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  1. Onslaught Six

    Creation of metal music mod for Doom 2

    this is what you need. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_II_music
  2. A thousand times this. If you prefer the original sprite, you literally have to delete one frame from the wad. No one is stopping that volunteer from making those sprites himself and releasing them independently.
  3. Onslaught Six

    1993res.wad [v3]

    It could be any number of things. It could be the fact that it appears to be the largest (width-wise) decoration made for the game and there were concerns over players getting stuck and where to place it. Or, it could have been removing it to prevent worries over gratuitous gore.
  4. Onslaught Six

    1.9 to 2.0 Unofficial Patch/WAD Project?

    They don't exist. They were hypothetical. Anyway, except for things like map changes, most of this stuff is already done. I see peoe debating about "whether there is enough artistic talent to smooth the animations" but SmoothDoom already exists; likewise, the Sprite Fixing Project exists and adjusts most of the problem areas of the original game (and anyone who says it's perfect is a damn fool; Revenants punching animation looks retarded without fixing the offsets.) Honestly, there's very little left you could improve.
  5. Onslaught Six

    BAD BLOOD: Megawad - Beta release

    The first post has been updated with a new version. Most notably, the new version has a DEHACKED patch which changes some decorations and makes burning barrels shootable. I have also fixed (or tried to fix) all the bugs from the previous release, but if you find any, please let me know! The next release will have some major overhauls and Map10, Lair, as well as (hopefully) Map11, Bad Blood.
  6. Onslaught Six

    I Will Program Small Doom Utilities For You

    Sorry if you have made such a thing in the past, I haven't got time just yet to read the entire thread. I am looking for a utility that will read a WAD file--or two WAD files--and find textures that are unused and identify (or outright delete) "unused" patch/textures. The reason I want this is I have combined two different texture packs for my mapset but I'm sure between the two, there are textures that I've added to my "source" texture file but haven't used. To save space and download time for people (because I know this is a concern) I'd love to have a utility to analyze my WAD and either delete the things I didn't use, or at least tell me what I didn't use so I can do it myself. Can this be done? It is not a time sensitive matter (my megawad's not out for a while yet) but it'd be nice to have it for beta releases. I'm sure it would also be very useful for others as well. Thanks!
  7. Onslaught Six

    BAD BLOOD: Megawad - Beta release

    This is in the works. When I made those maps, I actually didn't have any custom textures, so they're basically nothing. I'm also going to go back and redetail most of them to be more in line with what I would do now. I'm going to rebalance the maps anyway; someone else posted some FDAs on another forum where they were basically doing Tyson runs because I was giving them Berserk packs, and when I asked what the hell they were doing, they asked why I bothered to give the Berserk "if they weren't intended to use it." It's not a requirement, it's an option; I don't like punching things at all, even with berserk, so most of my maps can be played without it, and I tend to see the Berserk pack as a +100 health rather than anything else. If this were a ZDoom project, I would actually replace all of them with such an item. :) The Map04 doors actually weren't; I went ahead and made the back end openable by monsters, and we'll see if that greatly changes the dynamic in the final bit. I hadn't considered players might run away in the Map06 confrontation, but seeing the fight that's in there, I'd say it's a viable strategy to use the door for cover. Nah, I got rid of them. It wasn't worth the visual effect. I was afraid of that! I already had to gank another of the animated textures for the waterfall in Map06; although if most port support that natively (from Plutonia) then that'd be cool. Titlescreen: Blade Runner end titles Map01: Duke Nukem II E1M1 (remix by Jay Reichard) Map02: Rooftop from Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage, which is a cover/bastardisation of The Mob Rules by Black Sabbat Map03: Aliens, Say Your Prayers from Duke3D Episode 2 by Bobby Prince Map04: ETF from Quake 2 (remix by Jay Reichard) Map05: Quad Machine from Quake 2 (midi by me) Map06: Boss fight from Maximum Carnage (modified by me) Map07: Original song by me Map08: March of the Damned by Judas Priest, MIDI bastardisation by me Map09: Far Beyond Metal by Strapping Young Lad Map10-11: Original song by me Some of the tracks are placeholders and I'll be working on new tracks to replace them (mostly Map01-04) but for now, they work.
  8. Onslaught Six

    Alternate map entrance/restart behavior

    Back in the day, I read a guide for Wolfenstein that was written by the id crew (I would think, primarily, Romero and Tom Hall), and somewhere in the back they shared some good level design tips for Wolf maps which easily apply to Doom as well; the two that stuck with me were "always place an SS or machine gun near the beginning of the level" (in Doom, the equivalent is obviously Shotgunner/shotgun) and "always place health near the starting room, so a continuing player will be able to heal up."
  9. Onslaught Six

