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  1. Gez

    Silly Colormap Hacks (updated)

    Chocolate Doom, Crispy, Woof, PrBoom+, DSDA-Doom, Eternity...
  2. Gez

    Silly Colormap Hacks (updated)

    The answer to that question was already posted way back then. Colormap hacks will not work if you test them in a port that ignores the colormap.
  3. Gez

    Just for fun: PWAD Timelines

    I want to know where you'd fit this one in the timeline. Also, what about H-Doom? Did it happen before or after impse.wad?
  4. Gez

    Floor texturing question

  5. Gez

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    Size: 65,1 GB (69 981 803 340 bytes) Size on disk: 65,4 GB (70 316 929 024 bytes) Content: 138 162 files, 7 693 folders Wow. Of course the Source subfolder alone is responsible for 81 013 files and 6 521 folders alone.
  6. Gez

    UDB, why no UDMF for Doom 1?

    It shouldn't be hard to make the configuration by yourself, it should only involve copying and renaming the existing "Doom 2 (UDMF)" config into "Doom (UDMF)" and then editing it to remove the line where it #includes Doom II things. Other than the added things and the change in map slot naming convention, there's no real differences between Doom and Doom II. And the latter is irrelevant to GZDoom as you can use any arbitrary map slot name you want regardless of game. Also note that in GZDoom you can perfectly well make use of the new Doom II things if you provide the needed resources. That's how KDiZD got to feature a super shotgun, a chaingunner, and a Hell knight -- just with original sprites instead of using those from Doom II.
  7. Gez

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    Compendium The Sentinel's Lexicon Ashes Afterglow Hell-Forged Project Osiris
  8. Gez

    Hi-color images in source ports?

    You have basically only two options here: Force the image into the palette and apply the COLORMAP as usual Ignore the COLORMAP and change brightness algorithmically Usually, software renderers will do the former while hardware renderers will do the latter.
  9. That's a weird question. It's asking about projects that were in development hell, and that were then considered better at release that they are now, in hindsight? I think that the "obvious examples" like DNF and Daikatana are disqualified because they were considered horrible at release. If anything, Daikatana is probably better considered now, when you have the fan patch to remove some of the worst gameplay decisions and you're told to just skip the first episode entirely. And even DNF can be considered better now that it was at release since you can play the DLC campaign instead of the original campaign, and that's a massive improvement because it upgrades the game from "abysmal disaster" to "mediocre".
  10. Yeah how comes this thread wasn't started by @[McD] James? WTF is happening?
  11. Of course, and that was most likely the only planned change. It's just that at some point somebody tinkered with the teleportation code, didn't notice the side effect, and forgot about it. Because this was back in the days when "revision control" meant "I copied the entire directory to a set of floppies". There is absolutely no reason to believe that the teleport bug was intended, or even that it was intended specifically for Final Doom.
  12. A short history of Doom v1.9 code changes. In the beginning there was Doom II v1.9. This is the beginning because I'm skipping the previous versions. What you're seeing in complevel 2 is Doom v1.9's normal state. But then there was Ultimate Doom that added a fourth episode to Doom 1. So there were code changes to add the fourth episode, and they also added a fourth demo run. Boom! This complevel 3 is an ultimate Doom v1.9. But then, there was Final Doom. And they felt it'd be really super dumb if the map names and text screens weren't updated. So they took their code base and made more changes! Boom! This complevel 4 is what is known as a Ultimate Doom v1.9 that has ascended above an Ultimate Doom v1.9. Or, you could just call this a Final Doom v1.9. AND THE ANTHOLOGY IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! Long story short, it's still v1.9 as far as id was concerned. Whoever commented out that bit of code at some point between Ultimate Doom and Final Doom probably didn't think it'd have an impact on demos. They really weren't nearly as bothered with regression-testing demo compatibility as much as the community would be...