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  1. You can't beat the original NUTS.wad - it far and away blows the other two out of the water when it comes to the impact it had at the time it was released, and even to this day. Not even highly optimized source ports can come close to handling it, but it's mostly because Doom itself is trying to do way too much at once and can't handle the thousands of monsters at once, thus slowing the game to single digit frames per second (And often it's less than 1 FPS). One time I used the Doom 4 Doom mod on it and fired the Doom4 BFG... 5 minutes later, the engine rendered maybe a handful of frames at best. Sure, it is technically possible to beat them all, but only if you turn off infinite actor heights and employ a don't shoot anything tactic (If you need to run around, let the monsters do the infighting for you) The NUTS series also why most later slaughtermaps that came after its release have their monster counts distributed differently. Sure, someone can make a map with 5,000 monsters, but the secret to keeping it running is never to have more than a few hundred active and in the vision of the player at once.
  2. I think part of the reason this wad has lost insterest too is that no one seems to map for plain old ZDoom anymore. The community as a whole is turning towards other source ports for things as the community evolves. And the ZDoom source port itself now pretty much officially dead, as I don't believe anyone is developing engine updates for it anymore. Also, many the standout ZDoom features have been rolled into other source ports, notably GZ/QZDoom, Zandronum and PrBoom+. It's a sad ending for a source port that was once the community's gold standard for many years - I remember many a wad that I would personally default to ZDoom to play. For the project to see more interest or a full revival, you'd probably have to take whatever work was done on the project and move it to a new source port (Likely GZ/QZDoom) to recruit new talent working on modern Doom map design elements. Also, perhaps it's just me, but I don't think Episode 2 stands out as much as Episodes 1 and 3 did. Well, besides the iconic Cyberdemon fight at the end of course - our old rocket-launching friend was quite a worthy opponent the first couple of times you faced off against it. Though even by today's standards, an effectively placed Cyberdemon can definitely panic the player into a heated fight if they didn't bring a BFG friend or a bunch of monsters to infight with.
  3. I remember doing something like this back in high school... Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away. Though that was the pre 9-11 era, so let's just say it's better if the "Maps" I drew back then never see the light of day. It was more something to pass time when I was bored in school.
  4. On the Unmaker, you actually have to treat it like a strange variation of the Railgun (That's the best way to describe it). With 2 or 3 Artifacts, it is way more powerful than any other weapon in the Doom 64 world besides the BFG, but you're right in that it chews through ammo rather quickly. However it can slice through even the Cyberdemon's health pool and giant monster hordes in open areas with relative ease. As a fun fact, the Unmaker is useless on ordinary people and animals, because it only has an effect on those monsters that are from Hell (Including zombies) As clunky as the Unmaker is though, it is still a much better alternative to Doom 64's Plasma Rifle variation, which is just awful weapon I pretty much never used. (I saved all the ammo for the BFG or the Unmaker laser)
  5. Sounds fun.... (Not really) Back in the day I used to carry the SSG with me everywhere in Classic Doom, as it was a great all-around weapon for dealing with threats both big and small. These days I more mix and match than anything depending on what the situation needs more of.
  6. Definitely Pistol. It's inaccurate, fires slow, and as soon as you pick up something else, it basically becomes useless except in tight ammo maps (If you're using a shotgun and don't kill an imp for example, I'll tap it with the Pistol to finish it off rather than waste another shotgun shell) The normal fist is rather useless too. The Chainsaw is a nice ammo saving weapon on baddies like Pinkies, Cacos, Pain Elementals, and even Arachnotrons... (Trust me, the wide hitbox can block other stuff while you're sawing it apart in a pinch) as the Chainsaw is pretty much the Chaingun, but with a melee range. Also is it just me? Because I mostly use the Chaingun for tap-fire sniping rather thatn the intended use for sniping at enemies from a distance... (God bless the 100% accuracy of Chaingun bullets, at least the first two, so you can tap-fire for damage and accuracy)
  7. I can see a lot of that too. Especially in the modern era of Doom mapping where the vast majority of map packs that have been released in the last handful of years are much harder than anything the original Doom (1/2/TNT/Plutonia) games throws at you -and that's even before you add on mods like Complex Doom that adds a shit ton of modded monsters and makes then all OP, to the point where our favorite Space Marine is getting gibbed from even the most basic of enemies... Yeah. Plutonia Map32 was probably the inspiration behind many a slaughter megawad. I don't remember where the original Hell Revealed series got their ideas from, but everyone else that came after copied the gameplay style. (for years, HR-style was a term used in mapping/gameplay, until slaughtermap came around)
  8. I've beaten it on UV more than a few times, and on Nightmare... I think I quit on Map02, lol. I should do a casual again sometime....
