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  1. Maximum Matt

    Doomguy's personality

    Aw HELL no
  2. Maximum Matt

    Doomguy's personality

    He's definitely a Grateful Dead fan.
  3. Maximum Matt

    Icon of Win

    The (true) Icon Of Finn -
  4. Maximum Matt

    WAD to play after Plutonium

    Nah man there's some classics on it
  5. Maximum Matt

    WAD to play after Plutonium

    Icarus, Memento Mori 1 and 2, and Requiem will get you started. And Maximum Doom
  6. I finally finished Getting Over It! All 50 times.

    Now, I can get back to work on Maximum Doom. ;)

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    2. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      Good stuff, man!!! just letting you know... the rest of the 'J' section has quite a few crap ones coming up!!

    3. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      I saw your comment on the last livestream. I'm really dreading the rest of the J maps now. Hopefully, we'll persevere.

      Will be starting back on it as soon as I finish Blade of Agony.

    4. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      No problem, it's just those 'JCM' wads that are nine maps each, once u get over that bump, the rest should be (relatively) smooth sailingĀ 

  7. Maximum Matt

    Level Design

    More like..... The Craptory
  8. Maximum Matt

    Doom 2 feeling

    Intense nostalgia
  9. Maximum Matt

    So how do you make chainsaw usefull?

    I see what you did there, Ed
  10. What's the best map 14 of a wad tho? :-)
  11. Maximum Matt

    Icon of Win

    Aphex of Twin
  12. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

  13. Maximum Matt

    Icon of Win

    Okay, speed round - Icon of Yin Icon of Djinn Icon Balin Icon of Pin
  14. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Speak for yourself, dude. I was 12 then
  15. Maximum Matt

    Why are there demons in the Caribbean?

    They built a simulation of a Caribbean vacation spot for all the UAC employees on Io or wherever the hell TNT is set