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  1. Hey guys, Version 6.1 has been released! This contains bug fixes and some updates. More info on the zdoom forum page. Enjoy! -Alando1
  2. Hey guys, I am proud to announce the release of the Toby Accessibility Mod Version 6.0! Enjoy! -Alando1
  3. @Biz!- There actually is a mod for that. It's a project being worked on by m8f on the ZDoom forums. It's pretty neat! Here is the thread link: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=75335 -Alando1
  4. Hey guys, as some of you may know, back in 2017, I had received an email from a gentleman who informed me about a documentary talking about his life as a blind gamer. His name is Toby and I had the pleasure of getting to know him since. His story had inspired me to create an accessibility mod for him and others who have a visual impairment. For some time, I had been working on a wad that would allow those with a visual impairment to navigate Doom levels. Even though this mod does cover a good amount of the basics like weapons, pickups, wall bumping, and other audio queues, I feel there is much more work that is needed to perfect this project. I'm no expert in ZScript, however, I feel this scripting system may be what is necessary to make this mod more capable of aiding visually impaired players. If anyone would like to contribute to this project (scripting, ideas, suggestions, etc.), your help will be much appreciated. Thank you. -Alando1 I would like to give thanks to: Toby Ott - For inspiring the project. dansg08 - For creating the "Gaming Through New Eyes" documentary. Jarewill - For the Audio Feedback Compass System, Health & Ammo Stat Checker, & Event Handler Scripts for doors & switches. Illegally Sighted - Contributor and project advisement. SightlessKombat - Contributor and project advisement. Proydoha - For the optimized drop-off detection system, accessible menu, optimized the audible map marker system. ZikShadow - For map marker scripts and inspiration. Tekish - For the Hit marker system. AlChestbreach - Project support. Karl G. - For suggesting the snap-turn feature for the compass system. Any other visually impaired players who offered helpful suggestions and insight (from YouTube) ***MAIN PROJECT THREAD ON ZDOOM.ORG*** https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=71349 **TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD VERSION 6.1 - RELEASED** **DOWNLOAD** Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyxf00uxp26bsra/TobyAccessibilityMod_Version6-1.zip?dl=0 Toby Accessibility Mod V6.0 Audio Manual (Still can be used with Version 6.1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxz59il2f9mjclg/TobyAccessibilityModV6-0_AudioManual.zip?dl=0 **WHAT'S INCLUDED** - Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1 - Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack (Combines Toby Doom 1 and Toby Doom 2) - Quick play shortcuts - Updated Audio Manual - Updated features such as a new sound for the impact detections system, expanded accessible menu, powerup wear-off sounds, hit marker feedback sounds, and more! Below is the downloadable version of the project: ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.1 UPDATE - RELEASED!*** Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsswh6m8hhjwp7g/Toby%20Acc%20Mod%20V5-1%20Update%20Fix.zip?dl=0 **Important Notice** - If you have already downloaded Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, you can place the TobyAccModV5-1.pk3 and TobyDeluxeMapPack_V5-1.pk3 into the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder. - Before you play with Version 5.1, remove the current gzdoom.ini file you have in the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder! After you have removed the old gzdoom.ini, replace it with the new gzdoom.ini packaged with Version 5.1. This new configuration file has the updated key controls for the updated compass system. - When playing with the Toby Accessibility Mod, please use the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1. If you already have the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 comes packaged with it. What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 Update zip file: 1. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 - Has updated Compass System 2. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated V5.1 accessibility mod already built in) 3. Audio file describing the new key controls for the updated compass system. ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.0*** Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8r4ydv57vwi2ss/Toby%20Accessibility%20Mod%20V5-0.zip?dl=0 What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 zip file: 1. A preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 2. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 3. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated accessibility mod already built in) Audio Manual for Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0: Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/er00qu6k69vctlf/Audio%20Manual%20For%20Toby%20Accessibility%20Mod%20V5.zip?dl=0 TOBY DOOM DELUXE MAP PACKS: ***TOBY DOOM DELUXE EDITION!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 1 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) https://www.dropbox.com/s/pigbguxtyf6ubk5/Toby_Doom_Delux.zip?dl=0 Levels Only: (No accessibility features included) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fsms6k7m3ev1ncz/TobyDoom-Delux-Levels.wad?dl=0 ***TOBY DOOM 2 DELUXE!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 2 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gysz6ze7rn2l03/TobyDoom2Deluxe.zip?dl=0 Levels Only: (No accessibility features included) https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzi4x9y6rg9yvja/TobyDoom2Deluxe_LevelsOnly.zip?dl=0 GAMING THROUGH NEW EYES DOCUMENTARY: Meet Toby!
  5. alando1

