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What mouse settings do you use?

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Not talking about playing Doom but editing specifically. GZDoomBuilder / Doombuilder, etc. 


I'm getting a new mouse on the weekend and thought it's a good time to ask how everyone else does it. Do you have any unusual hotkey configurations? For instance, I've always had clear selection configured to the mouse-wheel click. The two side buttons are paste texture and delete

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Maybe it's some kind of phobia, but I mostly dislike mouse-wheel click. I use keyboard hotkeys - standard key combinations are effective, especially in speedmapping.

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Default mouse settings all the time, For clearing selection I just quickly left-click somewhere in the grid.

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Well for anyone who gets a new mouse and stumbles across this thread this is what my setup is: 


I bought a Logitech G-600. It's really handy for mapping. Takes a while to set up and get used to but once you get comfy there's no going back. So nice to copy / paste with single clicks instead of having to Control + C / Control + V every time. Page up + Page down is also really comfy once it's assigned. I use those commands all the time when mapping. 

This is my configuration using GZDB:


G7 Mode switch (G-600 mouse)

G8 Insert

G9 Linedefs mode

G10 Vertices mode

G11 Sectors mode

G12 Copy

G13 Backspace

G14 Delete

G15 Paste

G16 Page down

G17 Page up

G18 Draw  rectangle mode

G19 Curve linedefs mode

G20 Draw ellipse mode


Left click  - Select

Right click - Edit

Right Right click - Align texture vertical + horizontal (AKA Control + A)

Mouse wheel click - Clear selection

Mouse wheel click left - Undo

Mouse wheel click right - Redo




Edited by PeterMoro : correction

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