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  1. Gez

    Recommended Hexen megawads

    Every Hexen level should only feature centaurs next to instadeath pits and a hefty supply of discs of repulsion. It is the only way to make fighting centaurs fun.
  2. Gez

    Is there a forum for ZDoom speedrunning?

    Generally ZDoom speedrunning is restricted to maps that actually require ZDoom to be playable, because if you can run through the map in DSDA-Doom instead, then you should do so, that's where the speedrunning scene is. And when it comes to ZDoom-specific maps, then your ruleset may end up being too restrictive, since many of these maps do require you to jump, crouch, swim, aim up or down to shoot switches, etc. This of course is a case-by-case thing.
  3. Gez

    Right texture scroll in doom

    It will be broken in any port that decompresses sidedefs, though. And the trick is not easy to implement in modern map editors AFAIK as you will need to hack the sidedef references from several lines manually and that's not necessarily a feature they have. (I know you can do it in SLADE, but outside of the map editor, by editing the LINEDEFS lump directly.)
  4. I wonder if there's some sort of autohotkey program for DOS that could be used on the automap drone to just hit tab repeatedly. Like one tic of showing the normal view for every second of game. The resulting flickering might be annoying, but it'd solve the issue of the automap being useless when constantly displayed.
  5. Gez

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Oops, yes. In my defense, it was past 1 AM for me when I wrote that, so I was a bit tired.
  6. Gez

    Things about Doom you just found out

    So I went in checked it. https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom/blob/c2aa6ec7d80bb62a15ec84c6d9c93f3e8f7178d5/src/p_inter.c And it does the half-health gib thing! ... only for players. Players get gibbed when below -50 health, rather than when at -100 health. But monsters still use their full negative health, I see no halving done there. So maybe the pistol deals more damage? I went in and checked that too: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom/blob/c2aa6ec7d80bb62a15ec84c6d9c93f3e8f7178d5/src/p_pspr.c Negative. In fact, it seems it deals less damage. See, here's the vanilla Doom code for the pellet damage: damage = 5*(P_Random ()%3+1); And here's the Calico code (Calicode, if you will) for the same thing: damage = ((P_Random ()&3)+1)*4; For those who don't do programmer maths, &3 means "modulo 3", so we get a random number that will be divided by 3 and we take the remainder -- so a value that will be 0, 1, or 2. Then we add 1 to that (with the +1, as you've all guessed) to get a value that can be 1, 2, or 3. And then we multiply that by 5 in vanilla... and by 4 in Calico! So a Calico pistol shot actually does only 4, 8, or 12 damage while the vanilla pistol does 5, 10, or 15 damage. By the way, the shotgun is also affected by the same nerf, though it still gets to fire seven pellets. That puts its damage range between 28 (minimum theoretical damage when all pellets hit: 7x4) to 84 (maximum theoretical damage, 7x12) while vanilla shotgun has 35 to 105. Super shotgun is moot as it doesn't exist in Calico; Jaguar Doom being only a port of Doom 1. Oh, and the chaingun is affected too, since beneath the hood it's just a rapid-fire pistol. At this point, since clearly nothing is sacred, I decided to go take a look at the zombieman. If the guns are nerfed, it stands to reason the monsters could be nerfed too. https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom/blob/c2aa6ec7d80bb62a15ec84c6d9c93f3e8f7178d5/src/info.c Nope. { /* MT_POSSESSED */ 3004, /* doomednum */ S_POSS_STND, /* spawnstate */ 20, /* spawnhealth */ He does get his whole 20 health, same as vanilla. Clearly something weird is going on. I've looked a bit at the damage dealing functions and stuff, but without noticing anything out of the ordinary, so at this point I have no explanation.
  7. Gez

