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  1. Gez

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is it really, though? It looks a bit too perfect IMO.
  2. Domeworld Boomworld Hereticworld Waddayameanicantusedeeohohemmanymorequestionmark.com
  3. Gez

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    cacodaimon: bad spirit in ancient Greek. cacos means bad. As seen in cacophony (bad sound) or cacothymia (bad thymus). daimon means spirit.
  4. Gez

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    TFD gave me /kăk′əl/ for "cackle", though looking at other dictionaries does yield /kækəl/. Good enough for me, then, cackle-o-demon it is.
  5. You can extend into the lava, but then the player could potentially trigger the W1 effect several times, which can result in glitches depending on how your map is set up and which effect you're using. Another possibility would be to put obstacles on the sides, forcing the player to go through the line. Like a pair of pillars with some evil eyes on it or something. It might telegraph to the player where the trap line is, though.
  6. Gez

    Favorite Source Port?

    Because the original classic vanilla Doom (1993) defaults weren't WASD. The topic of setting WASD as the default comes up regularly on the ZDoom dev forums, but it's usually shot down fast because it conflicts with cheat keys (if A and D are movement keys, then cheat codes like "iddqd" and "idkfa" will result in unwanted movements) and with some of the default keys from other supported games (IIRC the W key brings up the weapon screen in Strife).
  7. Gez

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    It's a Greek root, so it's pronounced κακοδαίμων. Ask @Maes for pointers. Dictionary says ˌkækəˈdiːmən because it's actually a real word that exists in real dictionaries, contrarily to "mancubus". Interestingly, none of your examples have the right 'a' sound for cacodemon in English. æ is the near-open front unrounded vowel in the IPA, which means that it's actually the same 'a' as in "cat". So it's the catcodemew. 🐱
  8. Gez

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #6)

    I'd say yes, since the deathmatch arena is separated from the single/coop area -- you can't reach the single-player zone from the deathmatch zone and vice-versa, so functionally they are separate.
  9. Gez

    Favorite Source Port?

    And then, literally two posts later:
  10. Note that there are a total of 16 class flags, it was a design decision by the author of GZDB to only show the first five. Likewise, there are a total of 16 difficulty flags, and only the the first eight are shown. Just keep all class flags on. It doesn't hurt anything when playing with only one player class, and it makes it fool-proof when people do play with class mods like Samsara or QCDE.
  11. Gez

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    There are two mechanisms to keep in mind: When looking for the highest or lowest floor or ceiling from a neighboring sector, it doesn't necessarily need them to be higher or lower than the moving sector's floor or ceiling. Sectors move at a constant speed, and if they overshoot their target, they instantly move to it instead. The logic is this: suppose you want to lower by 10 units and you lower at a speed of 8 units per tic. First tic you lower the full eight, now you still have two units to lower, second tic you again lower by 8, you've overshot your destination, so you instantly move up 6 units and it'll look like you've only lowered 2 units. When you combine these two effects, you get that if a floor is "lowering" to a higher height than it already is, then it'll consider to have already overshot it. So the movement is instant, no matter how far it has to cover.
  12. Historically, the gib death in Doom at one point during development had the marine sliced in half through his torso, so there were two different gibbed marine sprites, one with the upper torso and head, the other with the lower torso and legs. Then this was changed to the single gib sprite that we all know, and instead of removing the extraneous actor they just made it identical to the first. This is why there are two identical gibbed marine actors. This extra actor has often been used by dehacked mods, so it has to be preserved as a separate yet identical actor in modern source ports.
  13. float random. Instead of returning a random integer, it returns a random floating point number. random(0, 360) could return 15 or 297; frandom(0, 360) could return 4.677667 or 179.43434343.