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  1. Fulgrim

    got hit by a car.

    Now that I'm able to organizer my thoughts easier and not dealing with a headache so intense that it feels like my skull is about to pop, I'll talk about my first 3 weeks in the hospital. So I was in a coma for the first three weeks I was in the hospital. The thirded week I was put into a medically induced coma. The doctors spend the entire 3rd week trying to revise me from the coma. This go bad enough that my mom was told to start contacting family. Because she would need to make a decision. Pretty much the worst thing a doctor could tell you. I was on life support the entire time I was in a coma because I wouldn't breath on my own.After the doctors told my mom to start contacting family the doctors slipped me onto my stomach. They left me laying on my stomach for about 16 hours and tried one last time to pull me from the coma. Thankfully there list ditch effort worked. If it didn't they would have tested my brain activity and if it was still so low that it couldn't breath on my own they would have recommended that I be taken off life support. The decision the doctors wanted my family to make is have the doctors make X more attempts to pull me from the coma or take me off life support with out making any more attempts to pull me from the coma. Also I ready in a coma when the ambulance and I'm pretty sure I was in the coma when the ambulance got to the intersection where I was hit by the care. Pretty much myself, the doctors and and my self agree that me laying onto my stomach is what helped me come out of the coma. My torso was a mess from the accident. I had a broken sternum and at least 4 broken ribs from the initial impact of the car. The doctors now know that me not being able to breath on my own had nothing to do with my level of activity. I was having issues breathing on my own do to all the pressure and swelling in my torso due to the broken sternum, ribs and the force of the impact to the area. Flipping me over and leaving me on my stomach for several hours took enough pressure or my lungs to get me breathing on my own again. At the start of every thing the doctors had to also make the injuries to my torso a low priority. I had 5 brain bleeds and the head to rush me into neurological surgery to stop the bleeding. The crazy part is that they removed both sides of my skill so they could get to the brain bleeds. After they stopped the bleeding they put the left side of my skill back in. The right side of much skull went into refrigeration a at the hospital. My brain had swelled to the point where it would not fit in my skill. So they the right side off to more room for the brain swelling. It took another weeks after I was out of the coma for all the brain swelling to suicide. So I got to experience life wile missing a significant chunk of my skill. Let me tell you how much of a pain in the ass it is. You are faced to lay in bed pretty much 24/7. They put you on t his really cool bed that has a actual alarm built into it. Move around in bed too much or try to get out of bed the fucking alarm goes off. Than you have some ass hole nurse come running into your room. 90% of the time they flip shit and go off about how you shouldn't be trying to get out of bed. Just keep in mind that if you roll over while taking a nap, that fucking alarm is gonna go off. At one point I got fucking pissed because I had a dick of a nurse up my ass because the bed alarm went off when I rolled over while sleeping. I waited for him to leave my room than waited about 5 min before setting off the bed alarm in pompous. he rushed back into my room and decided to be an ass again. So I waited for him to leave my room and a dew min than I set off the bed again again. I got a different nurse rushing in my room. So that problem was solved. If you have to get out of bed for any reason, even to use the restroom, you have to page for a nurse. They come to your room and put a hat on your head that is sort of like a hard cat with a fuck ton of foam padding in it. The only good part is that the whole thing is temporary. Once your brain is nearing normal side because the swelling is just about gone, they pull your chunk of skull out of refrigeration and when its thawed they do a quick sugary to put back into place. They don't do something weird like slap a port a cadavers skull into your head or anything. Trust me when I said I asked.
  2. Fulgrim

    got hit by a car.

    Wound in the hospital again but it only for a couple of days. The tining that most people don't traumatic brain brain is that the healing processes is not perfect. You are likely to have a setback or issues come up as one heels. Randomly I started to hears noises sort of like static. The sounds where the part of a seizure. When I had a full seizure my roommate called 911. I came out of the seizure with no issues. But had another art the hospital. The whole thing was chocked up to my brain pain healing itself and getting some wires crossed during the processes. Since the healing processes for brain injuries is not perfect set backs and issues are expected. So they have me on a anti seizure medication for at least the next few months.
  3. Fulgrim

    got hit by a car.

    About 5 weeks ago I was walking to my job. I was crossing in the cross walk with the walk light light up. Some dude came flying trough the intersection and hit me. It was they call a double impact. I wound up on his hood and smacked my head on his front wind screen. When that happened he slammed on his breaks. This launched me off his hood. I wound up with a traumatic brain brain January. I had a couple class calls the first couple weeks in the hospital. I don't remember getting hit and the first two weeks in the hospital. But I did get released from the hospital today. The whole thing left me with balance issues, some bad heads aces and issues with things like sitting down fast or turning fast giving throwing a my balance or a head ache. I also have some sears on my head and one on my face. Recovery is going to take a while. But once every thing is healed, I'll be back to normal. Thankfully the guy stayed with me and got me help. I wouldn't be here if he didn't.
  4. Fulgrim

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Grim Dawn. I have been on a top down ARPG kick lately. So Titans Quest is going to be next. I'll probably run through Diablo 1 and 2 as well.
  5. Fulgrim

    What is your favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

    Mint chocolate cookie. Basically peppermint ice cream with Oero style sandwich cookies in it.
  6. Fulgrim

    Random Image Thread

    I love how it completely skipped Windows ME.
  7. Halo and every COD game after COD 2.
  8. Fulgrim

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    Played everyone of them and I gotta say the OG Wolf and Spear of Destiny where a bit rough. Mostly due to how much of a labyrinth a lot of the levels where. RTCW is my favorite out of the series. The first reboot I can take or leave. I liked The New Order and have played through it a couple of times. Same with the Old Blood. Got about a 4th into The New Colossus, stopped playing it and never picked it up again. Yes, the games heavy handed story telling and clear political agenda, turned me off. The Wolf games have always been their best when its about killing Nazi's and the series does not need some massive political back story. I actively avoid everything related to politics or what passes as politics these days, I don't need or want to play a game full of it.
  9. Fulgrim

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    They also push games out the door way too early, so you end up with a bug filled mess. EA is quick to drop support for their games after release. They are well known for over hyping their game and paying outlets for good reviews. They are also known for cutting out sections of their games and locking them behind a DLC paywall. They probably had or have the single most predatory loot box scam in the recent Battle Front. I could go on and when it comes right down to it the vast majority of publishers pull the same crap. But EA is the most brazen about it. They are effectively the Comcast of the game industry and have been for years.
  10. Fulgrim

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Apparently we can expect a gameplay trailer tomorrow.
  11. Fulgrim

    Hellraiser updated

    Might as well get one post in before this gets locked.