    Things about Doom you just found out

    There's no such thing as "exact same time" in Doom. So the game is split into tics, right? But a tic is divided into a variable, but usually large, number of discrete events, that happen at the same time but sequentially. Like, event A happens at the same time as event B, but before event B, and event A is fully finished when event B takes place, even if they're simultaneous. Pretty weird, but that's how it goes, because the game's world is simulated so time is split into a rather small amount of frames (just 35 per second) and each frame is a massive update to the entire world where plenty of separate events have happened. But each of these event must be computed separately -- Doom is not a multithreaded, multicore game, and those words were pure science fiction back when Doom was developed anyway. Look at a super shotgun. It fires twenty pellets. Each one can deal 5, 10, or 15 damage to an enemy. In theory, if you point-blank-shoot a zombieman with the SSG, he's gonna receive a minimum of 20x5=100 damage, assuming you're close enough that each pellet hits. That's enough to bring a perfectly healthy and fit zombieman to -80 health, where he should be thoroughly gibbed. But it won't happen. Is it because the 20 pellets are not simultaneous despite being simultaneous? Yes, that's exactly it! While each pellet is hitscan and therefore happens immediately and instantly, each pellet is handled sequentially. One of the pellets -- could be the second, third, or fourth to hit if the zombieman wasn't already wounded -- will bring the zombie to 0 hp or less. When that happens, the zombie instantly dies, and therefore becomes non-shootable. The next pellet goes right through the already-dead zombieman and continues on its merry way, potentially hitting another enemy, or a barrel. Same for all the others that come after in the same tic. It is much more likely that the half gib health thing is the explanation. We know Heretic does half gib health. I suppose we could check Calico's source code to be sure...
  8. GRAYVINE is bugged, though, just like every other texture that uses negative offsets. This gif alternates between how it appears in editor and how it appears in vanilla. Another example of the phenomenon: Pay attention to the round thing at the bottom. Then go take a look at this post: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2275140 The image embeds are dead unfortunately, but the gist is that the texture was carefully aligned to make the round detail the mouth of a cannon, except that of course once you go into the game, the round thing is pushed down and cut off and your Doomcute cannon is broken beyond repair. This thing about accessing the pixels beyond the first 128 rows is a nice idea and it was most certainly what the texture designers intended -- but it just doesn't work.
  9. While you can have textures that are taller than 128 pixels, they will not work correctly in vanilla. The renderer is hardcoded to tile textures at the 128 point, it's just how it works. If the texture is shorter, then you get tutti frutti. If the texture is taller, you just don't get to see anything below the top 128 rows. Sprites and full-screen graphics are a different issue. They can be taller than 128, but you still need to have them split up internally at the 128th row otherwise it'll tile. This can be seen in the Final Doom SSG: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Shotgun_sprite_wraps_vertically_in_Final_Doom Cf. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Vertical_offsets_are_ignored_in_texture_patches Edit: found back my post with the list of all affected textures in the official IWADs:
  10. Gez

    If I ever get healthy...a convention question

    I've never been to any convention, what with all of them being too far away, usually behind an ocean and several time zones. But I certainly wish you'd regain enough health to be able to go to a convention, even if I wouldn't be able to attend it.
  11. Gez

    What are some bad map tropes?

    Maps that have an exit. What's up with that shit? If you're confident your map is good, then the player should have no reason to want to leave it. Putting an exit is a sign of lack of confidence in your skills as a mapper. 🗿
  12. Gez

    gibs like duke?

    You could then do it in DECORATE, using action functions such as A_SpawnItemEx, or possibly A_Burst.
  13. Indeed! https://gbatemp.net/threads/gzdoom-for-switch.538010/ With the obligatory Brutal Doom demo video, because what's the point of GZDoom besides playing Brewtöl Düüm?:
  14. Gez

    gibs like duke?

    Any source port restriction? It'll be complicated to pull off in vanilla (I suppose it'd have to involve repurposing lost souls into gibs and using A_PainDie to spawn three "lost gibs"; obviously that'll make the pain elemental non-functional though), but easier with MBF features and pretty much trivial with GZDoom features.