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  1. @adrianin16 - Okay. As long as everything is included (ie: the read me text documents, the manuals, and any other important files that were packaged in the original zip files) it's all good :) -Alando1
  2. @adrianin16 - Sorry for the super late reply :( I have been very busy for the past month and I haven't had the chance to check up on anything until now. In regards to your question, would you be able to further expand on what Lutris is? Is this a program or a website? Also, would you be able to break down what is involved in this process? Just out of curiosity... -Alando1
  3. alando1

    Operation: MDK - UPDATED 2/8/2024

    Hey guys, I have a new release of Operation: MDK for the newly released version of the Toby Accessibility Mod. Download link is available. Enjoy! :) -Alando1
  4. Hey guys, the Toby Accessibility Mod Version 7.0 is now available for download. If anyone has any questions or feedback, feel free to let me and my team know. Enjoy :) -Alando1
  5. alando1

    Share Your Sprites!

    It's a pretty cool looking monster. Kind of reminds me of the Kleer Skeletons from Serious Sam. If you want to make it more "chonky," I think maybe adding some horns to the skull, almost like how the Lost Soul looks (maybe use the Lost Soul sprites minus the flames). I think it might give this creature a cool look as well as a menacing aura. Keep up the good work :) -Alando1
  6. Those are really cool Lizard Men sprites! Could've used these for Temple of the Lizard Men :) -Alando1
  7. Hey guys, I have some exciting news! The Toby Accessibility Mod had won a Staff Award on the Doom Awards website! Check it out! I, too, would like to thank my team (Jarewill, Proydoha, & IllegallySighted), Toby Ott, dansg08, and a handful of other contributors who had helped shape the Toby Accessibility Mod into what it is today. Thank you all! :) https://www.doomawards.com/profile.php?id=MjAyMztzdGFmZjsxNQ== -Alando1
  8. @epg - Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I, too, wondered why this wasn't getting that much attention, considering the other levels I had uploaded in the past had a handful of people giving feedback. In addition, I don't think anyone else ever made a Chanukah themed Doom wad before - I thought it would pique peoples' interest. After all, we've seen mostly Christmas wads throughout the community over the years - I figured to try something a little bit different. Thank you for the Chanukah wishes, too :) -Alando1
  9. Hello everyone, back in 2019, I put together a special holiday themed wad but, instead of it being Christmas themed, I've decided to create a fun, single level wad with a Chanukah theme. Since Chanukah begins this week, what better time to showcase this level than now. The premise of it was simple - Press 8 switches to gain access to the Blue Skull Key but, each switch you press will spawn in a wave of enemies. You get to choose the intensity of the battle! Even better, this level is compatible with custom weapon and enemy wads. For enemy replacement wads, though, make sure there are no monsters with a very large radius and/or height. Otherwise, have fun! Here is a slideshow with some screenshots: This wad requires any of the ZDoom ports (GZDoom, Zandronum, etc.) and the Doom 2 IWAD. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Kwanzaa! Also have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Best wishes to all of you and I hope you enjoy! :) ***DOWNLOAD CHANUKAH DOOM!*** https://www.dropbox.com/s/6p5f1m3zem4ms7y/Chanukah.zip?dl=0
  10. alando1

    Operation: MDK - UPDATED 2/8/2024

    Hey guys, I have an updated version of Operation: MDK. Just fixed a tiny issue in one of the levels which could impact a blind player's progression. New download link available. -Alando1
  11. @BerserkerNoir - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) Also, nice video. I'm not sure what the name of the song was. I had gotten the song from another Doom wad called "kk-build.wad" or "Building Hell." When I heard the music in that wad, I really enjoyed its sound. The wad might be floating around somewhere on the idgames archive. The wad was made back in the late 90s and had an update in 2000 or so (rough guess). While looking for it, this is the closest I can find (the up-to-date version): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/kk-blddl Hopefully, it still has this song. @Riclo500 - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) Nice video, too. -Alando1
  12. @tornado potato - Glad you've enjoyed it :) @Zahid - Glad to hear you've enjoyed it :) Would you be able to expand on the enemy placement critique? What monster types would be more fitting for parts of the level? Or how many of those enemy types would be more appropriate? By the way, I am not spamming Revenant or Arch-Vile, LOL. Thank you for the feedback. -Alando1
  13. Back in 2004, I began my journey building Doom levels. My very first map that I had made was called Tunnel of Terror. In the original level, it pretty much was a slaughter map where the player battles their way from Point A to Point B. Simple, straightforward, and amateurish. In 2020, I decided to recreate this level. Using the skills I had developed over the years, I wanted to see if I could give this old level of mine some new life. I present to you, Tunnel of Terror V2.0! In the zip file provided, it contains both the remake and the original level from 2004. I, too, will proved some screenshots showing the remade version. Hope all of you enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :) -Alando1 Tunnel of Terror Download: TunnelOfTerror.zip
  14. @adrianin16 - I appreciate the idea, however, I would not be allowed to capitalize on the TOTLM wads due to legal reasons. Since the TOTLM wads contain resources from games like Doom, Unreal, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and a few others, legally I wouldn't be allowed to make any money from them. I have thought about turning TOTLM into its own game but I would have to redo everything from sprite work, sound design, music, and textures. It's not something that would discourage me from doing it, however, it's the amount of time I would need to do all that. Perhaps in the future, when I will have the time and resources at my disposal, I may consider it. Thank you for the suggestion, though :) -Alando1
  15. @Firedust - I took a look at the glitch you pointed out and I did not encounter this issue. I tried to recreate the scenario and the powerup worked fine. I waited underwater for the 1st talisman to expire and as soon as it was expiring, I activated the 2nd. My player's health was fine. I, too, tested to see if the bug were to occur when the 1st one completely expired, wait a moment (and take some damage), and activate the 2nd. Both results were the same. I'm not sure if this might have been a one-off case of a strange bug (which it is possible) - perhaps it might've been the timing of when you activated the 2nd talisman. It is possible that it might've been timed just at the right moment for this bug to occur. I could look into it further but I feel this is one of those extremely rare instances. It, too, could be a bug in the GZDoom engine - It's hard to say. -Alando1