    I feel too old

    Hi real slush59134, I remember when I first started making Doom wads back when I was in high school. I started in 2004 and have been making Doom content since. It's a bit of a challenge starting off but I would recommend making 1 level wads (or maybe up to 5 levels) just as a start. When I started making wads, I only did 1 map wads. Until I started becoming more comfortable with Doom Builder and other editors, I then began to dabble in multi-level wads. It takes practice but the best advice I can give you is to have fun. Have a vision and keep motivated. Music helped me a lot - especially when I was working on my Temple of the Lizard Men series. Listen to the music that appears in the level you're making. Sometimes it can give you that inspiration you're looking for. If you ever need some inspiration, I recommend checking out some classic wads like Twilight Zone by @pCorf (Paul Corfiatis), Requiem, Team TNT's Icarus: Alien Vanguard. Also, you can check out some amazing projects by @Tormentor667, Rowdy Rudy by @Doomkid, or, if you'd like, I recommend checking out my Temple of the Lizard Men series or The DOOM Tribute Project. Best of luck and have fun! Have an awesome holiday, too! :) -Alando1
  6. Hey guys, I've been meaning to do this for a while but it had slipped my mind for some time. There's an updated version of Temple of the Lizard Men 5 available. This version fixes most bugs which were present in the first version. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and new year. Enjoy! -Alando1
  7. Hey guys, good to hear some of you are enjoying the wad. Just came by to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. :) -Alando1
  8. Thank you, Misty. I'll be sure to take a look at it :) Thank you :) Thank you :) I hope you'll enjoy it. Hey guys, just added Update Patches & Add-ons for TOTLM5. Be sure to check them out. -Alando1
  9. Thank you for the congratulations :) @Misty - That's a very good question. I'll have to see how to go about doing that. I would like to upload the V2.0's of the TOTLM wads but lately, I've been having a problem with the FTP program I have. I think it might be a little too outdated - I have FTP Surfer. Rest assured, I will look into it :) -Alando1
  10. Hello, everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. I present to you, Temple of the Lizard Men 5! This is the fifth and final installment of the Temple of the Lizard Men series. As much as it sounds a bit sad that I will not be making another Temple of the Lizard Men wad, at least I can say this new installment will give the series a great ending and will not disappoint. Below is the official trailer. For over 10 years, I've enjoyed bringing all of you the Temple of the Lizard Men series. It puts a smile on my face knowing that my work is being enjoyed by many. Ever more so, it's always a pleasure to hear positive feedback as well as constructive criticisms. For every installment of the series, the feedback I had received continuously helps shape the quality and design of the game. I would like to thank each and every one of you (including my beta testers) for being with me on this long journey through these years. Temple of the Lizard Men 5, I hope, will be a fun and memorable experience for all of you. Thank you :) RELEASE TRAILER: https://youtu.be/sCIQdwVF_WE What does Temple of the Lizard Men 5 bring to the series? - Larger and more complex maps. - Two hub maps allowing the player to choose which level they want to play first and in whatever order they want. - At the end of each map, there is a puzzle item the player will pick up and use within the hub levels. - Less arsenal that requires reloading (More runnin' n gunnin'!). - Smaller wad/pk3 file size. - Expands compatibility from GZDoom 1.8.2 to the current version of GZDoom. - Compatible with Zandronum 3.0 - Compatible with LZDoom **TEMPLE OF THE LIZARD MEN 5 - Version 2.0!** This version fixes any bugs that may have been in the first version - Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5gq0flchce0bf6/lmtmple5_V2-0.zip?dl=0 **UPDATE PATCHES & ADD-ONS** Sniper Rifle bug fix (FIXED IN V2.0): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q3phqj7oyv9hrbg/Sniper%20Rifle%20Update%20Patch.zip?dl=0 Weapon Replacement Pack 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgej7k2e5mejwl7/TOTLM5%20Weapon%20Pack%201.zip?dl=0 Included: Quad Shotgun (Replaces Striker MKII) Minigun (Replaces Stinger) UT99 Sniper Rifle (Replaces default Sniper Rifle) **Be sure to check out the other Temple of the Lizard Men wads below:** Temple of the Lizard Men Remake - V2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pw2td0rrs2boxq/lmtmpl1r_2-0.zip?dl=0 Temple of the Lizard Men 2 - V2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7twiifjvlhncyvi/lmtmple2.zip?dl=0 TOTLM2 Doomworld Link to Former Version: https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/16274-temple-of-the-lizard-men-2/ Temple of the Lizard Men 3 - V2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulob1hsu69b74f5/lmtmple3.zip?dl=0 TOTLM3 Doomworld Link to Former Version: https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/17248-temple-of-the-lizard-men-3/ Temple of the Lizard Men 4 - V2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hebdnaddnpvabuu/lmtmpl4_V2-0.zip?dl=0 TOTLM4 Doomworld Link to Former Version: https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/18799-temple-of-the-lizard-men-4/ ZDoom Forums Thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=68259 -Alando1
  11. alando1

