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I just found the answer to this just now on a thread 6-7 months ago but I thought I would make a new thread about it here because someone might need it.  In e5m4 there is a part where the exit is where you move around that area and the wall behind the exit should lower.  In Sigil V1.2 it does not lower and you have to find another way to get it to lower (a switch where the lava is in the ground... what the hell)


I have not played 90s doom or sigil in a long time and forgot what version of sigil I was running, but I do now since I tried a earlier version of sigil (SIGIL V1.1) and the wall lowers behind the exit now when moving around that room.


BUT... the cyberdemon is not in e5m5 on H.M.P difficulty setting mode using ZDOOM 2.6.1 running SIGIL 1.1.  I really wan't to keep ZDOOM 2.6.1 because I completed most of the maps on that one version of all the classic doom games I played, It has a special place in my heart since I have downloaded it again. 


Hope this thread helps you all.. my fellow doom fans.


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Whilst i understand your empathy for ZDoom 2.6.1, would it not be better to test this against ZDoom 2.8.1? That's the last official version, despite being discontinued.

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9 hours ago, vanilla_d00m said:

I like the sound better on 2.6.1 and it feels more balanced sounding. 

That has no effect on the ZDoom version used. ZDoom can use various softsynths and there is a special module for Timidity.


You could thus easily upgrade to ZDoom (Or better yet, GZDoom) and enjoy the same sound either way.

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ZDoom went from MIDAS to FMOD (with 1.23 beta) and then to FMOD Ex (with 2.3.0), before giving the choice between FMOD Ex and OpenAL (with 2.8.0). So that can explain the perceived difference, if using 2.8.1 with OpenAL compared to 2.6.1 with FMOD Ex. In addition, FMOD Ex went through several different versions, and I didn't bother to check but it's perfectly possible the version of FMOD Ex bundled with ZDoom 2.8.1 is different from the one with 2.6.1, offering another possible explanation for differences in sound output.

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