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  1. AmethystViper

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    This is a relief to hear when I came back to check on this thread! Godspeed on this project!
  2. AmethystViper

    [Released] ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    Are there plans to update this for Doom CE 3.0.x? I also noticed that when using this mod with Doom CE, the menus stop using the widescreen assets that Doom CE comes with. Tested with Doom CE (PSX Full version) v3.0.1. Question was already answered with a post above. So far I can't change the UX style at all in the HUD options with this mod in v3.0.x.
  3. AmethystViper

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    Now this was a pleasant surprise to see this when I snagged the DOOM Slayers Collection with some leftover birthday money on my Xbox account and seeing this news pop up on my brother's Xbox! Thank you @sponge and congrats @Pavera for having your work featured among the curated add-ons! Wait, if this is the 15th mod added to the Unity port, then where's No. 14? Both Doom's and Doom II's Unity turns up a missing "14" in this collection of mods.
  4. AmethystViper

    Run Doom95 on Windows 10!

    While I have little incentive to use Doom95 over ports like Crispy Doom and recently Woof!, it's nice that it can still be played on Windows 10 thanks to these fixes and it's very easy to install. Thank you OpenRift! Question: does this fix use the id Anthology version's of Doom95's executable? That executable apparently few things and a crash that the older version of the executable left over.
  5. I hope they'll fix that, and apparently the some users are complaining that the framerate is not truely uncapped though I'll take a stable 60 FPS than a choppy 91 FPS mess from the previous patch. Update: @OpenRift I noticed your mod accidentally includes the borked DX11 shaders; I compared the mod's kpf files and the one from the latest clean version of Doom 64 and the former during the demo sequence.
  6. Another update came out today, though I'm not sure if it impacts this mod. • https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/8287891/
  7. AmethystViper

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    My apologies, I'm just speaking as someone who sadly doesn't have any actual experience with the original N64 version of Doom 64 other than Doom 64 EX by Kaiser many years back.
  8. AmethystViper

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    I got a more direct comparison from a backup of the older build I got versus the new one using the Super Shotgun as an example.
  9. AmethystViper

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    That makes more sense when you put it that way. Thank you for the insight Edward. There was something else that that some Steam users noticed in this comparison linked here that the weapon sprites appear to be slightly larger in size than they were originally compared to the earlier build and N64 version.
  10. AmethystViper

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    Thank you for the patch! One minor problem that still persists: the game defaults Use to L-Trigger and A does nothing when Use should be mapped to A and L-Trigger should be the Sprint/Speed button.
  11. AmethystViper

    Quake Remastered

    Apparently some people on GOG forums that the GOG staff have lied about Quake enhanced coming over there since last month and they never got in touch with Bethesda at all regarding the situation of the game's enhanced not ever coming.
  12. AmethystViper

    Quake Remastered

    What about Quakespasm/Spiked or vkQuake? I remember the latter does support the updated models when I messed around with it using the remaster's data files.
  13. AmethystViper

    Quake Remastered

    Yeah, I can confirm on the PC version it was doing that too at Slipgate Complex with the Quake 64 add-on, and E1M2 itself was playing the Reznor's introduction music for the game.
  14. AmethystViper

    Quake Remastered

    I'm looking forward to Honey and the new PvE mode! I do want to point that despite the new update mentioning that add-ons can be played offline, sadly the add-ons themselves still have to be "activated" first while connected to Bethesda.net before they can be played offline. Kind of annoying to do this first despite having them downloaded already but I guess it's a start. Also, is it just me or does the Quake 64 add-on not play the Aubrey Hodges soundtrack anymore?
  15. It's normal since the PS1 version of Doom (and many other PS1 games at the time) came out before the advent of the DualShock controller for the PlayStation (Doom PS1 year of release: 1995; the DualShock's year of release: 1997).