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  1. C0muertjn9 erorn MP3 to M|D1 is |lke c0nvertjng frcrn 8MP to T><T, The reconnaissance algorithm makes mistakes that an actual human brain wouldn't make. You get much better result when someone recreates the MIDI by hand (and ear) instead of using an automated converter which will botch things up. If you can't decipher my first sentence, I've written it based on the mistakes that I remember getting from OCR software. For music it's the same kind of problem, except a lot more complex because the sounds overlay each other.
  2. For Eternity, you'd have to petition @Altazimuth I think.
  3. Switchery. Burn the switch!
  4. Do report any inconsistency as bugs on the ZDoom forum. This looks like a precedence issue -- "offset first, then scale" or "scale first, then offset". Are you using the classic software mode, or the software polygon mode?
  5. Also keep in mind that vanilla Doom has a static limit of 64 scrollers. So you could make something like you have two 64-wide textures flanking a doorway that would scroll in opposite directions, using 1 normal scroller for one and the remaining 63 scrollers for the other.
  6. Is the phantom press where ghostwriters get published?
  7. Jade Empire was pretty cool. It had its flaws, though: Clunky combat. The way you have to move and switch techniques to achieve effects is a bit unwieldy IMO. I never managed to pull a harmonic combo. That game would have benefited from having some practice dummies I think. No matter, everything fell to my advanced tactic of "jump, strike, jump, strike, jump, strike" until the big hit point sponge bosses, but by then you get the jade golem form which is basically that game's BFG. Weak writing. Yeah, I get that you don't want to force the player to be a goody-two-shoe but you've botched it. If you want to follow the "not-actually-evil,-just-insist-on-strength-and-self-reliance" way of the Closest Fist, you have to do mustache-twirling acts of cartoonish villainy quite often, like "hmm I have to choose a side between the fox spirit who wants to protect a forest, and a big demon who wants to turn everyone into mutant cannibals, yes sure these are morally equivalent choices and I could pretend I'm not evil for going with the cannibal side". Still it was fun. It's nice to have a setting that diverges from the generic western fantasy you get in pretty much every other series. There's lots of humor in the sidequests (rescuing Fen from the bandits is one of my faves) and some of the companion characters (Black Whirlwind is the best). The main plot is okay. Sure there are cliché elements (including a predictable "just as planned" twist) but I liked the premise: I wouldn't have minded if it were a bit longer, or had some decent content mods.
  8. Soft G because in my native language there are clear rules for pronunciation and one of those is "c and g are always soft in front of e, i, and y; and always hard in any other circumstance". (Also the guy who named the format specifically wanted it to refer to the "in a jiffy" expression because the aim was to reduce download times back when 56K modems were considered broadband.) English doesn't have any pronunciation rule, however, so I'd pronounce it something like "fnord" I think.
  9. As for extracting every lump to a folder, there's this.
  10. SLADE can, in a roundabout way. Load one as the base resource. Then load the other normally. Then use the maintenance option to remove entries unmodified from the IWAD. You'll be left with only different entries, marker lumps, and maps. (Maps are harder to compare since they're made of several lumps, so this check just ignores them.)
  11. What do you mean by "during ability"?
  12. There's no rule like that (you can definitely lower a ceiling below its floor), and even if there were, 3D floors wouldn't be bound by them given how they work.
  13. You can perfectly well have your 3D floor start below the map, and then move it up (including with an instant move so it seems to appear out of thin air) at some point.
  14. You can start MAP33, MAP34, and MAP35, but when you activate the level exit you will run into troubles.