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  1. Spike

    Steam Summer Sale Aftermath

    I survived. Mostly. Borderlands Pre Sequel; Wolfenstein : The Old Blood; Valkyria Chronicles; Homeworld Remastered. Could have been waaay worse but I've already got a hideous amount of miniatures to paint and a WoW guild to kinda sorta run.
  2. Spike

    So, how old are you ?

    34. I started posting here when I was 21. Dear flip.
  3. Spike

    The New Cacodemon

    Well well. If they can just give it a slightly more vibrant red skin tone I'll be as happy as Larry. However happy he is.
  4. Spike

    Doom 4 teaser and how it compares to the reveal

    Well doesn't this just look lovely?
  5. Spike

    Dune: A Beatiful Classic

    I enjoyed God-Emperor for the emotional side of Leto, as well as watching the next Duncan ghola try to adapt. The prequels aren't utterly terrible, but they do gloss over a lot of the political and emotional details, and feel a lot less involving. I found it nigh-on impossible to feel attached to any of the characters in 'Legends of Dune', except for maybe Vorian Atredies and Xavier Harkonnen. What doesn't help is the fact that Herbert and Anderson seem fond of killing off everyone they possibly can. I saw far too many similarities between these books and Anderson's Star Wars books - understandable, obviously, but the problem is that I hated his Star Wars books, too >:( Bring back Timothy Zahn!
  6. Spike

    Dune: A Beatiful Classic

    A shame that the new seies of books has utterly gutfucked Herbert's original work. His son should be ashamed.
  7. Spike

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Oh, screw it...
  8. Spike

    T. Rex Tissue Found

    To quote the report on BBC News... Inevitably, people will wonder whether the creature's DNA might also be found. But the "life molecule" degrades rapidly over thousand-year timescales, and the chances of a sample surviving from the Cretaceous are not considered seriously.
  9. Spike

    Anyone play WoW?

    Thrakan - Level 39 Orc Shaman on the European 'Earthen Ring' server (Role Playing). About halfway to level 40, and I've got 90 gold set aside for a Wolf + riding training, and I've also stashed away some nice looking chainmail armour.
  10. Spike

    What other games do you play besides Doom?

    Same here; World of Warcraft is now an integral part of my life - luckily, Jay plays too, so we're not, ah, 'estranged'.
  11. Spike


    Spectacular. All hail Little Britain!
  12. Spike

    What music do you listen to?

    Industrial, thrash and a little doom metal. There are also some bands that people tend to thoughtlessly dump into the hated 'nu-metal' catagory.
  13. Spike

    duke nukem forever

    Are all of your posts going to be this constructive?
  14. I'm already ten steps ahead of you.
  15. Spike

    Alien Loves Predator

    Just found this through planetavp.com. Some brilliant comic strips about an Alien and Predator living together in New York. This one in particular is a favourite.