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  1. Traysandor

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    I saw this come across on Twitter and had to come to Doomworld to reconfirm. Seems interesting, though - a small shame that this project wasn't unexpectedly dropped on the community on the silver anniversary of the game... But I'll certainly give it a play when it comes out. Won;t have the money for the limited run stuff though. Hot too much other stuff going on right now money wise.
  2. I played SRB2Kart for a wihle, and while it's pretty neat and fun, I think it would qualify under "Gameplay Mod" more than it would an actual Doom Wad. And let's be honest, everyone knows QDCE is taking home the Gameplay Mod Cacoward this year. SRB2Kart might get an honorable mention depending on how the rest of the community feels about it though.
  3. Traysandor

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Man, I didn't expect to see a sequel to this title. Having played the Steam Release (It was decent) and the original, a wad that I personally reviewed back when I did wad reviews way back in the day... when /newstuff chronicles came out on a far more regular basis than it does today... Looks interesting though, I'll have to take a closer view when I have more time tomorrow.
  4. Traysandor

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    ... Yeah, how about I say no thanks to that. If I thirst for modern-ish Quake, I'll fire up IDE and go look for some QC:DE servers. Or play the classics that have mostly been sitting around in my Steam games list.
  5. Traysandor

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    It's unfortunate that Snapmap won't make it into the new game, but if it gets released as a standalone-ish thing (Or as something like "Doom Eternal Assets Snapmap DLC for Doom 2016") that would be nice if Id/Bethesda continutes to support the community-made content... Even if it a bit of a hassle for people to work with. (But then again, mapping for Classic Doom is a hassle for people to work with too, so... yeah) The main thing that made me leave Doom 2016 was the massive multiplayer download updates, and how it was shoehorned in with the rest of Doom 2016. At one point it would have required a ~30something GB Steam Update just to play the game again. Even on a speedy connection that takes hours, and if you're still on DSL (Like I am), it's over 24 hours of nonstop downloading (Of mostly leaving it to download while I work/sleep/Real Life). ... And even though my speed has improved (with about 0.5~0.6 mb/s average compared to the old ~0.3), that's not the kind of download you want to force down people's throats if you want to maintain a steady player base.
  6. Traysandor

    Final boss?

    Based on conversation, I could see Hayden as a mid-boss, and after defeated he somehow becomes the Icon of Sin. The original IoS fight however was... rather limited in scope (to be fair though, the team was of course working with early 90's-era graphics capabilities), and I'd love to see a real canon one, should Bethesda choose go in that directoin. I've seen some interesting variations of IoS, both in Classic Doom mapsets and in SnapMap creations though. Though I wouldn't mind seeing an original, unique final boss-level monster creation too. We all know what to expect from the Doom bestiary by now, perhaps it's time for us to be thrown a curveball.
  7. Traysandor

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    Campaigns are interesting, but in slaughtermaps it gets old after the first couple of maps once you've found all the guns (And if using an upgrade system, after all the upgrades have been unlocked). An idea I floated around as a "Never gonna actually make it but sounded interesting" thing was basically along the lines of "design a map around the use of a specific weapon". Like map01 berserk fist/chainsaw/pistol, map02 shotgun, 03 chaingun, 04 ssg, 05 rocket launcher, 06 plasma gun... you get the idea. But in this instance it'd be more frantic and slaughter themed than whatever I may have had in mind. (Also, the idea was more or less in the form of a Classic Doom-esque episode, so that idea had like 8-10 levels with a bossmap at the end.) There could be an alternative solution to the lives issue too. In the Chillax+MoP server, the MoP side uses a "Marine Reinforcement" counter, typically based on how many monsters are in the map. In the mod, Puppets win if they deplete all Marine reinforcements. Marines win if they either kill all the enemies on the map, or at least enough to trigger the level to be exitable (Typically around 75% of monsters killed). Of course, levels would also need to be designed to discourage players from dying on purpose to sequence break or cheat particularly hard encounters (Like after grabbing a key or triggering a switch/linedef/etc that progresses the map, but also unleashes a bunch of monsters). Either way though, anything that traps a player in a fight area has to be enterable from another location accessible from outside the area (Typically via one-way teleporter), because you always have to assume whomever triggers the trap may die, but in co-op servers also leaves the map unfinishable by other players Or similar "X lives per player" ideas based on popular Survival servers, though most of the online ones people play also spice in Complex Doom, Brutal Doom, and sometimes Samsara.
  8. Traysandor

