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  1. AmethystViper

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Dumb question, but is your game updated to v1.3.1?
  2. This looks pretty cool! Thank you for making this! I hope this could work with widescreen-compatible ports of the game someday.
  3. As someone was only able to experience classic Doom until the version was included in the Xbox of Doom 3 (for the brief that I could since at the time it was borrowed many years back), I can say that it holds up kinda well today in my opinion after playing it on my Xbox 360 after getting a secondhand copy of the game. Not a fan of the bonus maps to be honest. Something funny I kinda discovered while playing the classic Doom in Doom 3's Xbox port is that the Right Stick button also functions as a Use button since I always get annoyed that the A button is the useless "Repeat Last Message" whereas X is the Use button, especially after being used to the Unity port's controller configuration on non-Nintendo systems.
  4. AmethystViper

    Quality of Life Patches for various WADs

    Happy Birthday @Devalaous and thank you for your contributions too!
  5. AmethystViper

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I was holding off on it after hearing about it a few months back since I wanted to wait for it to be completed, but now that it has, I'm definitely looking forward to playing it soon! Congrats on the update!
  6. AmethystViper

    Nugget Doom 3.1.0 (updated May 16th, '24)

    I'm curious, is it possible to implement controller rumble support similarly to Doom Retro?
  7. AmethystViper

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Here are some of mine... Azure Striker Gunvolt (and Mighty Gunvolt) series TL;DR version: To me the Gunvolt series is an overrated series that have less in common with the Mega Man games I grew up with and don't even remotely hold a candle to what those games have, and it is most certainly not the "true Mega Man successor" that its fanbase thanks to its bland story and characters, convoluted RPG mechanics and stupid gacha elements, padding, under utilized combat and platforming, and the lack of depth compared to Zero and ZX or any of the Mega Man game's innovations. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night TL;DR version: This game is not the Kickstarter darling people make this out to be in my eyes, especially not thanks to the problems with its own Kickstarter as a slack-backer myself yet these people want to gloss over or pretend it doesn't matter because "the game is so good", yet the game is not anywhere near as good or enjoyable as other Metroidvanias I've played or Igarashi's other Castlevania games. Resident Evil 4 Remake: From what I tried from the demo, it's not as fun or as engaging compared to the original, and I don't think it has the kind of personality and charm the original has either. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Also from something I tried from a demo and the first impressions aren't that good and from what I saw from others playing this remake it doesn't look like a good one. Mega Man X DiVE: God this franchise didn't need any gacha crap, yet here we are and people just eat this game up. This game honestly plays almost worse than Mega Man X7, bad difficulty curve, grindy as hell, and a waste of potential and time in my opinion. Overwatch and Overwatch 2: I used to like the first game, but I got sick of it. Shit balance, bad monetization scheme, lies about its features, and other things I don't want to get into that pisses me off with this game. Expect reaction:
  8. I did a clean re-install of the GOG.com version of Doom 3: BFG Edition, and unlike the Steam version as well as the 2019 Panic Button version of Doom 3 on Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store which all received this new update that I think came around January 2023. The GOG.com options still only limits to only 60 or 120 framerate cap while the other storefront versions instead gives you different resolution options with varying refresh rates supported by the display. Speaking of the Epic Games Store version, I was hoping it was going to be DRM-free as some users on PC Gaming Wiki reported that Doom I and II Enhanced can be played without the client running, but for Doom 3 (2019), despite being completely singleplayer compared to BFG Edition on Steam which became DRM-free and still has its multiplayer features, I found out the Epic Games version requires the client to run the game. Even the -EpicPortal command-line parameter causes the game to return an error message instead of booting into the game. Something else I noticed when I got the Epic Games version of Doom 3 is that it appears to be the only one with a 64-bit executable whereas the other BFG Edition versions I own use a 32-bit executable. I could be pretty OCD about this, but I feel like there's a lack of parity between these versions of Doom 3: BFG Edition and Doom 3 (2019) on different storefronts that each have their nitpicks (for lack of a better word) that I've found. It would be nice if possibly the Steam and GOG.com owners of BFG Edition could have access to the 64-bit version of Doom 3 (2019) with the 240 Hz update on all PC platforms. A quick comparison: DOOM 3: BFG Edition (Steam): DRM-free (after the January 2023 update), uses a 32-bit executable, has multiplayer and embedded versions of DOOM I and II, supports up to 240 Hz (after the January 2023 update) DOOM 3: BFG Edition (GOG.com): DRM-free, uses a 32-bit executable, has no multiplayer (at least not out of the box) but includes the embedded versions of DOOM I and II, limited to 60 or 120 Hz DOOM 3 (2019, Microsoft Store): Requires client to run, uses a 32-bit executable, singleplayer only, does not include DOOM I or II (although they already have standalone Enhanced versions available), supports up to 240 Hz DOOM 3 (2019, Epic Games Store): Requires client to run (even the -EpicPortal parameter does not work), uses a 64-bit executable, singleplayer only, standalone similarly to the Microsoft Store version, supports up to 240 Hz
  9. AmethystViper

