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  1. Maximum Matt

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

  2. Maximum Matt

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    Well, it's certainly better than Habitat, Baron's Den and the epic Drake trilogy
  3. Maximum Matt

    What do you think is Doomguy's favorite wad is?

    Some nice, big empty deathmatch map he can relax in for a bit
  4. Play through Maximum Doom, keyboard only. Like I did.
  5. Maximum Matt

    What is the best dwango?

    Like the first 4 or 5 are on Maximum Doom, so there's that. Ummmmm... whichever one had Metallica's Call Of Ktulu as a MIDI track would be my pick. Or the one that had an early version of a Tom Mustaine TNT Evilution map (17 I think). Or the one that had like a giant peace sign on the floor. I dunno. Go ask Doomkid, he speaks fluent Dwangonese
  6. Maximum Matt

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    In any case, I'm sure most people can agree it's in the top twenty TNT maps.
  7. Maximum Matt

    Favorite level theme?

    Tanned star.
  8. Maximum Matt

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

    Everybody forgets the extra button in E1M8 of UDoom, seriously the only reason you need to upgrade to it
  9. I was really enjoying Alien Vendetta until my laptop died on me
  10. Maximum Matt

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    Yeah, I thought that these 'caves' around the outside of the level were the co-op/DM start points, and that this was totally built with DM play in mind. Only one way to find out really, a huge twelve-hour DM slaught-a-thon
  11. Maximum Matt

    What do you call Doomguy?

  12. Maximum Matt

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Patrick Stewart created Plutonia map 24. Robert Pattinson created map 15. Damien created map 16. Keanu made map 12 (with revisions by Dennis Hopper). Stephen King made TNT map 15 and Memento Mori map 4. Seth Rogan made MM map 16 and Icarus map 12. Bruce Willis made MM map 24. The dude from Sepultura created MM2 map 4. Ozzy Osbourne made MM2 map 9. James Hetfield and Dimebag Darrell made MM2 map 29.
  13. Maximum Matt

    how to kick?

  14. Where can I see more of this???