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  1. If you're still having trouble with ZDoom, it might be time for you to hire a newer source port. GZ/QZDoom are more or less a continuation of ZDoom features with advanced 3D modelling and other features, while Zandronum and ZDaemon are your main choices if you're looking for online multiplayer (Zdaemon for more of a classic feel, Zandronum for a more modern feel with advanced .wad and .pk3 support)
  2. After knowing what to look for, I took a browse through the options, and found Enhanced Nightvision buried within one of the GZDoom menus and disabled it.
  3. The only real problemI've ever noticed with the GZDoom engine is when playing in Windowed mode, in that utilizing gamma correctoin also maked the entire screen brighter, not just brigtenening things up in-game. Also, picking up the Light Amp Visor (Or using IDBEHOLDL) results in an awful green tint which I'm similarly unsure on how to fix.
  4. After playing through the first handful of maps, aside from some minor issues with the midis, I will say it looks, feels, and plays pretty good. Clearly a fair bit of testing went into the balancing and gameplay elements. I died a few times, but that was to be expected. Some of the end level bosses can be lured out and skipped though, even though I've taken the time to pump each and every one of them full of lead and rockets. (If there was a minor tweak to that, I'd say have the exit to the level blocked until you kill the "Boss monster", then you can exit)
  5. I could think of a few ways to make Map30 a better (And more difficult) map overall compared to its current presentation. As for midis and taking music from other places, just be careful with that. Might not be a bad idea to take a listen to the track in each stock midi player that source ports make use of. Also, no one wants a megawad that's like 90~100 MB where most of that space is because of the songs used in the wad. I can understand if a lot of that is because of details, scripting, and other assorted advanced source port effects though.
  6. Looks good, but to be honest, I did a warp to Map30 just to see what it looked like, and dear god... the midi to that map was just dreadful. Sure the original tracks may sound badass, but not all of them translate well to midi doom format. The transfer to the midi format butchered some parts of the song pretty badly. Keep that in mind for your future projects.
  7. I'm guessing probably because of all the coding and scripting shenanigans, besides just banging out some maps using (Insert Doom map builder here). Plus the more people that work on a project, there's always potential for issues to arise in varous forms. Since Episode 1 was more than just putting a fresh coat of paint and calling it a day. IIRC, a lot of maps were rebuilt from the ground up... though I'd have to replay the original since it's been years. I still think though if the project would probably need to shift to QZ/GZDoom to see any major new (re)development.
  8. Doom Superfolder has 9.4 GB. Mostly of classic wads and older stuff from the 2000s and 2010-era ZDoom days ide540 (Yes, I still use an older version of IDE, it works) weighs in at 10.8 GB, and that's after I deleted older updates of multiplayer maps, mods, and map/bugfix patches that were no longer being used on various servers.
  9. You could technically go without armor, but you'll quickly find that the 33% damage reduction (50% for Megaarmor, until it either wears out, or you replace it with a standard 100% armor) often makes the difference between tanking a hit and winding up face-down on the ground, dead. Also, if you don't have any armor whatsoever, taking a Cyberdemon rocket to the face will kill you instantly, even from maximum 200% health. Whereas a rank 1 armor will (barely) let you live that hit if you roll the maximum 288 hp damage value to the face. It's usually better to ride out a Megaarmor as long as you can (Picking up bonuses will count as Megaarmor damage protection), then grab regular armors until you can find another blue to replace it with.
  10. So I got the chance to play through the rest of this mod tonight, and I found it pretty interesting, neat concepts and hard-as-fuck boss fights. Some thoughts though, in the spoiler section below:
  11. So far I've been through the first couple maps - the dungeon, the theme park, and the nightclub. The dungeon I found the key but none of the doors I checked would open. Theme park, I did the bumper cars once, the shooting minigame twice, then bumper cars again but softlocked after that. In the nightclub, I shot my way through the place but didn't see a key anywhere (Even after enabling idbeholdl and looking around with max lighting) (So far I'm just using the console to noclip around broken obstacles. Also, I ran out of ammo in the nightclub level and had to cheat up more or face an endless loop of death trying to melee hitscan enemies)
  12. The zip file worked much better. Been playing through, interesting idead, though for some reason I'm either missing key pickups or a scripting issue isn't making them spawn in. On an unrelated note, the bosses in this mod are really hard. At least compared to what I'm used to seeing in Doom mods, I suppose.
  13. I tried to download this out of curiosity, and my antivirus nuked the file from orbit before I could install it. Thanks, AVG, you're a pro. =p
  14. You can't beat the original NUTS.wad - it far and away blows the other two out of the water when it comes to the impact it had at the time it was released, and even to this day. Not even highly optimized source ports can come close to handling it, but it's mostly because Doom itself is trying to do way too much at once and can't handle the thousands of monsters at once, thus slowing the game to single digit frames per second (And often it's less than 1 FPS). One time I used the Doom 4 Doom mod on it and fired the Doom4 BFG... 5 minutes later, the engine rendered maybe a handful of frames at best. Sure, it is technically possible to beat them all, but only if you turn off infinite actor heights and employ a don't shoot anything tactic (If you need to run around, let the monsters do the infighting for you) The NUTS series also why most later slaughtermaps that came after its release have their monster counts distributed differently. Sure, someone can make a map with 5,000 monsters, but the secret to keeping it running is never to have more than a few hundred active and in the vision of the player at once.
  15. I think part of the reason this wad has lost insterest too is that no one seems to map for plain old ZDoom anymore. The community as a whole is turning towards other source ports for things as the community evolves. And the ZDoom source port itself now pretty much officially dead, as I don't believe anyone is developing engine updates for it anymore. Also, many the standout ZDoom features have been rolled into other source ports, notably GZ/QZDoom, Zandronum and PrBoom+. It's a sad ending for a source port that was once the community's gold standard for many years - I remember many a wad that I would personally default to ZDoom to play. For the project to see more interest or a full revival, you'd probably have to take whatever work was done on the project and move it to a new source port (Likely GZ/QZDoom) to recruit new talent working on modern Doom map design elements. Also, perhaps it's just me, but I don't think Episode 2 stands out as much as Episodes 1 and 3 did. Well, besides the iconic Cyberdemon fight at the end of course - our old rocket-launching friend was quite a worthy opponent the first couple of times you faced off against it. Though even by today's standards, an effectively placed Cyberdemon can definitely panic the player into a heated fight if they didn't bring a BFG friend or a bunch of monsters to infight with.