  9. The biggest complaint I've been seeing is that many of the missions drag on for far too long. There comes a point in gaming where wandering around aimlessly until you stumble upon the next key/objective, then try to find the obscure door/area that the key or objective unlocked halfway across the maze becomes very tedious and subtracts from the experience majorly. Then you get to a miniboss, get wrecked, and have to do it all over again because you forgot to quicksave. (Screw that, if I have to do that I'm IDDQDing it until I make it back to the point where I died) On the difficulty curve, the higher difficulty settings are extreme grindfests, where most encounters feel like a chore you struggle to get past, and god help you if you get caught in the open with a hitscan sniper halfeway across the map. *Cough fucking church map cough* Lower difficultites need way more armor and health laying around, because there's a lot of fun feeling OP while you blast Nazi scum to smithereens. This youtube review sums it up pretty well:
  10. A few thoughts... Make the Spider Mastermind more of a real boss, rather than the pushover it is. (It can't even win a 1v1 with a Cyberdemon, and sticking a BFG in its face usually kills it in one hit). Maybe double its health, give it a super-plasma rifle instead of the chaingun and perhaps access to the BFG ball as well (Though yes, that's a little too OP, since taking a BFG to the face will kill you instantly). Or maybe give it a railgun as a sniping hitscan-type weapon instead? Give wings to the Baron of Hell and turn it into a flight-capable monster? Maybe add the revenant projectile to turn it into more of a high-priority miniboss of sorts. Nerf the Archvile health to 500, reduce running speed and fixed damage from flame attack from 82 to 61 on UV. Add in an invisible revival or damage counter so that the Arch-vile automatically dies after reviving X number of monsters if the player doesn't kill it first. I could also agree with moving the Super Shotgun to a later level. Like Map 07 would be a good introduction, when you face off against the Mancs and Arachnotrons which can certainly tank the increased firepower Personally, I always thought that the Bullet and Plasma ammo capacities should have been flipped, where you have up to 600 bullets and only 400 Plasma, because the Chaingun always burns through ammo a little too fast, and the Pistol isn't very useful. Ammo adjustments so that the clip (7/15) and box (100) would provide a little more ammo, and the cell pack gives 80. Change the BFG ammo use from 40 to 60 per shot (In addition to the 400 ammo cap) to make it more of a use-sparingly type of ultimate weapon. Also, while the Icon of Sin is a classic boss fight, I'd like to see it turned into a REAL boss fight more along the lines of what I've seen from modern scripted doom boss fights. (Basically, turn the IoS into a giant monster with a hefty health pool and make a final boss-esque arena map of some sort out of it, and add in the boss cube spawners too~)
  11. Instead of IDDQDing things, I instead mostly use console commands to help me out once I get stuck give resistancerune (Increases player defense) give megasphere (200 health and armor) resurrect (Revives your character... in most cases anyways) Alternatively, you could just 'give health 65535' and you suddenly have a (nearly) infinite pool of health to work with, lol And if all else fails, add the Russian Overkill mod. 'Nuff said.
  12. Oops, I found a new project to play after I clear my IRL queue. That "other recently released" Wolfenstein mod can wait a little bit longer, right? x3
  13. I don't mind a little casual Chillax fun here and there. The most popular server I've seen around combines Chillax with the old Master of Puppets mod with some updates, notably the addition of a gun from Russian Overkill that can nuke an area, but is limited to one or two shots per level, plus some mini nukes, lol. Though the ManixApocalypse is a little unbalanced, because Cyberdemons totally needed a nuke weapon - for when homing missiles can't kill Marines fast enough... lol I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of sorts, but I'd probably only play it semi-casually.
  14. Some textures are still missing if you select any iwad other than TNT.wad to be loaded with this (I briefly played with Doom2.wad as the base), but other than that things load up just fine, and the textures seem to be there if you load up with TNT.wad as the base. You'll probably want to edit the textfile to include that this megawad is meant to be played with TNT.wad as the base wadfile.
  15. After downloading that, Zandronum failed to load the wad giving a fatal texture error. (I ran it in GZDoom after and it worked fine, but some textures are missing)