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    I haven't gotten a chance to play DMC4 since I only got to play a bit of the original PlayStation 3 version, and while I have DMC5 on Xbox One, I don't have my own console to be able play it since it's my older brother's system, not mine, so I can't quite form an opinion about those two and whether if I should recommend them.
  10. AmethystViper

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    From what I've actually got to play in the series — DMC1, DMC2, DMC3, and DmC Reboot — they're pretty fun stylish action games with DMC2 being a BIG exception, in my opinion. The first Devil May Cry is much more simplistic compared to the games that came after it, but I think it still really holds up well today and the influences from older arcade games really shows if you're into old-school beat 'em ups, plus I love the gothic atmosphere of this one (a given considering this was at point was going to be Resident Evil 4 before Shinji Mikami helped Hideki Kamiya spin it off to its own thing). I would definitely recommend watching Matthewmatosis's commentary video on this game after you've beaten it since he really shows what this game has to offer with high-level play and the amount of depth it has in its combat under its surface. Devil May Cry 2 is... not fun, at all, in my opinion. Drab environments with lots of brown and dull colors, worse camera angles than the previous entry, a boring and soulless story, forgettable music, much worse combat that is stiff and floaty while trying too new many things at once, melee weapons that offer next to no incentive to use them and really feel like crap to use them, uninspired enemies, tedious and badly designed boss battles (looking at you, Infested Chopper), bad level design... it's just a mess. The only thing I can give it credit for is introducing the Bloody Palace, a mode where you can fight off various enemies and bosses to your heart's content until you drop, and Dante's cooler character design in this game, it's just a shame he became such a BORING husk of a man. Devil Mary 3 is the redemption arc that pretty much not only right the wrongs of DMC2, it offers a really good story, better enemy variety (although with a few annoying ones), a new style system that would be expanded on in later entries, a host of unique weapons that offer their own moves and abilities, memorable bosses, awesome soundtrack, gorgeous visuals, and a very in-depth combat system. It's a shame that only the Switch version is the official way to have a Style Switcher mode that enables the ability to switch between Styles in real-time like in DMC4, otherwise there are mods that do offer that. DmC: Devil May Cry honestly is not a horrible game as many make it out to be, speaking as someone who was initially expecting it to suck during the announcement and play the Xbox 360 demo, but after having played it on PC, I came out pleasantly surprised. That being said, I'd highly recommend the Definitive Edition version if possible, not only because it's the most feature complete version of the game that Crapcom refuse to bring to PC, but it makes a lot of welcome changes to make the combat flow much more closer to its predecessors and removes the restriction of alignment-based enemies that limited how you can deal with them. The story certainly doesn't hold a candle to the main continuity of the Devil May Cry games, but it does have some really cool and flashy visuals, morphing environments, and a decent soundtrack with some licensed music.
  11. AmethystViper

    Doom 3

    Doom 3 is a different beast compared to its predecessors but I still find it enjoyable. The atmosphere and tense combat is what got me hooked when I was younger on the original Xbox and still enjoy it today. On PC, you do have some options on how you want to go about playing Doom 3, as discussed on this thread, but between the original 2004 release or the BFG Edition/2019 Panic Button version, I recommend the former since the latter made a bunch of balance changes that ruins the intentions of looking for PDA codes to loot storage cabinets or supply caches, not to mention its version of Resurrection of Evil got the raw end of the stick with a bunch of cut content.
  12. AmethystViper

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    I found them in PC Gaming Wiki's Unity engine article since it lists common settings and command-line parameters used by the engine. I used them out of curiosity seeing how the few other non-16:9 resolution the Enhanced port of Doom since I remember someone else in the Steam forums was looking for non-16:9 resolution workarounds a long time ago.
  13. AmethystViper