    Doom WAD made for blind gamers

    Hello everyone. I know it has been ages since I've been on Doomworld, but I heard Linguica beckoned me, lol. I've been on the ZDoom forums more often and I released Temple of the Lizard Men 4 back in May. I have to say I was really happy Revved shared my project I did for Toby. Thank you for sharing it :) Toby reached out to me back in May and I was touched by the documentary done by dansg08. After watching the documentary and hearing how much Toby really enjoyed my works, I wanted to do something special for him. I decided to program a special wad for him that would allow him to navigate Doom levels, both classic and custom made, more efficiently. In addition, I made a two level wad just for him. Toby had told me the accessibility wad had helped him a lot and he's able to enjoy more of Doom. He, too, enjoyed the two level wad I made for him. I'm happy to see this being mentioned and it has been a pleasure to work with Toby and dansg08 in making this possible. -Alando1
  12. alando1

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Yes Pure Hellspawn, June 16th is when I first tried to upload. That was when it was rejected. I just recently checked up on the status of "try number two", and I found that it was accepted June 20th. It's under doom2/Ports/mega wads. Everything is a go :) -Alando1
  13. alando1

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Hey everyone, just wanted to inform all of you that Temple of the Lizard Men 3 has been uploaded. Earlier in the week I had a bit of trouble but I think the second time it went through alright. I will check up on it again to make sure it wasn't rejected for any reason. So, just wanted to give all of you the heads up that TOTLM3 is uploaded and when it is available for download, I hope all of you will enjoy it. -Alando1
  14. alando1

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Hey everyone, TOTLM3 is just about ready to be uploaded. I'm just waiting for the OK from my beta testers. I'll keep all of you posted on its status. -Alando1
  15. alando1

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Hello everyone, TOTLM3 is near completion. We had a small delay. TOTLM3 should be released hopefully soon. I'm shooting for the week of June 3rd. My beta testers and I need to do one more test and it should be good to go. I will keep all of you posted on any updates. Thank you for all your patience. -Alando1