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  1. Who doesn't strike out a lot? Barry Bonds. He has tons of walks and VERY few strikeouts. He also has immense power.
  2. Funny, I don't recall any N64 games being blurry. Anyway, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are both great. If anyone thinks these games held back the Nintendo 64, they truely are idiots.
  3. Archvile...Torii is great, but he's striking out. A lot.
  4. I'd hardly call jumping over the fence to catch it a pop up to center. Idiot. EDIT:/me looks at oblivion's title. Oh, sorry. Loser.
  5. Or maybe....hmmmmmmm ;)
  6. Eh, can anyone point me in the direcction of his forum?
  7. Yeah, could anyone answer the question without a flamewar? I've been fond of ZDooM for a while now.
  8. haha, not likely. That'd be the worst game. Ever.
  9. Yes, very.
  10. *GASP* /me realizes just now that I've never been to Taco Bell.
  11. Awesome, I've heard of it but I've never seen the pic before.
  12. Is this.......possible?!?! Bad service occurs all the time here.
  13. Yes, It did suck. 7-7 tie. However, after Bonds not being great in the Home Run derby, he hit 2 homers in 2 at-bats (on of them was taken away because of Hunter...BLARGH!)
  14. AHHH! MY EYES! The NewDoom car looks terrible!
  15. LIES! I highly disike EDGE.