    BAD BLOOD: Megawad - Beta release

    No, it definitely did; as someone who tries to give detailed feedback when I do, one thing that's easy to miss (on the receiving end) is that I wouldn't be giving such in-depth feedback if I didn't like it on some level in the first place. So yes, it comes through that you're only addressing problems in a constructive manner. I actually took the time to make a more detailed response post: Made the windows impassible to fix such a problem. Was going to do this earlier, actually, and can't remember why I didn't. For now, I moved the lift medkits and such off to the sides of the lifts, but in the future I will find other ways to do this that don't suck so bad. I didn't see that discussion; what thread was it in? In any case, I think the only "required" chainsaw is in Map03, and if players don't like the chainsaw, they don't have to use it, do they? You are right though, considering that once the player picks up a chainsaw, they always have it, a player who finds all the secrets will end up seeing multiple chainsaws, which could be annoying. I'll consider dropping off the amount of them throughout. Can you be more specific? I know that this could be a problem but unfortunately I don't know a lot of places where it actually is possible in my maps. The status bar was actually mostly a last-minute thing, and I agree, their placement could be a little better. I don't know why splitting the linedef never occured to me! Holy shit! This map was actually one of the earlier maps I made--it was originally my Map04--and for some reason, I was very adamant that that switch be the SW2 version. I'll do this with my music too, I'll get hung up on a very specific thing about something and my brain will be all, "No, it absolutely HAS to be this way," and then days, weeks or months later, I'll wonder why the fuck I wanted it that way so bad. The radsuit was a late addition, I thought making the player run around the nukeage so much was a little mean, so I threw it in there. I moved it off to the corner now. Aside from Doom mapping, I am actually half decent at music and graphic design, so I can handle the sky myself. I'm actually considering dropping this one entirely and using a different sky anyway. Fixed the HOM, dunno how I missed this one. I'm going to redesign the exit platform area, too, since it can actually be bypassed by jumping anyway and that bothers me. I looked up that bug and, sure enough, I know exactly what caused it: "One such way to cause this is when a hitscan attack, including BFG tracers, crosses over more than 128 linedefs/things at once." I worked hard to make those dumb 3D looking platforms, because Map09 is partially inspired from areas of Phazon Mines from Metroid Prime, which had a lot of 3D platforms sticking out of the walls. But they've caused me nothing but grief and pain; I've had to make the chaingunners teleport in so that they were active on the platforms, raise them further than I wanted to because of slime trails, and jump through all sorts of hoops to make them work as well as they do--and even then, the player can't walk underneath them so what's the point? The next version of the WAD will have them gone. What can I do to fix that? I'm afraid I'm still quite ignorant in how certain things will look in certain ports. ..Mind, I just played the map myself in complevel2 and didn't see the problem. I also got someone else who got stuck there and thought the only option was death. Even if you manage to find the secrets, the last exit requires the red key, which you need the blue key to get--there's no other way to access the teleporter otherwise. I raised the pit so that players can't be stuck in that part of the lava anymore. The reason I even made the pit "inescapable" in the first place was to discourage players from using the radsuit and sticking in the lava to fight the Revenants, but I guess even with the radsuit, three Revenants is still pretty dangerous. Maybe I should change them to Hellknights or Mancubuses anyway--for one thing, the big Mancubus hallway on the other end of the other red key door is...not really fun and mostly exists to exist. I think of all the maps, this one still needs the most work, along with Map07, which might need a complete overhaul--I'm just not happy with it. Thanks again for the feedback. All it can do is make my maps better! A new beta will be coming soon, with (hopefully) another map.
  10. Onslaught Six

    BAD BLOOD: Megawad - Beta release

    Thanks for the detailed feedback! I will watch the demos and see what I can do about some of this stuff. I know the Map08 problem has already been fixed already (I had a linedef tagged to do something it wasn't supposed to).
  11. Onslaught Six

