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  1. Maximum Matt

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    Yeah, Focus is cool. How many other IWAD levels starts you off at a diagonal to the start room and map?
  2. Maximum Matt

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    Yeah I suppose I could boil it down to a top 100, or top 100 of both Doom and Doom II each, but there's still lots of variables I would have to decide on. Like including historical wads like say sewers.wad, which I personally hate. Or if there's some bullshit like mandatory secrets, or you're unable to 100% complete it, or if the path to the exit can be broken, etc. If I do it, it would be a 'personal' Minimum Doom. But then again, it WOULD kick ass, I must admit. Watch this space.
  3. Maximum Matt

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    You'd have sort out the ones that can be played from start to finish without cheats first
  4. Maximum Matt

    My gripes with Doom II

    It's size and overall shape reminds me of Mt. Erebus.
  5. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just rediscovered this from Cracked.com, an article titled 'Craziest ways creators hid themselves in video games'. "One of the architects of Doom's success was programmer John Romero, who also had a hand in creating classics like Wolf3d and Quake. Not to mention hits like 'Girl You Know It's True' and 'Blame It On The Rain.'" And this description of the Icon Of Sin: "The final boss is a bionic demon goat the size of a Wal-Mart that you're supposed to kill by firing carefully timed rockets into his brain through the hole in his forehead that he was nice enough to leave open for you." Also: PUSA?!? WTF??!?
  6. Maximum Matt

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    One does not simply put order to Maximum Doom. This is a question I myself have pondered. Assuming one doesn't want to delete any wads, it would be best to create sub-categories for DM-only maps, episode replacement packs (up to 9 maps), larger packs, (up to 32 maps), sound-mod only wads, wads that don't work on vanilla, and so forth. Personally, I've cut this bastard down to currently 104 wads from the Doom I folder (97 individual or a few map wads, 7 wadpacks) and 562 from Doom II ( 506 and 56 respectively). There's a lot of crap, believe me. I think a much more manageable 'Minimum Doom' is the best way to go, and I still have a ways to go. But yeah, it's best to go in with the mindset of not putting up with bullshit, and ruthlessly cutting out the time-wasters to get to the good'uns. And they ARE there.
  7. Maximum Matt

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I would be cool with them explaining that they are inter-dimensional beings that created "hellish" looking creatures to invade our realm, to terrify us further - like in the novels. ( One of the very few non-crap ideas in those books IMO.)
  8. Maximum Matt

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Oh hi Mark
  9. Maximum Matt

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    Hey man go with the flow
  10. Maximum Matt

    How were the audio/sound effects made?

    Bobby Prince is a Lord.
  11. Maximum Matt

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Didn't the first soul sphere just suddenly fly at Doomguy and smash all over him in the novel?
  12. Maximum Matt

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    All are dependant on how much of an asshole the mapper is.
  13. Maximum Matt

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    Pauly Shore Doom. Someone get on that.
  14. Maximum Matt

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Lol *BWAAM* "Mmm, nice vintage"
  15. Maximum Matt

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    No, invisi-juice.