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  1. Simple, large scale censorship on a ISP's network. It's one of the bigger reasons to support Net Neutrality. If Net Neutrality was done away with we could see (and more then likely will see) large scale censorship by the ISP's themselves and censorship by ISP's on behalf of whoever or whatever is willing to pony up enough cash. It's beyond obvious that most major ISP's should not be trusted with such power and neither should any company, group or political body that could benefit from censorship on a mass scale.
  2. I have to say the new forum is pretty slick and I have to give Linguica props for moving pretty much moving everything over.
  3. More or less anytime someone uses the water flats for a damaging floor. Thankfully most mappers don't. But, I have played a few wads on occasion that do and it can be annoying.
  4. Doomworld T-nation for their power lifting section. Starting Strong a strongman forum. The Warhammer Forum and Dakkadakka for Warhammer stuff. I'm sure I'm missing a couple, but those are the ones I frequent.
  5. I really can't say why they are here. But, it's a question I ponder sometimes. As for God's place in everything. I honestly think God checked out years ago and if there is a Heaven, it's gates have been closed for a long time. We are the single most destructive being on this planet and we will probably be responsible for the destruction of our own species. I don't even think there will be a planet earth left when we finally self destruct. If I was God, I would have walked away a long time a go and I have a hard time thinking that God didn't close up shop and walk way.
  6. Let see, I started therapy and medication two years ago instead of self medicating with booze/drugs like most of my family. I have been power lifting for awhile now and will be competing in various contests this summer. I'm a pretty good cook and artist. I have been a mentor in the Big Brother program for eight years.
  7. It's pretty good on just about everything and thankfully does not have MSG. I'm also sort of obsessed with hot sauce and I tend to buy one or two sampler packs through out the year. Last one I got was a Garlic-O-Holic set that had three different sauces that had varying levels of garlic in them. If you like hot sauces and live in the states: https://www.mohotta.com/ is my go to site for ordering hot sauce. I have been ordering through them for a couple of years and never had an issue. Back in my Job Corps days I went through bottle after bottle of the stuff and Tapatio. Most of us in the program ate a lot of Ramen noodles when the bad cooks where on kitchen duty. Because I couldn't use the seasoning packed, I would cook the noodles, dump the water and bury the noodles in Tapatio or Chalula. Most of the time I used so much hot sauce that the noodles where floating in it and stained red.
  8. It's looking really good. I just wish I had the free time to beta test.
  9. Might catch flack for this, but out of all the 80's slasher movies The Burning is still my favorite.
  10. I have only seen the "Enhanced" editions. So I'm willing to track down the despecialized versions, just to watch them once. But... I'm right there with you, except for the Star Trek part. I jumped head first into Warhammer 40k lore when I needed a Sci-fi fix a few years ago. Ever since I have found it hard to get back into Star Wars and Star Trek. It's not that I dislike SW or ST. They just don't interest me as much as they use to.
  11. Gotta love youtube's random suggestions:
  12. Ah, Takashi Miike, one of my favorites.
  13. So, I recently watched Perfect Blue and enjoyed it. In general it was a pretty good psychological thriller/horror movie. So it gets my recommendation. Also, the various incarnations of Getter Robo and Mazinkaiser have been pretty good as well. But, I will warn you both can be pretty cheesy and over the top.
  14. I'd like to see a Berserker viking and the class would be an off shot of the fighter. One thing that would separate the two would be how the Berserkers health and damage worked. The more damage the Berserker takes the more damage his melee weapons do and the higher his over all attack and movement speed. Around 20% health the Berzerker would deal out massive damage per strike, move 15% faster than the Fighter and have a higher jump height.