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  1. Sorry to bump this thread but when I tried to import the individual map files for the Master Levels into the Unity port megawad version of it into SLADE, it crashes the game when I try to even start a level or a demo boots up. Even after trying the megawad on DOSBox it just crashes the game and DOSBox from trying to load the WAD with Doom II. Are there any instructions for this so I can see what I'm doing wrong here? I've been wracking my head on trying to troubleshoot this problem and every time I try to fix it, it just results in the game crashing all the time.
  2. AmethystViper

    Doom 64 Stereo Project

    Thank you, I think this will go nicely with OpenRift's restoration patch!
  3. AmethystViper

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Speaking of MIDI, is it possible to implement fluidsynth for MIDI playback for DOOM Retro, along with an options menu to change things like video settings, resolutions, etc. natively while the source port is running?
  4. AmethystViper

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Silent HIll HD Collection - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (2012); An utter disgrace to the original source material on both artistic and technical level. The "HD" ports of Silent Hill 2 and 3 were handled by a mobile game company that has never made a console game before while using unfinished beta code because Konami lost the source code of the original finished version and could be bothered to hire Bluepoint Games or some company that was more capable of porting these games to newer consoles, and boy does it show. Rampant slowdown issues, glitches, crashes, and audio problems up the wazoo. That's not even getting into the whole voice-acting fiasco with the original voice cast and the condescending attitude the then-at-the-time owners of the Silent Hill IP and new voice actors were acting. Personally, I'd steer clear away from these ports, especially now that Silent Hill 2 has the fantastic Enhanced Edition community project to make it playable on modern systems and fixing the old PC port's issues among so much more without compromising the game's original vision, though sadly Silent Hill 3 doesn't have something like that to fix its PC port. Tales of Symphonia Remastered - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch (2023); Another Bamco disaster of a classic RPG game. As someone who grew up with the original Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, it's shocking that this game is been ported to newer consoles in this day and age with next to no effort or care into it. Lazy AI upscaled textures, buggy, still locked to 30 FPS since it's based off the PS3 version (which itself was based off the PS2 version) and they can't be bothered to make the later ports run at 60 FPS like in the GameCube version, and performance issues of varying degrees, which are especially bad on the Switch. An insult to "remasters" when hardly any effort went into these miserable ports.
  5. Dumb question about using this with the combined version's add-ons: are these for the PS3 version of the Master Levels WAD, the combined version created from the DOOM: BFA Edition source port, or using Blzut3's Master Levels patch?
  6. AmethystViper

    The Original Doom 3 Has Now Been Added to GOG

    The GOG.com version hasn't gotten the update yet as far as I'm aware. I just checked the GOG.com release against the Steam and Microsoft Store versions, and the GOG.com version doesn't have the 240 Hz support yet (and I also did a full re-install of my GOG copy to confirm) where as the Steam and Microsoft Store (and presumably Epic) releases does. Doom 3: BFG Edition (2012, GOG.com): https://i.imgur.com/5eg5PQO.png Doom 3: BFG Edition (2023 update, Steam): https://i.imgur.com/zDSXKNU.png DOOM 3 (2019, Microsoft Store on PC): https://i.imgur.com/6QL8QOE.png To be fair, my current display maxes out at 60 Hz anyways, but the Steam and Microsoft Store versions shows the different refresh rates available (presumably I would see options like 120 Hz or more if my TV could handle higher refresh rates in these versions) whereas the GOG.com does not. Something else that also has been bothering me, and this is just me being nitpicky because I tend to be OCD with these sort of things, is the inconsistency between the different versions of BFG Edition. The 2012 BFG Edition annoyingly does not allow for Sprint Toggle in singleplayer modes for whatever reason where it's possible in the 2019 version (which I think makes sense with the default control layout), HUD Inset adjustments is exclusive to the 2019 version but lacks stereoscopic 3D support, and in the console versions of DOOM 3 (2019), the Light Scale has been adjusted back to 2 like in the original Doom 3 but doesn't on PC unless you make an auto-exec file to automate r_lightScale 2 since the console was removed in its PC version. I wish that all versions of Doom 3: BFG Editions and its later re-releases would be unified in some way. Also something I really wish could be patched into ALL versions of these games is the ability to skip cutscenes again without needing a source port, I do not see why something that was useful since the original Doom 3 on PC and its Xbox port had to be stripped out of as part of a remaster. EDIT: Forgot to mention that even GOGdb shows that the GOG version of BFG Edition hasn't been updated since August of last year. • https://www.gogdb.org/product/1135892318#changelog
  7. AmethystViper

    The Original Doom 3 Has Now Been Added to GOG

    A bit off topic, but is there any possibility that BFG Edition / DOOM 3 (2019) can get the new 240 Hz and high DPI scaling fix update be released on other digital PC platforms like GOG, Epic, and Microsoft Store?
  8. AmethystViper

    The Original Doom 3 Has Now Been Added to GOG

    Clear_strelok points out some of the differences between the Steam and the recent GOG.com releases in this Doom 3 Redux post on ModDB and suggestions for tweaking the included autoexec.cfg files for more stable performance because for some reason GOG decided to set MSAA to 8 which is often overkill on this game, especially above 1080p resolutions.
  9. AmethystViper

    The Original Doom 3 Has Now Been Added to GOG

    Now this was an unexpected birthday gift for me! I'll be migrating my configs and mods to the GOG version. It also seems like the executable comes with high DPI awareness enabled and comes with I think some fixes, like the one for forcing Ultra quality settings via autoexec.cfg. I don't know if it comes with a fix for fixing the visual errors with enabling EAX for spatial audio, but when I tried the OpenAL32.dll fix it prompted an error when launching the game, removing it was the only way I could get it to launch. Update: I think I got it to accept the updated version of soft_oal.dll driver by renaming the file name in the config file, now I just need to test this out with EAX enabled. Update 2: Nope, OpenAL32.dll crashes the game when during loading screens...
  10. AmethystViper

