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  1. Hello everyone. I know it has been ages since I've been on Doomworld, but I heard Linguica beckoned me, lol. I've been on the ZDoom forums more often and I released Temple of the Lizard Men 4 back in May. I have to say I was really happy Revved shared my project I did for Toby. Thank you for sharing it :) Toby reached out to me back in May and I was touched by the documentary done by dansg08. After watching the documentary and hearing how much Toby really enjoyed my works, I wanted to do something special for him. I decided to program a special wad for him that would allow him to navigate Doom levels, both classic and custom made, more efficiently. In addition, I made a two level wad just for him. Toby had told me the accessibility wad had helped him a lot and he's able to enjoy more of Doom. He, too, enjoyed the two level wad I made for him. I'm happy to see this being mentioned and it has been a pleasure to work with Toby and dansg08 in making this possible. -Alando1
  2. Yes Pure Hellspawn, June 16th is when I first tried to upload. That was when it was rejected. I just recently checked up on the status of "try number two", and I found that it was accepted June 20th. It's under doom2/Ports/mega wads. Everything is a go :) -Alando1
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to inform all of you that Temple of the Lizard Men 3 has been uploaded. Earlier in the week I had a bit of trouble but I think the second time it went through alright. I will check up on it again to make sure it wasn't rejected for any reason. So, just wanted to give all of you the heads up that TOTLM3 is uploaded and when it is available for download, I hope all of you will enjoy it. -Alando1
  4. Hey everyone, TOTLM3 is just about ready to be uploaded. I'm just waiting for the OK from my beta testers. I'll keep all of you posted on its status. -Alando1
  5. Hello everyone, TOTLM3 is near completion. We had a small delay. TOTLM3 should be released hopefully soon. I'm shooting for the week of June 3rd. My beta testers and I need to do one more test and it should be good to go. I will keep all of you posted on any updates. Thank you for all your patience. -Alando1
  6. Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all an update on TOTLM3. First off, the beta testing is in progress. I got in touch with my first beta tester, Bill, and so far everything is looking good. I will be contacting all beta testers during this upcoming week and the testing will commence accordingly. By the way, the Lizard Woman character sprites are not needed anymore. I managed to figure out a way to make my own. I thank the Shadow Warrior Female Ninja for being the prime source of inspiration. I'll keep all of you posted on anything new and hopefully, TOTLM3 can have a successful release around May 2013. Thank you all for your patience. -Alando1
  7. No problem grouchbag. If anyone else is interested in beta testing, as I said, please let me know. For those who already are up to beta testing, I'll keep you all posted on the beta download. I will let you know through email or PM's. If I take a long time to get back to this thread or anyone's question, don't worry. If I do take a long time to post something, give me at least a week to get back to any of you. I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks. Also I would like to bring up an offer I mentioned a while back. If anyone would like to create a lizard woman archer sprite graphic set, please let me know. If anyone knows someone who would like to create the sprites, that would work, too. -Alando1
  8. That's a very good question, grouchbag. I may need some extra beta testers. If anyone is interested in being a possible beta tester, feel free to let me know. MegaDoomer will once again be helping me with the testing but since the project is a full 32 levels, we may need some back up. I have a friend of mine who is currently testing it and I'll be checking up on his status soon. Once again, if anyone would like to jump in on beta testing, please let me know. -Alando1
  9. To answer those who are asking when it's coming out, the wad is still in its testing stages. The wad wont be out maybe until (and hopefully) late Spring (March or April) or early/mid-summer (June or July). If anyone is interested in helping with sprites, please feel free to let me know. I will keep all of you posted on anything new. -Alando1
  10. Hello everyone, I managed to create a slide show containing screen shots from Temple of the Lizard Men 3. I have it posted on YouTube; below is a link to the slide show. Hope all of you enjoy! -Alando1
  11. I'll see if I can get screen shots for all of you. Anyway, to reply to rsl, I have taken into account the weapon system. I have made maps where all weapons can carry out their purposes; from regular groups of enemies to epic boss battles, each weapon will be useful based on the situation. I'm glad you liked the previous TOTLM wads. Of course I have to give a good amount of credit to MegaDoomer for all the help he gave me. Without him, TOTLM2 would have been a flop. So I will see what I can do to get some screen shots up and running. If any of you know an easy way to post pictures to this forum thread, please let me know. It has been a while since I was last here on the forums so my memory is a bit blurry. Thank you. -Alando1
  12. Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I was last on Doomworld. For the past year and a half, I have been working on the third installment of Temple of the Lizardmen. What this new TOTLM wad will have: - 32 levels total - 3 episodes - Old and new enemies - Skip cut scenes if desired - 4 Player Classes - Narrative intermission screens Progress: - All 32 levels are done - All cut scene and intermission maps are done - DECORATE scripts are completed - Dynamic lights are completed for actors and glowing floor textures - Testing and debugging is in progress TOTLM3 was mainly inspired by Unreal: Return to Na Pali so if you have played the Unreal expansion pack, you probably would have some idea to how this wad may operate. I also wanted to keep the look and feel of TOTLM2. The project is still in progress and I do need some help with some things. One thing I need help with most of all is I need someone to make some sprite graphics of a Lizard woman archer. If anyone would like to make the sprites, please let me know. I'll keep all of you updated on the progress. -Alando1
  13. Wicked sick, man. That is one awesome picture. Very well done. That's one of the coolest pictures of the DOOM Marine I've ever seen. -Alando1
  14. You don't have to worry, Graf Zahl. I'm currently fixing a whole mess of things. I appreciate your concern but I just want to let you know that I will be re-uploading a nice, error free, wad. I have someone testing it right now and is picking out all the flaws. MegaDoomer is assisting me with the testing. So far progress is looking good. I can guarantee that TOTLM2 will be a whole lot better than the first. I'm sure you wont see a whole mess of errors in the console like the first TOTLM. I have to say that I'm getting good use out of GZDoom. I'm actually having fun using the port. I say you did a great job on the GZDoom stuff, Graf. -Alando1
  15. No need to worry guys. I will be reworking a few of those things and the wad will be re-released after I fix all the things. TOTLM2 has been removed from the archives for the moment. I will inform all of you when I re-upload it. Thank you all for your input. -Alando1