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  1. All of the resolutions? Can anyone run Sunder in software mode on a 4k monitor at a decent framerate yet?
  2. Hooray, Maes finally swapped the Doom Source License with the GPL. Now I can make a MochaDoom fork! Thank you Maes!!!!
  3. Thanks Gez. I send Maes another PM, this time with a list of the 5 files. If that turns out to be not enough, I can send some sed or awk commands or something, that will just swap the license right in there.
  4. Specifically, most of it is GPLv3 but a couple files are DSL. I've bugged Maes about it a couple years ago, and I wonder if I should bug him again, or if it's okay to just swap out the licenses myself. MochaDoom is a great project and I was thinking of doing things to its code just for kicks, but I'm concerned about the license for a couple files in particular. If I start messing around with it now and putting that stuff on github, would it be complicated to sort it out later? :~/mochadoom$ grep -EIRin 'doom source code license' src/f/EndLevel.java:11:// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as src/f/EndLevel.java:16:// FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the DOOM Source Code License src/v/BufferedRenderer32.java:17:// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as src/v/BufferedRenderer32.java:22:// FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the DOOM Source Code License src/v/BufferedRenderer16.java:17:// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as src/v/BufferedRenderer16.java:22:// FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the DOOM Source Code License src/v/GammaTables.java:11://only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as src/v/GammaTables.java:16://FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the DOOM Source Code License src/w/WadLoader.java:9:// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as src/w/WadLoader.java:14:// FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the DOOM Source Code License
  5. Spleen

    Software renderer in source ports

    The problem isn't Linux. HD 8210 is just a really bad card. You somehow managed to find an AMD card that has significantly lower performance than the last-generation Intel graphics: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-HD-8210.93728.0.html http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-4000.69168.0.html
  6. Spleen

    DOOM rap?

    What would be mildly interesting is if someone made a mixtape of Doom music, and did a Doom rap using that for the beats
  7. Spleen

    Would something like this be possible in Doom?

    Making maps look good is an art. Automatically tacking engine effects onto existing maps almost never turns out well. Skilled artists and/or mappers have to go back and manually do it for it to be worth it. But wait, sector lighting already lets you do it manually. I guess you could make an argument that it could be *easier* than it is right now. But that's as much of a task for the map editors, as it is for the source ports themselves.
  8. MochaDoom, because it's fun to change random things in the code, click the "Run" button, and get it recompiled and running in a couple seconds.
  9. Spleen

    Ask Your Doctor About Zandronum

    For once, more people are discussing the current name, than providing their own suggestions for a new one. I'll start: SkulllessTag Or, how about.. TaglessSkull?
  10. Spleen

    Something I have not seen in skulltag in a while...

    Personally, I prefer respawning items over infinite ammo. It just feels silly when you can continuously spam your weapon without a second thought.
  11. Spleen

    New devy video?

    This stuff is pretty neat but it doesn't really strike a chord with me like SYL (one of my favorite bands). I wish he'd do another heavy album some time.. But maybe I just need some time. It took a few years for SYL to grow on me, maybe I just don't understand his lighter stuff yet. :)
  12. Spleen

    Pig-Branch: Chocolate Pigs (Now Released!)

    JokeWADs are old, it would be interesting if this starts a trend of joke sourceports instead. This is amusing =P
  13. Spleen

    My first FINISHED map!

    A bit too easy for me on UV, but other than that, good map! If it's too hard, people should play on a lower difficulty rather that complaining, I think :P I liked a number of things about the map. I liked how you had more chaingun than shotgun ammo. I liked how you didn't just spam hordes of monsters that took forever to kill, like some otherwise good maps have, even Doom 1 episodes 2 and 3 (killing barons with a shotgun is ok for a boss level, but too tedious otherwise). I like how it doesn't encourage hiding in a safe spot and slowly/tediously sniping away at monsters, like some otherwise good maps do. I also just.. liked the feel of the map. Nice work, please keep making these!
  14. Spleen

    Best ca. 2004 engine?

    I always liked the Source engine more than id tech 4. id tech 4 gives the impression of being a testbed for new, unproven technology that just makes things look worse. Any older engine (like id tech 3) looks better because it's built on proven and polished technology, while any newer engine (like UE3 or Crytech2) looks better because it actually makes that kind of technology look decent. Somehow, Doom 1 and Quake 1 had the artists to make everything look good with new engine technology. Doom 3 did not. For instance, id tech 4's sharp, unsmoothed shadows gave everything an artifical, contrasty look that made my eyes hurt. Kind of reminds me of The Sky May Be, now that I think of it. Also, I dunno what they did, but all the levels in id tech 4 looked like they were made of plastic. This happens in Doom 3, Quake 4, *and* Prey. For some reason this doesn't happen in any other engine that I know of. It's not surprising that they continue to make CoD in id tech 3 and not id tech 4, considering id tech 4 would just make CoD look even worse.
  15. Spleen

    The nD: A new indie game console in development

    Can you put arbitrary indie games on your phone?