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  1. PhilibusMo

    Mirror's Edge on steam for 5$. Today only.

    Am I the only person who enjoyed mirrors edge? I got it on the PS3 if that makes any difference. I will admit that it is not the best game in the world, but it is a reasonably fun game and quite a good go at creating a practically new genre.
  2. PhilibusMo

    Beginning to make Doom wads...

    If you find making maps boring using doombuilder, whic his quite easily now the most user friendly and easy editor to use for newbies then you may want to try oblige. Instead of having to go through the boring process of making your own maps, it makes them for you. Just don't upload them here.
  3. PhilibusMo

    Deimos Development Thread

    WHy dont you have a system where the first time you play a wad you choose the port it plays on, and then can tick a box to say use this port every time i play this wad. You can then change the port by using a menu opened by right clicking on a wad and can select this as the default port for that wad if you wish.
  4. PhilibusMo

    Sector Behavior

    Could you just select the whole map and move it over a bit?
  5. PhilibusMo

    Sector Behavior

    http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Hitscan_attacks_hit_invisible_barriers_in_large_open_areas This may be it
  6. PhilibusMo

    Thoughts on E3

  7. PhilibusMo

    Linedefs or script?

    In a map that I am working on I have constructed a quite elaborate centre piece for it. The plan is, you walk through a medium sized room with flickering lights into a large pitch black room with some very basic scenery and a gramaphone in it - hence my request for a gramaphone horn sprite. When you enter the large room the door slams shut behind you, blocking the escape and music starts. After 15 seconds lights come on illuminating diagonally opposite corners of the room, a further 8 seconds pass and the other 2 quarters light up, about a second after, monsters start teleporting into the room in a specific order. After a full 3 mins 7 seconds (187 seconds) a mid texture door opens up to a brighter area for the player to escape. I have all the things except for the music working independently on walk over action line defs, but this is sometimes buggy and awkward. What would be the easiest way to get around this? The best ways I can think of is either a player voodoo doll sat on a conveyer belt causing the events to happen or a script (I am using Zdoom, Doom in Hexen format). I am unskilled with both scripts and voodoo dolls so can anyone give me any pointers in what to do with them? The other question is that I have the piece of music in mp3 format, what is the best way to use this in doom as music throughout the event? If I need to convert it into a different format then what programme do I use? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. PhilibusMo

    An odd sprite request.

    Ok, now I know this may sound odd (and I really wasn't sure where to post this) but my megawad project - 'Doomed' in the likely event that all of you have forgotten me during my two month break from the internet - has hit a problem. That problem being that I need sprites for a gramaphone horn. Yep, you read that right, A GRAMAPHONE HORN. As I don't have one, don't know anyone who owns one, have found it ridiculously difficult to draw and can't find any decent pictures of them on the internet, if anyone has one then could they please put it against a plain background and take photos of it from all eight of the sprite angles? I will repay you with my undying love.
  9. PhilibusMo

    California is such a shithole

    It's at times like this that I am very thankful for the NHS here in Britain.
  10. PhilibusMo

    This is sheer fucking genius

    That decides it, I am buying it for PS3 not PC.
  11. PhilibusMo

    I just got my 11 year old brother to play

    I'm pretty lucky to have a brother who will play pretty much any game going. Infact he is probably a bigger nerd than most of you lot and your beards and band t-shirts put together.
  12. Sorry for the maHOOSive delay. There were a couple of unforseen issues such as Windows deciding that the most useful thing it could possibly do would be to need a complete reinstall when I had many important deadlines looming. So that rather got shoved in the to do pile despite being 99.9% complete. Well anyway, you two expect PMs within the next couple of hours and also I will sned one to Kyka as he said (admitedly quite a while ago) that he would playtest anything I needed playtesting. He was probably hoping I would forget. haha. Well anyway, it's MAP09 I really want the feedback on, I look forward to hearing from you. Anyone else who wants to playtest, give us a shout.
  13. PhilibusMo

    Looking for some stuff :)

    I've always liked volvo 740s especially the GLT, but you should try a proper Volvo forum, it's definitly the place to look. I am part of a Ford Fiesta Mk1 forum and if I ever need a part there is almost always someone willing to sell it to me at a reasonable price.
  14. PhilibusMo

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

  15. PhilibusMo

    How do you make an invisible wall in DB?

    you need to make a thin sector the length of the wall you want to have a 'sky box effect' on and then lower the cieling of the sector to the point you want the wall to cut off. The cieling of that sector should be F_SKY3 (If that name isn't completely correct then I just mean the bog standard sky flat). Have a look at the outer wall of doom 2 MAP12 'the factory' to see what I mean. Hope that has answered your question.