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  1. Traysandor

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

    That's definitely a thing that can and probably will happen. Or some bot will copyright claim your original compisition within seconds of it being uploaded because exactly two notes sound vaguely similar to something you never knew even existed. Fuck DMCA, but the people who were blatantly downloading and pirating stuff illegally with Napster and Torrent back in the 90s and early 2000s? Those are the people you get to thank for the bullshit we all have to put up with these days.
  2. Traysandor

    Using MIDIs of Copyright Songs in custom WADs

    There was one Megawad from last year (I believe it was) that used nothing but classic rock midis and stuff that would immediately get you flagged / muted / copyright striked if you ever tried to play it on Youtube, Twitch, or anywhere else that DMCA is a thing Literally have to turn the music off. Or just delete it all and run with the stock Doom II music instead.
  3. Traysandor

    Astral Abstraction: Episode 1 (Demo) | Build 2

    Mostly good stuff going on here. A few thoughts though that will be hidden behind the spoiler tag for those who want to play blind:
  4. Traysandor

    The Hate Flow - Epic/Accessible single map release

    If the objective was to make the player feel claustrophobic about movement space but also kick ass, this level accomplishes it well despite the sub-300 monster count. Platforming combat levels (Which makes up most of the combat here) will turn a fair bit of players off to this release but it was at least an interesting concept with all the height variations that will keep you on your toes for pretty much the entire map's run.
  5. Traysandor

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Sounds like a good idea to me. At least I like the idea better than just leaving it as "Runners Up" Actually on that note, I'd like to see a dedicated page for all the maps, projects, and other things that recieve a "Runner Up / Silver Cacoward" instead of being a sidebar to the main winners. So that they have a chance to be highlighted as well, even if they didn;t recieve the shiny goldedn caco this year.
  6. Traysandor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Via a friend on Telegram, looking for a wad that meets this criteria. Good wads preferred but anything that qualifies to test this out:
  7. Traysandor

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Sadly with the death of /newstuff (no one wanted to review the countless wads to get to the handful of community gems produced each year) and how quickly the respective forum gets updated with new posts, it's extremely difficult to sort through the mountain for recommendations from other community memers. This topic here is one of the few places where people can get that without having to go through all of the forum threads.
  8. Traysandor

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    I think you're supposed to press the switch in the first area that lowers the rocket launcher and the plasma rifle before going to the rest of the map. It's another explore the area at your own pace but you need all three keys to exit. And I'm guessing finding all three secrets will help you at the end.
  9. Traysandor

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    So far... +1 for Time Tripper Honorable Mention for Ascent of Titan (It was done in only a month but impressive for what it was. Though yes I did send feedback to the author some months ago having known him elsewhere) I haven't gotten around to other new releases yet, but I'll check back fairly regularly.
  10. The answer probably depends on what difficulty you're playing on, but Plutonia is generally regarded as the most difficult of the vanilla .wad files that were made in the 90s. If you want to throw in additional episodes that were made after the initial releases (Like Thy Flesh Consumed, Sigil, and No Rest for the Living), Plutonia is probably still the hardest casually. In terms of difficulty (Assuming the same difficulty setting is used for all games, from easiest to hardest) Original Doom: Episodes 1-3 Thy Flesh Consumed Sigil Doom 2 No Rest for the Living Final Doom: TNT Plutonia As far as other community releases, if you've conquered Plutonia on UV, you're probably ready for some meatier level sets like Hell Revealed or Alien Vendetta. If you're ever stuck on what to play next, go take a look at the Cacowards, as those will point you in the direction of the "best of the best that the community has to offer"
  11. Not bad looking as I blast through the first handful of levels. But please, do everyone a favor and get rid of the classic rock music tracks and any other copyrighted music adorning this .wad - it does not translate nearly as well to the Doom format as one may think. That and I'm sure Youtube/Twitch will not appreciate streaming attempts / casual playthroughs of this .wad file.
  12. Traysandor

    Combat Shotgun vs. Super Shotgun

    I never really used the SSG all that much in Doom 4. You can get the shotgun's grenade shot on the first map, and upgrading it provides you with useful explosive ranged damage (Heck, I used this way more than even the Rocket Launcher). Plus you can find the Heavy Machine Gun, Plasma Rifle, and Rocket Launcher all before you ever come across the SSG. To me the SSG feels pretty underwhelming. The challenge upgrade is nice in making a pseudo-quad shotgun out of it, but you chew through ammo ridiculously fast, even when maxed out at 60 shells. Sure, infinite ammo does exist, but by the point you unlock it, you'd be just plain stupid not to use Gauss Cannon Siege Mode, because it's way more powerful and ranged than the SSG can ever hope to be.
  13. Traysandor

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    Dumping worthless microtransactions are more of an EA thing - fuck those guys (I refuse to buy any game made by them). As for 2016 Doom, I don't think it had any, other than maybe some skins for multiplayer. But from what I've seen of it, everything in multiplayer was unlockable if you ranked up enough or completed the appropriate challenges. The campaign never had a microtransaction - nor did it have single player DLC either. I would have liked to see a whole 2016 Doomguy backstory DLC mini-campaign, as told by what you find out in the campaign's Hell levels... But I guess maybe in the sequel.
  14. Traysandor

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    I've been playing through Doom (2016) on a Nightmare run through, and can confirm that the release date for Doom Eternal has now been changed to 3/20/2020 per the ingame advertisements as such. It does kind of suck a bit, but given the caliber of Doom and what it means to everyone involved... I'd rather wait a little longer and see it done right, rather than it get the EA treatment of "Just shove a shitty product out to market and we'll fix it later... If it sells well, that is."
  15. Traysandor

    Do i need a doom disc

    If you're playing Doom 3 (Including Resurrection of Evil or the BFG Edition) , Doom (2016), or the upcoming Doom Eternal, you only need a disc if you're playing the console version of the game, and you purchased a physical disc / cartridge (Switch), you will need the disc or cartridge in order to play the game. If you have a legal copy of the game from having purchased and downloaded it online somewhere, a game disc is not necessary to play modern Doom. *If you bought a physical copy of modern Doom for the PC, generally speaking a third party service like Steam will handle download, installation, and updates of the game. The disc itself does save you several hours of download time if you have slow Internet, but once the game has been installed on your computer, you don't need the disc to play Doom.