    BAD BLOOD: Megawad - Beta release

    There is actually a radsuit nearby in the level. I have, however, received another complaint on another forum of a player trying to get through the area without a radsuit; my thinking was that the player might try to get through and die, which will tip them off that maybe they should be looking around nearby for a hidden radsuit. However, at least 2 of the people who've played it have given me feedback on this part, so in the next version, I will either only open up the nukeage tunnel AFTER the player finds the radsuit in the first place, or I will place an additional radsuit on the other end of the tunnel so that, if a player manages to survive to the end of the tunnel, they will have a radsuit to protect them on the way back. The yellow key is entirely optional, and in this version of the map is actually pretty extraneous. Adding a trap to the key pickup would be a little overkill IMO because of the large Revenant/Hellknight trap later on in the same level. It's alright to toss the "key activates closet" trick once a level (or even once every two levels) but doing it twice in the same level is IMO overkill. The original version of this map was intended for a Doom E1M3 replacement and the yellow key originally led to the secret exit, but the exit got axed when I merged the map into this project. I want to rethink that area and how it connects back to the plasmagun secret (which only requires you to return to the yellow key room later on once you have the blue key, and find a hidden door, which is not something most players are going to think to do) without completely scrapping the COMPBLUE maze, because right now it feels kinda tacked on. Maybe I should design a small encounter. Good catch on the RL secret! It not being marked is an oversight on my part, it was originally elsewhere in the level and I must have forgotten to tag it right during the move. Going through that optional gauntlet will actually net you the red key which will allow you to complete the level the fastest AND won't spawn the Archvile. It was one of the areas in the map I had the most fun making actually, which is surprising to me for some reason. I also find that the more I build levels, the more I like making them nonlinear and allowing the player to choose different paths, and engineering the level in ways to make all (or most) paths viable without getting the player stuck can lead to some interesting ideas. Thanks! I've always preferred Doom 1's level design to Doom 2's, especially KDITD, although I have a special place for Petersen's whacked out psycho Hellbase architecture as well, which starts to creep in slowly in some of the levels before I'm planning on unleashing it fully in E2.
  12. BAD BLOOD: EPISODE ONE 01 - Plaza 02 - Tech Facility 03 - Waste Disposal 04 - Storage Warehouse 05 - Star Command 06 - Gateway 07 - Proving Grounds 08 - March of the Damned 09 - Magma Refinery 10 - Lair 11 - Bad Blood Bad Blood: Episode One is the first part of a planned 32-level megawad that I started around January. Originally the intent was simply to make a few vanilla-compatible levels, until I lost interest, ran out of ideas, or other projects took up my time. Incidentally, that never happened, and I found myself rapidly approaching a soft goal of "about 10 maps," and as I continued, I found that both my mapping skill was increasing, and my ideas kept going. The wad has a light setting/storyline, but only as much as Doom 1 or 2 has, and nothing that's particularly interesting. Episode One will contain maps 1-11, while Episodes Two and Three will consist of maps 12-20 (plus Map 31) and maps 21-30 (plus Map 32). I currently have no target date for the remaining two episodes, but I do have ideas. The wad was originally targeted towards 100% vanilla compatibility, but as resources were added and map complexity started to rise, it has been moved to limit-removing compatibility. (I will be testing the levels in PRBoom+ and ZDoom, but you are encouraged to play it on whatever port you wish.) Each level has been tested and balanced with the aim of being able to complete the level from pistol start with no secrets, although I have carefully planned progression for those players who enjoy continuous playthroughs. The wad will contain some new/different textures (mostly recoloured Doom 2 textures and Too Much Brown), new music (some composed specifically for this wad!) and a Dehacked patch for some new objects and decorations--nothing fancy, just some added variety. There will also (eventually) be a ZDoom MAPINFO lump allowing you to start from any episode you wish, ala Doom 1. The finished version of Episode One will be released, well, when it's done. Currently the last two maps are in progress. As it is, I have currently uploaded the first 9 maps in a "beta" release. Play it on whatever port your want and let me know if there are any bugs, structural or gameplay problems, parts that suck ass, and rooms/areas you feel could look better. Jumping is allowed and the maps are designed in a way that they won't break horribly if you jump (Map07 excluded) but it is not necessary to complete the levels. Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/854lej9aahi4dhw/AAA-YDs8H49V_3FFUWRiUTCsa/Doom%20Stuff/Bad%20Blood%20screenshots?dl=0 Beta release (version 2, updated 9/21): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62697468/Doom%20Stuff/BadBlood_092114.zip
  13. Onslaught Six

    Need help merging textures

    My WIP levelset is using a handful of different texture packs--Too Much Brown, Doom 1 textures for Doom 2, and the Recoloured Doom Texture Pack from R667. My question is, how do I combine these three properly to distribute when I release my WAD? (I'd also like to combine them for my own purposes so I can just load one WAD as a resource instead of all three.) I tried just copypasting them all together but I got several duplicates of the default Doom 2 textures; is this okay or is it a problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Onslaught Six

    Secret levels: What are my options?

    Stuff like this isn't so much of the solution I'm looking for; I mostly just have an already-made level that's being merged into this project that happens to already have a secret exit. At this point, I think I'll just trash it and put the secret level in normally.