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  1. Fulgrim

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    They also push games out the door way too early, so you end up with a bug filled mess. EA is quick to drop support for their games after release. They are well known for over hyping their game and paying outlets for good reviews. They are also known for cutting out sections of their games and locking them behind a DLC paywall. They probably had or have the single most predatory loot box scam in the recent Battle Front. I could go on and when it comes right down to it the vast majority of publishers pull the same crap. But EA is the most brazen about it. They are effectively the Comcast of the game industry and have been for years.
  2. Fulgrim

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Apparently we can expect a gameplay trailer tomorrow.
  3. Fulgrim

    Hellraiser updated

    Might as well get one post in before this gets locked.
  4. Fulgrim

    Favorite Source Port?

    GZDoom, mostly because i use it more than any other port.
  5. Fulgrim

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm porting a few mods from Oldrim to Skyrim: SE for personal use and try to contact the authors to get permission to toss the updated version on the Nexus. I also just snagged Grim Dawn of gog and will be digging into it pretty soon.
  6. Fulgrim

    What are you listening to?

    This album has my favorite bass tone out of all heavy metal albums. It's just so over driven and dirty sounding.
  7. Fulgrim

    Worst Doom music track

    Adrian's Asleep is the name of the track from Bloodfalls and I can't stand it. There is a high pitched humming note in the background that my ears like to zero in on for whatever reason. Kind of sucks because I really like Alice in Chains and otherwise the riff from Angry Chair is used fairly well the Adrian's Asleep.
  8. Fulgrim

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Did you ever get the government issued ones. They had a white label with back writing and no company logo on them? Those where the worst. Tasted like eating straight salt.
  9. Fulgrim

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm not a fan of canned vegetables and i hate canned spinach with a passion. I love raw spinach and cook with it a lot though
  10. Fulgrim

    What are you listening to?

    The basic gist of Hell's history is that they formed right as NWOBHM was on its way out and Bay Area Thrash was becoming huge. So they mixed both styles. The band struggled to find a audience outside of the local scene for what felt like ages. They did eventually get a record deal. But, the label folded before their album was released. So the band broke up in 1987. This caused lead guitarist Kev Bower to completely stop playing guitar and completely walk away from music for 20+ years. Dave Halliday the bands original singer also committed suicide shortly after the break up. While alive, Haliday taught record producer and guitarist Andy Sneap how to play guitar. Sneap had been a long time fan of the band as well. Fast forward to 08 and the remaining members of Hell reform the band with Kev's brother David becoming the bands lead singer. Also Sneap is the bands 2nd guitarst and a official member of the band.
  11. Fulgrim

    What are you listening to?

    Sleep's new album The Sciences.
  12. Fulgrim

    What are you listening to?

    Kind of crazy to see these guys get a major record deal and put out two albums given the bands history.
  13. The one thing that stands out at the moment was the fights between this kid named Prince and myself in elementary school. We did not like one another one bit. My first out of school suspension was after him and I started fighting in the middle of the class. Things got so heated between us I thew a chair at him and he ended up stealing my coat. It turned out he came from a really screwed up family and had a crazy drug addict mother. He stole my coat because it was my coat and because his mother refused to buy him one. Sometimes I wonder if that kid made it. Because he really had the odd stacked against him.