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  • File Reviews

    • By eanasir · Posted
      Well, the map is pretty basic. The map is quite challenging, with there being 0 ammo pickups (excluding the backpack) outside of the starting room. There are also nazis for some reason. I will give it 2 stars only because this really wasn't meant to be played to be enjoyed, but rather just a example of how to build a map in DEU.
    • By yuakuru · Posted
      Rated one star. Take that, Tobias Andersson
    • By Somniac · Posted
      Solid set of re-interpretations of 11 of the original maps that looks better and are overall more challenging. If you're not a TNT fan this probably won't change your mind, as they do pretty much what the original maps do, but if you are then this is recommended. I especially liked Open Season and Stronghold in this one. I would have liked to see Eternal's idea of MAP12, but this was never made into a full megawad.
    • By Adam Oker · Posted
      Quite a fun map pack! It does get a little ridicilous sometimes (Pinky Trap in E1M1, and basically the entirety of E1M2) but it never feels "too unfair", it also seems to take reference or is based on actually Knee-Deep in the Dead levels, which makes the levels somewhat easy to navigate. Overall, very cool, very swag, i like it :D
    • By Adam Oker · Posted
      It's an alright map, a little too easy and short