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Doom (Shareware) for the Atari XL/XE

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I recognise the music on the title screen on this port. It’s from Doom E1m9 ‘The Military Base’ Steve McCrea made the classic doom wad Trinity.wad in 1994. @Doomlover77  

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This is very impressive, the work to get something like this running on an 8-bit system and running somewhat smoothly. 

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Recorded a quick playthrough of the first two levels. I'm not going to lie, had some preconceived notions about how this was going to play. I was pleasantly surprised that it is completely playable and allot of fun. You have all the controls you need including strafing. I was thrown off by how accurate you need to be in regards to lining up to open a door but other than that this is a really fun port of Doom. Thanks for sharing Kityn.


Edit: I'm a dumb dumb and swapped your motto/title for your username lol



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