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    That makes sense I suppose. Make a mode more standard to regular play, then have one where almost all ammo is infinite. Slaughtermaps are tedious as it is - I'd also enjoy it a little more if the Doom Marine had either more health to work with or better defense. For slaughter I usually just enable the old Resistance Rune or the Guardsphere from Skulltag ('give resistancerune / guardsphere(?)' in the console) if possible... Because 200/200 doesn't really cut it. Also, as a thought, the Doom '16 / D4D - style BFG would make an interesting compromise - one shot clears everything in the area except boss monsters (cyber, big spider, any mod monsters that are designed to be boss-level), but since it typically holds only a few shots maximum, ammo could be stored in secrets or before big fights - but I'm unsure if the code could be implemented. The regular BFG could work and you spread plasma cell packs around the map (Leaving the plasma rifle to have infinite ammo). Of course a lot also depends on how you want to present your slaughter and what tools you're willing to work with / implement. Is it meant to be balls-deep hard, do you want your Doom Marine to stand a fighting chance (infinite ammo, more HP/defense, inventory support options like turrets from Stronghold, marine reinforcements, etc), or do you want it to be pretty casual (more like eweps and RO where the Doom Marine is the one who's OP and little else stands a chance)?
  9. Traysandor

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    #RussianOverkill (Though eweps isn't bad either, besides the BFG replacement one-shotting literally everything) Alternatively the weapons mod used in the Chillax + Master of Puppets online server (adds assault and quad shotgun, assault rifle, minigun, railgun, bfg10k, and yamato cannon from Russian Overkill (mini-nuke for hordes, nuke altfire annihilates everything in a large area), along with numerous altfire options) isn't a bad idea either. I will say though usually the main problem with slaughtermaps is typically lack of ammo to handle what the game is throwing at you. I'd strongly suggest that all weapons have infinite ammo, except for BFG9000/10k class weapons (Or anything stronger than it)
  10. Telefragging traps, or teleporting exploding objects being thrown into a player's way. Examples include: - Exploding barrels being teleported into the player's way - Gibbed corpses (Zombiemen killed by an exploding barrel sent through a teleporter) or "Boss Spawn Cubes" attempting to telefrag the player (Or a voodoo doll) - Instant kill telefragging traps (Player telefrags a voodoo doll, see also TNT Map30) Because what makes players ragequit faste than seeing their insides turned to mush in an instant? ;p
  11. Traysandor

    Weapon mods...

    And if you want to just run around being ultra overpowered as all heck, then my comrade look no further than our dear friend Russian Overkill. Note that this requires a copy of GZDoom to run, but you can throw it in with your slaughtermap megawad of choice and blast away! Direct download: https://www.mediafire.com/?0j9d88096oaw0dq (Disclaimer: I don't own nor do I have anything to do with the mod whatsoever)
  12. Traysandor

    Can't play .WADS on ZDoom

    If you're still having trouble with ZDoom, it might be time for you to hire a newer source port. GZ/QZDoom are more or less a continuation of ZDoom features with advanced 3D modelling and other features, while Zandronum and ZDaemon are your main choices if you're looking for online multiplayer (Zdaemon for more of a classic feel, Zandronum for a more modern feel with advanced .wad and .pk3 support)
  13. Traysandor

    GZDoom Darkness issues.

    After knowing what to look for, I took a browse through the options, and found Enhanced Nightvision buried within one of the GZDoom menus and disabled it.
  14. Traysandor

    GZDoom Darkness issues.

    The only real problemI've ever noticed with the GZDoom engine is when playing in Windowed mode, in that utilizing gamma correctoin also maked the entire screen brighter, not just brigtenening things up in-game. Also, picking up the Light Amp Visor (Or using IDBEHOLDL) results in an awful green tint which I'm similarly unsure on how to fix.
  15. Traysandor

    Hellebarde [Megawad] - final version on /idgames

    After playing through the first handful of maps, aside from some minor issues with the midis, I will say it looks, feels, and plays pretty good. Clearly a fair bit of testing went into the balancing and gameplay elements. I died a few times, but that was to be expected. Some of the end level bosses can be lured out and skipped though, even though I've taken the time to pump each and every one of them full of lead and rockets. (If there was a minor tweak to that, I'd say have the exit to the level blocked until you kill the "Boss monster", then you can exit)