Engine development is hosted, at http://eternity.mancubus.net/. So I looked in the root directory of that website for an interesting file. Lo and behold: Tease.png, uploaded at December 6th, 2014 This must be the intercepted file, and that text in the second hint looks like 'snapshot.png' Make of it what you will :P
  8. This wad has single-handedly made me start playing Zandronum again. Like most great games, Push gives you a simple concept yet mastering it takes time and there are nuances that are surprisingly complex. Push is as addictive as it is fun, and given a fair chance, it will keep you coming back for more. There are a few things that could be touched up, I think. The maps are a bit of a mixed bag, though most of them I'd rate as above average and I can think of at least 5 that I thought were fantastic. I'd also like to see a bit more variety, for instance, what about a Push racing map? I don't know the map numbers off hand, but I'll go through them later and give more indepth feedback. I also think that the fists are a bit too weak. The alt-fire is fine, but the main attack was something I never found myself using unless it was 1v1 and someone else used the fists. Would it be possible to punch away the alt-fire of the gun with the fists, given a well timed punch? I think that would make the fists a more viable option! At any rate, Push is fantastic and I'm going to be playing it for a long time. I hope this becomes one of the cornerstone mods of the Zandronum community.
  9. MP2E

    Are there any Eternity engine tutorials?

    So you're not saying not to use eternity engine, but you're clearly making a case as to why he should use every port first. Isn't that the same thing ? >_> Anyhow there's the Eternity Engine Wiki : http://eternity.youfailit.net/index.php?title=Main_Page bit dated in some places but a good reference Also come to #noteternityenginerelated on OFTC.net if you have any specific questions, because some things are just under documented :V We'll answer your questions the best we can
  10. The licensing of ZDoom is pretty ambiguous to say the least, you would be at the mercy of multiple parties to being sued(though I might note, the chances of actually being sued for selling ZDoom are probably quite low) You could avoid this by not distributing the engine and simply providing a download link to zdoom.org Or you could use one of the many many available GPL ports(read: everything except ZDoom and derived ports), which explicitly allow for commercial distribution.
  11. MP2E

    Source Ports and Windows 8

    What great debate tactics! I don't see a single fact or counter to any argument I made in that facade. If I squint really hard I think I can glean one. Since you're clearly through making rational arguments, why don't you act like a baby somewhere else? It's a shame because I expected to actually learn something from you, but per usual you're just a condescending douchebag with a god complex just because you know how to code.
  12. MP2E

    Source Ports and Windows 8

    Wrong. Who told you that nonsense? Structured Exception Handling works fine. GCC is also a real C compiler vs being able to compile C by virtue of being a C++ compiler. I might add it has full C++11 feature compliance AND is almost fully compliant with the latest C++1y draft. What, you've never heard of GDB? Stop spreading FUD and get your head checked, because you're clearly brain damaged. Agreed. But that doesn't change the fact that it works well on Windows(I can confirm this fact) aka More annoying FUD that isn't even worth addressing It's just a minor nitpick, I admit. I find it convenient
  13. MP2E

    Source Ports and Windows 8

    I second this. MinGW-w64 is the most stable and featureful compiler suite for Windows, x86 or x86_64. With MSYS it is easy to create a fully static set of libraries by compiling each dependency with configure options "--enable-static --disable-shared". Bam. For further greatness, when you are linking your program add the following flags to the linker flags: -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++ Enjoy fully static executables. I like to follow this up by using "strip -s exename" and then use UPX to compress the executable. These steps make for very small builds that are easy to use. MinGW-w64 is really easy to use now, too. Download a compiler package and MSYS from their website and put them in a folder. Add MinGW's bin folder to your PATH under environment variables and run msys.bat. To compile, use: ./configure --prefix=/c/Users/Blah/MinGW --disable-shared --enable-static make make install Magic.
  14. MP2E

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    This is the most ridiculous, baseless claim I think I've ever heard regarding Chocolate Doom. How about you name ONE THING that is different, except for the OPL code.
  15. MP2E

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Version 2.1 Launches

    Neat! I can tell some serious work went into this :) Can't wait to get playing.