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    I'm not versed enough with the modding scene to understand some of this stuff but a lot of these issues are often my dealbreakers for source ports I've shied away from or have a harder time enjoying (not to discredit the work that went onto these source ports however). As someone who grew up playing Doom 1 as much as I could when my brother borrowed the Xbox port of Doom 3, and it's unfortunate some of the source ports I've tried either have very archaic support for controllers like in the DOS days (or when using DOSBox) or none at all. Speaking of the official Enhanced Unity port, a deal breaker (among various issues I've mentioned in the Steam forums in the past as well as here) is the lack of proper support of non-16:9 resolutions. The Unity port also seems to refuse to accept any command-line parameters I throw at it; I tried forcing a 1600x1200 resolution with -screen-width 1600 -screen-height 1200 and it immediately forces back the original resolution setting I had earlier.
  14. AmethystViper

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Sonic Origins / Sonic Origins Plus - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch (2022/2023); This collection should have been an easy homerun since most of the work was already done by Christian "The Taxman" Whitehead and Simon "Stealth" Thomley, yet Sega being the Kings of Mistakes that they are, they decided to rush this dumpster fire of a collection out in time for Sonic the Hedgehog's 31st Anniversary because they haven't learned a single thing since Sonic '06 (or if I wanted to be pedantic about it, Sonic 3 & Knuckles for a McDonalds deal), so much so that Stealth vented his frustration on twitter about the state it released in. While some of the collection's problems were eventually fixed, but Sega touting this as the definitive way to experience classic Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD is a misnomer, not to mention the music suffered from huge downgrades in terms of quality (S3&K having it the worst out of the lot with its butchered renditions of its prototype soundtrack). The save feature that were present in Sonic 1's and 2's mobile ports? Gone. Cool extras like having a 7th Chaos Emerald in Sonic 1 in the mobile port for legitimate access to Super forms? That's a cheat that you have to unlock now. Sleek and iconic UI/UX from the mobile ports of these games? Have a soulless and stripped down versions of these menus instead. Want to play the classic versions as they were originally presented in on the Sega Genesis? Sorry, here's a version of the mobile port that still has their own quirks still present and a 4:3 aspect-ratio because we delisted the original ROMs of these games. Oh that's right, Sega pulled a Rockstar and Take-Two with this collection by straight up delisting virtually all of the original Genesis versions of these games from digital distribution save for the mobile ports (which are F2P) and the Sega AGES version of Sonic 1 and 2 by M2. Oh but in their place one year later with a $10 price tag you get a handful of Game Gear games... that have been already ported to other systems at least 7 times by now rather than using their superior Genesis or Master System versions for some of these games (e.g. Sonic 1 8-bit, Sonic Spinball, Meanbean Machine) with some of the other Game Gear Sonic that are generally received as average at best or awful at worst. The Story and Anniversary Modes are both redundant inclusions and honestly aren't much different from each other; this is a far cry from the Mega Man Zero Collection on the DS which similar modes to new players, but it also kept a separate version of its games without the difficulty changes for those who want to enjoy the improvements along with original challenge those games have. Oh and on PC it has DENUVO slapped on a bunch of old Genesis and now Game Gear games... Really nice of you Sega to do that to my childhood. Most of the extra content it offers are stuff you can easily find on YouTube or other video hosting platform and don't stand out compared to the cool and interesting extras that were included in prior collections like Sonic Mega Collection or Sonic Jam. The DLC practices of this collection are honestly quite scummy; they couldn't be bothered to put Knuckles in the first time around, but he was included in the Plus update along with Amy, with the latter having her own hitbox issues with her aerial hammer attack and generally a watered down Sonic in comparison, then there's the plethora of minuscule extras like the privilege to look at the individual islands of the game's menus, a tacked-on mission mode, and alternate 4:3 borders that were locked to a paywall. The cherry on top of this nickel-and-dimed pile of disappointment is Sega not even willing to compensate early adaptors of the DLCs or the Digital Deluxe Edition release of Sonic Origins when the Plus update came out, so if bought this at launch, you've spent about $50-55 altogether on this collection with $10 out of that $50-55 being thrown in the garbage. You know you suck when Bethesda has shown more respect to classic Doom and Quake fans with their respective remasters and ports by Nerve Software and Nightdive Studios. While the collection mostly function now, it still leaves a lot to be desired and a bitter reminder that Sega has learned nothing after all these years. * This is from the launch version of the game; most the bugs has been ironed out as of writing.