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  1. vanilla_d00m


    I still have my skateboard and my slipknot cd in the closet... but all I can do is a kickflip. do any of you all skateboard?? and who are ur fav skaters?? Mine are: Tony Hawk Andrew Reynolds Chad Muska Mike Vallely Bam Magera Eric Koston and offcourse.... RODNEY MULLEN.
  2. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    I'm really sorry guys.. I donated to the founder/creator of doomworld if that fixes things.
  3. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    Forget what I posted. What I really wanted to say... I just wanted to fit in. Bye all.... I rate this place 10/10 you all are very friendly.
  4. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    Well... you already know what christians do. Pray :)
  5. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    I donated to the founder of doom world, I tested somany versions of zdoom... tried to threat everyone how they want to be threated. I donated to people i dont even know LOL But its in my nature to try my best to fit in. but i really get goosebumps when I see shock factor stuff but yeah i think i dont belonf here, I hope everyone can forget i did anything here :))) I MADE ID SOFTWARE LOOK BAD :(((
  6. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    NVM... im gone from these forums. I have NOTHING... absolutely nothing against people who are satanists. Maybe I'm just being a wuss for being scared of those things... who knows. bye everyone and sorry for being chicken!
  7. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    off topic. Is he or is he not?? I think someone knows in these forums. I really wan't to know... I don't wan't to email him that question because then... he might get offended.
  8. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    You're the one who called me the big elephant in the room for asking if john romero was a satanist. I have no problem with him being that, but hes really showing it more these days... and again I have no problem with that either.
  9. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    WELL... I know nobody is going to reply to this sensitive thread. I expected more from a community like this. JOHN ROMERO FANS UNITE? UN-UNITED <_<
  10. vanilla_d00m

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    So homany of you have ghost accounts? AKA: I wan't to hide who I am because I have to much to hide. I only have 1 account.. I have nothing to hide. I even posted my picture online to a place where I don't know any of you. But hey... if you wan't to keep hiding because you are part of a BIGGER & much SERIOUS thing then by all means keep doing it, the truth will come out sooner or later in the future :) EDIT: I'm sorry for making this thread... but i seen somany people type the same on different accounts and i know it is that same person. What kind of doom community is this place??
  11. I posted that music video track to hype you all up for sigil. The uploader has stated in the description hes having fun uploading those type of videos and really is enjoying it.
  12. I think its safe to close this thread now, crispy,prboom/v8voom don't wan't donations. Good luck all with you're new content from john romero thats coming.
  13. I only intended to give back to the creators and the main brains of the stuff I used on this site. Watching a demo of somebody playing any FPS is even worse then actually playing. Sigil... I hope it does better then my crappy donations I gave out to some of you and makes you all satisfied. (I really tried on my part here)
  14. i blew my nose and people thought i farted. (back when i had a xbox360)
  15. If i was rich... i wouldnt be at doomworld... i would be at the arcade and spending much of my time at that place. I believe in karma though... if you stayed a good person ur life the best that you can, the universe will give back or help you in someway you wouldnt understand.