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    I just logged into my GOG account after a while from not being able to use the PC due to surgery I had recently (and still in recovery) and I saw an update pop-up for DOOM I and II Enhanced on my Galaxy client. For some reason the January 23 Update patch notes isn't viewable on my end, not on the client or anywhere else on GOG's website, and not even Steam got this update like the other updates released, so does anyone know what this patch fixed? Update: Classic cheat codes via keyboard finally works again in the GOG release! What else was fixed?
  11. AmethystViper

    This is Woof! 11.1.4 (May 23, 2023)

    I'm already loving the new improvements and options to the MIDI playback on Woof! One little issue, though it could be the sound fonts I'm using, it can sometimes drown out the sound effects since it gets much loader than usual. Other than that, this release is pretty good and controls are much better now that I'm not speeding up when holding down the Sprint button! Thank you for this source port!
  12. AmethystViper

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Mega Man X - MS-DOS; the game's frame-rate is either incredibly choppy or unstable compared to the SNES original, worse sound effects and poor MIDI music, and removes the ride armors. The only saving grace is the ability to save your game, but in the world of emulation and the X Legacy Collection, there's hardly a reason to play this game on DOS. Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD - PC (2012); while it's in a better shape now, I can still recount how Rockin' Android managed to ruin one of my favorite doujin games when it was a buggy mess at launch in 2012. It was based off the PS3 port but unlike that version you can toggle the original graphics back on and playing this game in native widescreen (PS3 version's is stretched) is a nice improvement, it couldn't save the game with the amount of bugs, crashes, and compatibility issues on Windows 8 they introduced compared to their original 2009 English release. Many SUGURI fans (myself included) were upset with how awful this re-release shipped. One of its biggest selling point, online multiplayer, couldn't even work when a friend of mine tried to play online matches the game refuses to connect us via Steam or IP. While it's mostly functional nowadays on Steam thanks to a patch in 2014 (sadly those who got this DRM-free via Indie Royale were screwed over as we didn't get a patch nor Steam keys for the game), it sadly has some issues leftover like broken replays on different resolutions, broken Achievements, and trying to play the game on resolutions above 1920x1080 with its config launcher will crash the game. Even the game's localizer and programmer has expressed she wishes she could fix this game if she could but she was laid off from Rockin' Android years ago. It's no wonder why the sequel was localized by Fruitbat Factory and still has an online community with players active, not to mention received better support with gameplay and quality-of-life updates. Deadly Premonition - PC; Very lazy and half-baked PC port with locked 720p resolution, washed out colors, poor keyboard and controller support, buggy, and prone to crashing. Although fan-made fixes are available, it can't save everything from this PC port. There's already a mod for the PC versions of III, Vice City, and San Andreas called GInput that brings proper PlayStation 2-styled controller support with additional tweaks and its works much better than a third-party keyboard-to-controller software.
  13. AmethystViper

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    I've been looking at this project on and off when it started out as XL Engine and I'm happy to see this source port reach its completion! I can't wait to pick up Dark Forces to experience the game with all the new enhancements it has to offer! Thank you and congrats on the release!
  14. AmethystViper

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Resident Evil 4 - PC (2007); Ubisoft gets blamed so much for this port despite not actually developing it, that dishonor should go to SourceNext whom ironically made better PC ports of Biohazard 2 and 3 in Japan, but this port of RE4 it is a total mess compared to the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions. It was touted as having all of the GameCube version's graphics with the PS2 version's new content, but fails to deliver on those promises and then some. It was ported from the PS2 version and somehow made the graphics are horrendously worse than the console versions at the time (environments looks worse, lighting is virtually non-existent, models and textures are lower quality), the FMVs are taken from the PS2 version and looks even worse on PC, has piss-poor keyboard support and doesn't even support mouse controls like in many third-person shooting games on PC, lousy gamepad support, and uses generic number prompts instead of what your controller/keyboard uses, so it's more than likely going to get you killed in the game's QTEs. It's surprising that this port still gets mods being made for it despite how shoddy it is. Rockman X7 - PC (2004); putting my opinions about this game in general aside, this Korean-only PC port by Multi-Enterprise is an absolute farce. No video options, uglier graphics, missing effects, incorrect sound looping, compatibility issues, NO CONTROLLER SUPPORT on a game that is generally played on a controller, terrible keyboard controls that you can't rebind at all, and no in-game way to quit the software unless you use Task Manager or Alt+F4. After seeing the travesty this port turned out, it's no wonder why Capcom decided to port Mega Man X8 to PC in 2004 in-house and turned out much better for it. GTA: The Trilogy - The "Definitive" Edition - PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XS, Switch; I'm not a huge Grand Theft Auto fan, but these "remasters" infuriate me on so many levels. Ugly and hideous graphical "enhancements", simplified and missing effects, new features that are poorly implemented, a litany of bugs and glitches, many cut music tracks, and so much more. The fact that Rockstar and Take-Two decided to witch-hunt modders with lawsuits and DMCA takedowns while also delisting the previous downloadable versions off Steam and consoles only makes it even worse. Calling this a "dumpster fire" is a gross understatement. It also irks me that this travesty of remasters sold millions... [facepalms]
  15. AmethystViper

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    I need to try this out after playing through my current setup of HD Essentials, Realistic Weapons, and Enhanced Edition!