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  1. Terry Pratchett was a gamer, more generally. He collaborated on an Oblivion mod!
  2. It is certain it would break it if you copy the lumps, or insert some lumps before them, or do any other operation that will force a rewrite of these hacked lumps.
  3. More precisely it's necessary to load a new level. Your savegame for the current level includes all the data about all the actors, which means that it contains references to the golems and their renderstyles as they were when you saved it. To see changes you have to get into a new level.
  4. "Running from Evil" though it's mostly overexposure and when I don't get upset at it playing in the first couple of seconds then I don't mind it. "Bye-Bye American Pie" and "Getting Too Tense" on the other hand... At least GTT is cool the first minute around but if the level lasts longer I just have to change the music to something less tiring on the ears. BBAP is just tiring immediately.
  5. One could indeed!
  6. To be honest when caustics are simulated with animated textures on walls and ceilings in Doom, it never looks like actual caustics to me. Instead it looks like walls and ceilings are covered in a thin sheet of moving fluids.
  7. "optfuzzy" is "optionally fuzzy" because you can turn off the fuzz effect in your user settings. "fuzzy" is always fuzzy. The proper way is not to edit the core definitions, but to replace them with new actors that can be derived from them. So something like this DECORATE code: Actor MummySpectre : MummyGhost replaces MummyGhost { RenderStyle Fuzzy } Actor MummyLeaderSpectre : MummyLeaderGhost replaces MummyLeaderGhost { RenderStyle Fuzzy } Put these two lines in a file named DECORATE.TXT, and load it alongside Heretic, and you should see that the ghost golems are now fuzzy (regular, solid golems are still opaque as normal).
  8. Directly editing gzdoom.pk3 is not recommended. Anyways, why don't you try "fuzzy" instead of "optfuzzy"?
  9. The big difference between tomed firemace and BFG is that the BFG is a perfect weapon to either kill bosses quickly or exercise crowd-control on thick hordes (can kill up to 41 monsters at once). The tomed firemace, on the other hand, can instakill precisely one non-boss monsters. So it's useless against bosses, and it's not very useful against crowds. What it's good at is carving a path through strong enemies like weredragons or ophidians, so it's decent as a panic weapon for when you get boxed in. The biggest drawback of the firemace (tomed or not) however, is that its projectiles disappear if they bounce on water.
  10. Easily fixed by tweaking the SNDCURVE with a hex editor.
  11. It makes sense to use practice rounds for a simulation.
  12. And also from each other, because you're using "lightamp" for both the power and the item...
  13. Top game on ModDB is Mount & Blade Warband, with 1268 files, 59 addons, and 478 mods. Supposing there's no redundancy between these categories it gives us a total of 1805 downloadable stuff. That's less than the last of the 18th top game listed on Nexus, which has 1916 files. Second top game on ModDB gets a total of 526 things. Alright. In total ModDB has 61330 files, 23603 addons, and 16284 mods, for a grand total of 101207 things. That's less than the amount of files for just Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 4 on the Nexus. As for mods not being big and gamechanging on the Nexus, that's absurd. There are many TCs, plenty of addons comparable to official expansion sets in professionalism and scope, and a lot of complete overhauls of game mechanics.
  14. The top seven titles with the most mods are all ZeniMax. Furthermore, the total number of mod files for these seven ZeniMax titles is greater than the number of files for all other games (including a few other ZeniMax titles, by the way).
  15. Metal statues have no problems with having a dynamic-looking pose; but stone statues are more limited in what they can do (stone doesn't handle tension well). Your sprite doesn't look much like metal (it's less shiny than the original sprite) so I read it as a stone statue and I just figure that its leg is gonna break. :) If you don't mind some excessive nerdery on the topic: compare this stone sculpture with that metal one and notice how on the stone sculpture there's a solid background to help carry the figures. Or look at how this Apollon cheated by having a support below the raised foot. If it's stone it needs be supported so that weight is always transferred downward. If the weight pulls upward then the stone breaks, and that's likely how the Venus de Milo lost both her arms.