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freedoom music

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hey i would like to make some music for freedoom. the page says music is needed, is that stiill the case? if so, which levels have re-used music that needs new music?

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As far as I remember, Phase 2 currently doesn't have any reused music, but Phase 1 has one reused song, which is from E1M5, E2M6 and E3M2, have a listen:

But, I remember the usage of these from an old version, so E2M6 and E3M2 might've been replaced in the later versions of Phase 1.

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so two more songs for phase 1 and it's done? i have some cc0 music already composed that might fit freedoom's purposes. at here and here. i would have to export them as midi files in my daw, but it would be easy to do.

if anyone thinks anything from what i already made fits e1m6 and e3m2 let me know, i will midify and post em. my stuff is pretty much all upbeat and faster, i don't really do the slow sludgey stuff. i come from a punk rock background, so all my music has that flavor to some degree.

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On 3/18/2023 at 2:32 PM, TheSlipgateStudios said:

I'm sure there are openings for more, really liked the music in Phase 1!

Absolutely phase one music are bangers specially e1m1




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