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  1. Maximum Matt

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    The same reason why they don't take damage when walking on damaging floors.
  2. Wanna see something cool? Go to Plutonia map 11, put on God Mode and Noclip, then strafe left into the Archie room and just stand there for a while.
  3. Maximum Matt

    Doom Smash or Pass: All 21 Monsters

  4. Maximum Matt

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Now that you mention it, most of the levels in episode 2 sound like Dream Theater song titles
  5. Maximum Matt

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Tom Cruise single-handedly made Doom and Quake.
  6. Maximum Matt

    I just beat Memento Mori!

    Haven't played this in a while, so I took a quick look at the mapset, and yep the names Not That Simple (map07), High-Tech Grave (09), Mountain Depot (20 hell yea), Showdown (23), Diehard (24), City Of The Unavenged (28) and goddamn Viper (30) all jump out at me. Reading this thread made me want to play through this again, but at the last second I instead downloaded Alien Vendetta and am currently absorbing that one for the first time. Gotta keep moving...
  7. Maximum Matt

    Favorite DOOM Wads

    Deep cut I gotta check THESE ones out
  8. Something for you to say "AW HELL NAH!" about.


    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      14 months?? Try four YEARS, dude

  9. Maximum Matt

    Doom II: maps 21, 23 and 24

    My goddamn two cents: 21 is the worst map in D2, ol' Sandy was off his game on this one 23 is an awesome gimmick map, kinda feels like a secret map because of all the barrel shenanigans and the Spider Mastermind/aracnotron crossfire battle ("she's being killed by her own children!!"), they should've made this one and Tricks And Traps the secret maps, tossed the Wolf3d levels and made two replacements I can't hate 24 because it looks so huge and I love run-jumping down those big red pillars in that one part 22 is American's best map in my opinion, looks awesome, is compact and hardcore
  10. Maximum Matt

    Tim Willits Interview - DOOM & Quake Legend

    What you talking about Willits
  11. Maximum Matt

    UAC bad to work for?

    "Yeah, hi I'm Steve, I used to work in the Deimos Labs, until they transferred me to the Halls Of The Damned... I fix the light-amp goggles..."
  12. The cyberdemon, because D2 jacket cover. And Princess Peach is obviously the arch-vile
  13. Maximum Matt

    Huh. Never Knew TNT borrowed their iwad name from a DIO song

    Dio is the shit.
  14. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yep, those were the days, when you had to work out how many secrets found, out of how many secrets total, from only "85%".
  15. Maximum Matt

    Thanks to Decino, I have made a DOOM YouTube channel.

    Yes, you certainly did. An E1M1 remake?! Aw HELL no man c'mon Lol yeah put up big red curtains and light candles and stuff