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  1. Oops, I found a new project to play after I clear my IRL queue. That "other recently released" Wolfenstein mod can wait a little bit longer, right? x3
  2. I don't mind a little casual Chillax fun here and there. The most popular server I've seen around combines Chillax with the old Master of Puppets mod with some updates, notably the addition of a gun from Russian Overkill that can nuke an area, but is limited to one or two shots per level, plus some mini nukes, lol. Though the ManixApocalypse is a little unbalanced, because Cyberdemons totally needed a nuke weapon - for when homing missiles can't kill Marines fast enough... lol I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of sorts, but I'd probably only play it semi-casually.
  3. Some textures are still missing if you select any iwad other than TNT.wad to be loaded with this (I briefly played with Doom2.wad as the base), but other than that things load up just fine, and the textures seem to be there if you load up with TNT.wad as the base. You'll probably want to edit the textfile to include that this megawad is meant to be played with TNT.wad as the base wadfile.
  4. After downloading that, Zandronum failed to load the wad giving a fatal texture error. (I ran it in GZDoom after and it worked fine, but some textures are missing)
  5. Graf Zhal's answer works in most cases. Just do yourself a favor and skip out on any .wad file (Or single level) that has massive qualntities of monsters active at once (Most giant slaughtermaps, or anything that resembles NUTS.wad) and you should do just fine in most cases. Most of the older clssic megawads won't come anywhere near close to lag-reducing amounts of monsters (Well, maybe not HR2 Map32, but yeah). Yes, NUTS.wad will slow even rigs built for 4K gaming to a crawl, but that's mostly due to the engine itself trying to do way too much at once that causes the massive lag and less so on the computer's actual resources - the engines the game is built on and the source ports that utilize them literally cannot handle so much stuff all going on at the same time.
  6. wow2.wad is what I'm looking forward to the most! (Just kidding) ...Okay, on a much more serious note, I've been mostly out of touch with what's being worked on (And anything good that's been released) ever since the forum redesign was launched. I haven't seen any News or /idgames articles since the redesign, so I've mostly been left in the dark. I did wind up finding and playing Doom64: Retribution, and I generally liked it for staying (Mostly) faithful to the original game.
  7. In before it's really just a hidden forum viewable to only global mods and admins, as a place to dump truly the trashiest of postsl Really though, I did dabble briefly in Post Hell occasionally.There was some funny content, but I would agree you did have to wade through a lot of trash/troll posts, truly awful/stolen wads, deleted warez / stolen content, deleted questionable/pornographic material - just to find some really funny gems. Many of the OPs were either losered or banned. Though social media is more a dumpster fire in of itself, largely thanks to a certain person that got elected last November.
  8. A little more on topic related to the game itself: Anyone know where the Blue Key is on C1M5 (The France Map)? I can't seem to find it...
    Ages ago, I submitted this wad for review in the /newstuff chronicles, the original review is still there, posted on May 11, 2010: http://www.doomworld .com/php/ p?id=3234 (Down near the bottom). It later won a Cacoward in 2010. Not too long, but still one of my favorites for the atmosphere.
  9. I find it hilarious that accorrding to the popularity rankings, wow.wad is still #2 after all these years. And that wad's probably one of the longest running jokes in the community. (Though nuts.wad isn't far behind with the #5 ranking, xD) Many of the other .wad files in the top 100 is (mostly) what you would expect to be there - a lot of high quality megawads and classics that never get old - but there are a few head scratchers there. Naturally, a wad released just this year by Romero himself quickly made its way into the top 100, too.
  10. After beating the game on UV, I did Level 1 on UN for the achievement. Took me a handful of tries. I meant to come back to it after, but I found my save file deleted, even though I never died in it. Oh well, it's only Level 1 anyhow. I haven't been back to it since, because IRL, Steam Sales, and tomorrow SGDQ. So... it's probably going to be a while befor eI try again seriously.
  11. Here's most of my thoughts on weapons/upgrades/masteries as I played through this on UV: Pistol - Pretty underwhelming. I mostly popped zombie heads with this (If I wasn't Glory Killing them for extra armor drops, that was). I didn't bother with the Mastery for this until very late in the game. Shotgun - Taking the mod to essentially turn this weapon into a grenade launcher proved very useful, even in the later half of the game. Cluster Strike wrecks groups of light enemies. There's no reason to take the burst mod. Heavy MG: I never found this weapon to be particularly useful really, even after fully upgrading both Micro Missiles and the Scope function. Probably because once you grab the Chaingun, this weapon becomes pretty much obsolete. Micro Missiles can definitely help for newer players. Or go full 360 NoScope mode with this thing. Plasma Rifle: The actual plasma shots never do that much damage, but Stun Bomb is really useful for newer players - I got a fair bit of use out of this in the first half of the game. Heat Blast can have you almost running around like a suicide bomber and damaging/killing anything around you - Bonus points for the actual heat blast not costing any ammo. Rocket Launcher: Looking back on it, I probably should have tried Remote Detonation first, but Lock-On can be great for newer players as well. Personally though, the rockets did not feel as powerful as they were in previous Doom games, so for the most part, this weapon and it's upgrades/masteries was mostly an afterthought, as it usually took too many rockets to bring down the bigger Hellspawn. Super Shotgun: I really didn't use this gun that much, except on the Hell Guard boss where it really helped with Phase 1. Other than that there just wasn't enough ammo around, and it was always competing with the Shotgun's pseudo-Grenade Launcher for ammo And in most cases, the Grenade Launcher won out... at least until you unlock Mastery for this gun - then the SSG really begins to shine! Chaingun: I feel like this is much more of a heavy machine gun than it's actual namesake. Regardless, throwing mass quantities of bullets at anything will solve most of Life's problems. Mobile Turret, anyone? The only downside to this gun is that it burns through the limited ammo stock way too fast (Unless Rich get Richer is active) Gauss Cannon: SIEGE MODE. Can kill any (non-boss) enemy in the game in 1-3 hits. If you get the Rich get Richer rune and this going, Hell is gonna have a bad time, because you'll be murdering lots of stuff before they ever get close to you. Who needs Sniper Rifle mode when Siege Mode completely outclasses it? I used Siege Mode as much as I could once it was unlocked, it's just that strong. And it made my life in the later maps significantly easier.
    This is really good. Though it does kind of drag on for way too long, I did like most of what I saw here. Quite difficult too. Nothing too fancy on overall texturing, the detail is quite good, and definitely one of the biggest maps I've seen in some time. 4/5 Stars. Save usage strongly recommended.
  12. So I just fought the new Cyberdemon myself. The first phase was not that hard, but the second one took a number of tries for me to finally kill him. And even when I finally did slay him, it was pretty close. Like, 4 HP close, haha. It feels to me that this Cyberdemon version has much more HP than the original variations in Classic. It can also tank BFG blasts much easier than the classic version could. And yeah, once you know the attacks, it's much easier to deal with, but still tough. Not sure how to avoid his massive energy attack (The giant railgun one) besides staggering it though. Personally, I think this guy could beat Classic Cyberdemon, but unless someone wants to make a mod for us to fine out, I suppose we'll never know for sure.