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  1. It shouldn't be a surprise, but rendering slopes require putting in the code in the renderer to slope the slopes. GZDoom Builder was started precisely for the purpose of having a visual mode that supports GZDoom stuff.
  2. Packs of ghost warriors are efficient turrets -- since their projectiles go through their fellow ghosts, they will not block the attacks of the ghost warriors behind them. Likewise, a pack of ghost warriors can efficiently be shielded by ghost golems or ghost nitrogolems. Avoid having the ghost nitrogolems behind the ghost warriors however -- screaming heads don't go through ghosts.
  3. I used to quote the post with the picture, copy/paste the tags, and hit preview. It's not possible to do that on Doomworld anymore because wiggiwig editors suck and there's no preview mode since wugguwug is supposed to be good enough.
  4. make them wander in an inescapable death pit of radioactive lava, and put a platforming section just above them. Like 2000 units above. players will be stopped mid-jump like Wile E. Coyote, and be chewed to death during their fall.
  5. He was hanging out with Danny Evanger and Fred Chexter.
  6. Most of those don't have anything to do with decals, though. cl_bloodsplats: disables monsters bleeding on walls -- yep, that's one of the things that disable decals. cl_bloodtype 0: makes blood spurt be sprite only (instead of particles, or sprites and particles both) cl_rockettrails 0: disables the creation of trails behind the rocket in flight (does not affect scorch marks on the walls) gl_particles_style 0: makes particles square (but you've disabled them anyway, so...) You missed cl_missiledecals, but anyway, as explained here, there are no CVAR toggle for hitscan attacks, so RjY's approach is both simpler and more efficient.
  7. Nice. The hosted sites should come back, eventually, but Linguica hasn't given an ETA for that.
  8. After a forum update, default avatars came back, and that was intolerable.
  9. After fighting through countless dimensions of Hell, Doomguy and his friends (Corvus, Parias, Baratus, and Daedolon) finally stumbled upon the stupidest layer of Hell: Post Hell. Let's just say, they didn't do a pacifist run through it. That's why Post Hell doesn't exist anymore.
  10. Mention in your letter that you'll take an absence of response as a tacit agreement.
  11. Yes, though it's probably best to continue this discussion here instead. And on the GitHub issue tracker.
  12. SLADE has a console. You can open it with View->Console, or with the Ctrl-2 shortcut.
  13. No, not yet. At the moment, it just looks at where you clicked, see which pixel it corresponds to, and changes that. More advanced features (such as brushes, floodfill, selections...) may come later; for now you just have to click each pixel individually. I've now uploaded a test build here; it's the one named "3.1.2_Alpha".