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  1. vanilla_d00m

    still didn't adapt

    I think I'm calling it quits for DOOM and ALL PC FPS games that move like this, I been taking rubsy travel sickness pills 1 hour before playing DOOM and it helped. But just couple days ago I wanted to try something out, what if I DON'T take these pills and see where I'm at in terms of becoming dizzy when playing these types of FPS games?? I'm still back in square 1.. my body did not adapt at all, I don't wan't to be taking something i don't know much about just to play DOOM, I have already completed ULTIMATE DOOM, DOOM II, FINAL DOOM and achieved my dream of being a doom vet. Nothing else to prove now.. you all should be really thankful you can play the games without problems! I'm really bummed out that I have to stop playing, but I will be playing resident evil though (1,2,3,CV-X) I just got to look away from the doors loading and cutscenes, hence why I look up away from the screen when I get to these places. Be thankful guys!! I really wan't to keep DOOM in my life but these pills seem dangerous.. everybodys body is different and thats just how it is. I freakin guess.... My anti-motion sickness glasses never came either, this is the second time I ordered them. O well. GG & OPL3 ULTIMATE DOOM & DOOM II 4 Life.
  2. vanilla_d00m

    My favourite source port is a fridge...

    I seen another thread with those squares... site glitching??
  3. vanilla_d00m

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Trying out pong. Taking a break from playing epic games is always good.
  4. Try and guess this level... it has been known to be the last level created in DOOM by John Romero and has the best music in all doom games in general ever created (set in OPL3) If you don't know it, you have never played DOOM in you're life.
  5. vanilla_d00m

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Graf Zahl´╗┐ I asked about this too becauase I was curious, I used it for a long time (2006-2007 till now) and just wondered what it means.
  6. vanilla_d00m

    Other Doom forums?

    There is some at gamefaqs.com in the doom section. I havn't bothered posting at that place though yet.
  7. vanilla_d00m

    recent wildfires and sky turning red

    Be safe everybody, you are all in my prayers.
  8. vanilla_d00m

    My favourite source port is a fridge...

    Grats on beating doom for you're first time, I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to beat it and maybe you can try DOOM II as well. My source port favorite is ZDOOM 2.3.1 with OPL synth emulation on for the first two games. FINAL DOOM has to be on FMOD while using James music.. it's really good. This thread also has a glitch at the bottom, wonder what it is??
  9. vanilla_d00m

    Do you guys even lift?

    I lift every 3 months or more because I really strained my arm/shoulder muscles practicing reptile combos. It was worth it because UMK3 is one of my childhood games. It is most of my childhood as well.
  10. So I live like 14 hours away from Oregon and never seen anything like this, I havn't looked up in the sky lately but I heard it was red but not that red like in oregon. But it's brown now, but the sun has a different kind of color, it's bright red. I never seen anything like this before... it reminds me of the sky in doom in some of the levels where it is all red, this is really shocking. DOOM II Hell On Earth?? https://www.klcc.org/post/live-updates-oregon-gov-kate-brown-enacts-emergency-declaration-due-fires And a video on youtube about it incase people think its fake.
  11. vanilla_d00m

    John Romero making you his B..

    What is this all about?? I searched it and it came from a game that people said didn't do to good and thats where this whole thing came from. I don't know much about John Romero but I watched some of his death match videos and he seems to be a pro. I seen a thread on this forum about this thing, but I don't know what it means to John. I actually thought John was the whole brains for the DOOM game itself, this was before I knew anything about the team though. I don't play it because of him though... I play it for the whole team for making such a huge impact in computer gaming. But didn't he create the word deathmatch?? as google says. Thats unbelievable.. wow.
  12. vanilla_d00m

    custom wads with custom menu

    Jenesis wad really threw me off.. I think it's just better to accept it. I'm really trying hard here but something in me just wants it all original. It was really hard to try custom wads instead of the commercial ones. But I heard FINAL DOOM was a custom wad not made by id software, so these wads could of been commercially released too and become original. Better to try them.. you never know when a wad will catch ID softwares attention again.
  13. vanilla_d00m

    custom wads with custom menu

    Is there a way to just leave the menu change to original on the bottom during gameplay when you run custom wads?? I'm so used to the grey one with the red text that I can't play it at my best without it. I learned to cope with it just a little, made some progress on the Icarus custom wad. 1996.. I had no idea it was a old custom wad, it's a real good one.
  14. vanilla_d00m

    Funniest DOOM bugs thread

    MAP22 - The Catacombs (DOOM II) When you open the red door and see two chain-gunners, they don't react at all even if they see you. Maybe if you get a little closer?? They might not be in that room if you use a easier difficulty setting.