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5 files

  1. Marine

    This is a tweaked version of the old Marine Doom mod, originally developed by Sergeant Daniel G. Snyder, as an apparent predecesser to later uses of video games for military training. The primary fix here is using the provided M249 sprites for the chaingun instead of the shotgun, though the map has also been tweaked to remove some "hnng I'm too fat for this doorway" problems. Some additional changes to enemies and items have been made, mainly to implement different enemy layouts depending on difficulty.


       (3 reviews)


  2. Mouth For War!

    Basically a modified Marine Doom for Co-Op players (or people looking for one hell of a deathmatch), but with many more enemies some new sounds,real mission objectives (see below) and lower health (10%,not as bad as it sounds trust me!)


       (3 reviews)


  3. War is Hell!

    Are you looking for something a little more mentally challenging than the average fragfest? Well look no further War is Hell! will challenge your mind and trigger finger. Using the Mouth for War (go and get it!) patch as a base War is Hell! will challenge your mind forcing you to think to survive.

    How to stay alive: To stay alive you must learn how not to let the enemy see you. This is not like normal deathmatch by the time you hear gunfire it's probaly to late, so always be aware of the enemies position or the direction he's moving. The most impotant thing to remember is to shoot any motherf**ker that crosses your line of fire! This is important never let the enemy escape! You don't need them sneaking up behind you!


       (3 reviews)


  4. Marines

    Fight the marines. NOTE: This is a re-do of MARINE1.ZIP, which was around 2.6 megs due to un-appended sprites from Doom II. This version has no illegal sprites and is much smaller, but there are NO changes apart from that.


       (11 reviews)


  5. Marine1

    This is the first of what we hope will be many efforts to provide an inexpensive fire team simulation to the fire- team. Set up is a demonstration of the fire team in the defense. The situation is high intensity combat- with opportunity to prosecute a follow up counter attack against enemy held positions. The intent is to provide follow on improvements and enhancements following user feedback on this initial offering...


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