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  1. I'm glad to hear that because it means that my Excel spreadsheet is correct and I'll be able to update the wiki with the actual values. One of these days.
  2. Nah. Worst case, people can convert them to single-patch graphics quickly in SLADE 3.
  3. There are two different issues with vertical offsets in vanilla textures, see wiki.
  4. The theoretical maximum damage from the SSG is 300 (if each of the 20 pellets deal 15 damage). Theoretical because it's not possible with the vanilla RNG. The maximum total with the vanilla RNG is apparently 225, according to the Doom Wiki. So no, it's not possible to kill an arch-vile with just three SSG shots, unless of course it has been weakened a bit before by clumsy monster attacks who hit it instead of whatever they were targeting, probably you.
  5. ZDaemon still exists.
  6. Yes, it should work, if you haven't modified nerve.wad.
  7. You need three things: - the appropriate DLL for your system (32- or 64-bit) - a soundfont - the fluid_patchset CVAR to be set to the path to the soundfont
  8. Dumb zombiemen, everyone knows you need to go outside to have enough room to make a castell.
  9. Did you read this?
  10. No, it should just work.
  11. Let's learn English! It's fun! - Palate is the "ceiling" of your mouth. - Pallet is a flat support usually made of wood or hard plastic, meant to allow easy transport with a forklift. - Palette is a small board where painters put the paints they will work with, by extension it's any set of things that are available for a purpose, and notably the color palettes we're talking about. - Pallette is an armpit-protection plate on a medieval suit of armor.
  12. SLADE 3, right-click on ANIMATED lump, select "convert to ANIMDEFS" option in context menu.
  13. How about using some Boom effects so that these platforms have very low friction, and also there's a pusher nearby. Would it make the platforms better?
  14. One way is to define a platform sound sequence that uses the door sounds in SNDSEQ and then override the door sector to use that sound sequence, through the soundsequence property in UDMF, or a sound_sequence_thing in older map formats. Another way that should probably work is to make the "real" door in a control sector between two dummy sectors (so that it can actually open), and have the visible door use a sector link where you link the platform door's floor with the dummy door's ceiling, and invert the movement. (So, surface 1, type 5.)