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  1. The menu is a red herring, all options are saved in CVARs. So what you have to do is find out which CVARs you're interested in and check their values. Keep in mind, however, that it's not necessarily a good idea. Notably, and importantly, the CVARs in question are not guaranteed to be forward-compatible -- sometimes an option becomes moot and disappears (e.g., the CVARs to configure FMOD stuff ceased to have a point when FMOD Ex was removed), sometimes they get refactored (e.g. three different boolean CVARs that deal with a similar setting can be replaced by a single enum-style CVAR), sometimes they get renamed... So a script that checks for a given CVAR value can, later down the line, result in false positives or false negatives... Another important issue when you start making scripts contingent on CVAR values is that it can cause desyncs in multiplayer or in demos; because many CVARs are user-specific, so their value is not shared across all players in MP, or written in the demo file, causing the script to behave differently from expected.
  2. Gez

    Recommended Tools For Making Textures

    This is a frequent question, so here's a few recent threads on the topic:
  3. Gez

    How do i get colored blood on prboom+?

    I don't think it's possible.
  4. Gez

    [ZDOOM] Linedefs assigned to the wrong sector

    Yeah, that looks like nodebuilding issues.
  5. Gez

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Maybe there are other elements that may explain why a two-weapon limit can work for a James Bond game but not for a Duke Nukem game.
  6. Gez

    SWANTBLS and ANIMATED = unknown

    Well, I cannot replicate the issue from within SLADE. When I do right-click->Compile to SWITCHES and ANIMATED, it generates the lumps correctly.
  7. Gez

    Post your Doom textures!

    Vanilla is perfectly able to support 1024x128 wraparound skies, cf. Plutonia, TNT, and Unholy Trinity. I don't think this part of the picture would be a good candidate for a 256-sky, because it ends up looking kinda like a sunset and it'd look weird to have four sunsets.
  8. Gez

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    Looks like Press articles about Doom could receive additions...
  9. Gez

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    If there's ever a new Duke Nukem game, they should get Kelly "Coelasquid" Turnbull as the lead writer.
  10. Gez

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    No, it's really not. The gameplay is so terrible that the game goes out of its way to hide it away from you, as if it were ashamed of it, trying to distract you with pointless minigames that don't make one iota of sense. Seriously: after the stadium intro sequence that's a fake-out, how long does the game spend making sure you don't get a weapon to shoot the enemies with? And once you do get a weapon, the game just starts throwing vehicle sections and turret sections. The writing is aggressively terrible, and makes the presence of all the minigames even worse: while the writing tries to put some urgency in the situation (aliens are attacking, you're humanity's only hope, go kick their ET butts), the gameplay tells you to wander around and putz around with random items so as to literally increase your ego instead. ??? The quality of a game does not depend on its weapon models. Dusk is widely acclaimed as an excellent retro-styled shooter, and its weapon models are terrible.
  11. Gez

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    It doesn't matter if there's only three demos ever recorded in one of the more obscure complevels, given PrBoom+'s mission statement they're gonna be kept. And all that talk about clean ups and refactors can be put aside -- demo compatibility is extremely fiddly, and the side effects of refactors would be very likely to break something hard to fix.
  12. Gez

    What wads have the grandest architecture?

    Curse of D'Sparil, Faithless Trilogy, and Quest for the Crystal Skulls also have some grand-looking Heretic architecture.
  13. Gez

    What wads have the grandest architecture?

    I think Back to Saturn X, Counterattack, and Lost Civilization have not been listed yet. Also on the ZDoom side of things I could suggest ZDCMP2, Stronghold: on the Edge of Chaos, Verdant Citadel, Hell-Forged, (The Gates of) Tartarus, and of course anything created by BridgeBurner.
  14. Gez

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    Speaking of, it's entirely because of that prick Ulfric and his war crimes against the Reachmen that they're now waging a vendetta war against everyone. And there's also the Karthwasten massacre (cf. Season Unending).
  15. It's actually possible to do that if you mark each line of the polyobject as a 3D middle texture. Obviously they need to be two-sided. This was used in ZDCMP2 to make the doors of the fort protecting the Hell hole: you can go along the walkway above them without colliding with them. Do note, however, that even these 3D polyobjects cannot have horizontal surfaces -- they're not moving 3D floors, they're moving lines. In the ZDCMP2 example, this isn't a problem because the doors' bottom is hidden by the floor, the doors' top is hidden by the 3D floor walkway.