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The Maverick013

Savegame Buffer Overrun

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So, I was playing Phase One using Chocolate Doom and after trying to save right at the start of C1M5, the game closed itself. It said "Savegame buffer overrun". Does anyone knows what happened and why? Is it just me?

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Yeah I had that problem too in c1m5... It is a large map, even with all the enemies... But their was the map C1M7 that has destroyed my two maps of progress right at the start because of the worms and the other enemies going in my very direction when I fired my shotgun.
Though is their is the map C2M2 that is suffering more to the other issues that the Chocolate Doom's engine in the main area with the bio-suit and the other area with the red key. I crashed thrice because of the engine failing to take in all the poly faces of those big rooms.

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