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  1. Traysandor

    What do you think is Doomguy's favorite wad is?

    wow.wad Okay, serious answer the sake of the argument - we'll go with something that would have him enjoy killing lots and lots of Hellspawn... Classic Answer: Plutonia, HR2 or Scythe Early-Modern Answer: Ultimate Torment and Torture, Epic, Plutonia 2, Speed of Doom Semi-Modern Answer: Back to Saturn X (E1/E2), Valiant Modern Answer: Eviternity, Ancient Aliens, Overboard, Ozonia Mascochist Answer: UAC Ultra, Deus Vult, Sunlust, Antarasean Reliquary, Space Cats E1/E2, Chillax
  2. Traysandor

    I C H I N I C H I (32-map megawad)

    I generally liked how all of these maps could be completed in relatively short order. And that none of these romps had the insane difficulty slaughter that most projects seem to treat their UV experiences with these days. Feels like a breath of fresh air really, I haven't had to resort to cheats or savescumming (except when I died at the end of a map once and didn't want to replay it). Well done.
  3. +1 to RAMP 2023. If only because this time around there is almost 300(!) completed maps and there's sure to be at least a few gems worth playing. https://ramp2023.teamouse.net/
  4. Traysandor

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    Once upon a time when I first started my foray into Doom Custom .wad levels, it felt like ZDoom was the gold standard by which everything else was measured against. It wasn't until the triple team of Odamex (For old school classic feel/multiplayer), Skulltag/Zandronum (For ZDoom-compatible + multiplayer), and GZDoom (For advanced stuff) that it was dethroned and ultimately discontinued.
  5. Traysandor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Not so much a .wad file of level sets, but looking for mods that makes Doomguy have a little more health / armor / firepower (weapons/ammo) for harder mapsets: - Prefer to be mostly vanilla-ish compatible, but Zandronum/GZDoom compatible is fine too. - NOT Russian Overkill, that makes wads too easy - NOT looking to increase monster difficulty or change behaviors through mods. Enemies must stay vanilla to whatever map set I run. -- If the monster stuff can be turned off in the options, maybe.
  6. Traysandor

    Steam Deck and Doom Source Ports?

    (Please move this topic to the appropriate forum if this is not the correct place for it, thanks) I've been considering getting a Steam Deck lately and wanted to ask the community if anyone knows about this one. So I wanted to know: A. If any current source ports are compatible with it - Also if there are any known issues using the Steam Deck as a controller to play Doom (and wads/mods/etc) B. If I would need a launcher program to help configure .wad file load order and other resources necessary. Note: I have legal copies of all the .wad files (purchased on Steam but also separated into a unique folder) and huge folders consisting of years worth of Doom-compatible downloads Any insight or help would be appreciated.
  7. Just got the notification that this is out as a public beta now, so... Time to nominate RAMP 2022: https://ramp2022.teamouse.net/index.php - the sequel to the massive project that earned a Cacoward mention last time around. Only 117 levels this time, but that should be more than enough to keep you Doom nerds busy for a while.
  8. Traysandor

    What console commands do you use?

    I usually make at least somewhat of an attempt at completing a level by normal means without cheating, but... Most of the ones I can think of offhand that I've used: kill (myself so that I can instantly restart or load from last save) kill monsters (usually as a last resort) mdk, summon bfgball (Kill a single enemy or bfg large groups) summonfriend (usually cyberdemon or archvile) changemap mapXX (also callvote changemap for some online maps to force change the map) god, fly, noclip, resurrect, freeze give weapons, ammo, backpack, megasphere give health XXXXX (Fun fact, can go up to 65,535 but numbers higher than 999 won't be displayed onscreen) give armor / give armorbonus XX sv_fastweapons (Slaughtermaps, usually with infinite ammo turned on)
  9. There is that, yeah. Though there's usually at least one or two projects per year that most people would agree deserve the coveted award (Eviternity was a mapset that was nearly universally praised by those who played and won the year it was released). Personally I think the format is mostly fine the way it has been in the last handful of years since it's now about ~30 individual mapset or mod projects get some sort of mention. Which gives anyone who stumbles upon it a good idea of what the best of the best was for that year. I've linked it more than a few times for people looking to get more mileage out of their Doom playing experiences. This thread is a good place too, since with people not reviewing new maps any more, it falls on the community to point out which mapsets and mods are worth playing. I check in every week to two weeks or so to see if any new projects get mentioned.
  10. With work like that, it might be time to start considering him for the Espi Lifetime Achievement Award. Though I'm just a random guy who occasionally pops in to post a reply on something and not really a super active community member.
  11. Traysandor

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

    That's definitely a thing that can and probably will happen. Or some bot will copyright claim your original compisition within seconds of it being uploaded because exactly two notes sound vaguely similar to something you never knew even existed. Fuck DMCA, but the people who were blatantly downloading and pirating stuff illegally with Napster and Torrent back in the 90s and early 2000s? Those are the people you get to thank for the bullshit we all have to put up with these days.
  12. Traysandor

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

    There was one Megawad from last year (I believe it was) that used nothing but classic rock midis and stuff that would immediately get you flagged / muted / copyright striked if you ever tried to play it on Youtube, Twitch, or anywhere else that DMCA is a thing Literally have to turn the music off. Or just delete it all and run with the stock Doom II music instead.
  13. Traysandor

    Astral Abstraction: Episode 1 (Demo) | Build 2

    Mostly good stuff going on here. A few thoughts though that will be hidden behind the spoiler tag for those who want to play blind:
  14. If the objective was to make the player feel claustrophobic about movement space but also kick ass, this level accomplishes it well despite the sub-300 monster count. Platforming combat levels (Which makes up most of the combat here) will turn a fair bit of players off to this release but it was at least an interesting concept with all the height variations that will keep you on your toes for pretty much the entire map's run.