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  1. HorseJockey

    What would be the worse game universe to be stuck in?

    Anything by David Cronenberg.
  2. Can't wait for the release. Sorry about going radio silent and not updating my map. I moved halfway across the US, got a new job and a puppy amongst other things so I haven't had time to edit my map or visit the forums lately. Hope everyone involved in the project is doing groovy and can't wait to play the final release.
  3. PlCv7zh.jpg

    My new puppy, Scooby Doo.

  4. Wanted to make it easier, specifically with monster placement and amount in that last room. Unless you think it works as is, I just felt that it ended up being more difficult than I intended.
  5. @Matacrat my internet is spotty at best at the moment. That being said when I get a chance I wanted to rebalance the difficulty of my map, would that mess up your current progress or is that ok?
  6. HorseJockey

    What do you guys think about postal 2?

    It is a functional shooter. I think the humor is a bit over the top and is not for me. I find the game loop to be uninteresting, unless trying to do a pacifist run. Even with that restriction though, the writing and humor just aren't my cup of tea. As the game relies heavily on the player enjoying that aspect I find myself getting bored and annoyed rather quickly, and as such have never actually finished the game.
  7. HorseJockey

    What are you listening to?

    That shirt though.
  8. HorseJockey

    Doom (Shareware) for the Atari XL/XE

    Recorded a quick playthrough of the first two levels. I'm not going to lie, had some preconceived notions about how this was going to play. I was pleasantly surprised that it is completely playable and allot of fun. You have all the controls you need including strafing. I was thrown off by how accurate you need to be in regards to lining up to open a door but other than that this is a really fun port of Doom. Thanks for sharing Kityn. Edit: I'm a dumb dumb and swapped your motto/title for your username lol
  9. HorseJockey

    Doom (Shareware) for the Atari XL/XE

    This is very impressive, the work to get something like this running on an 8-bit system and running somewhat smoothly.
  10. HorseJockey

    How tall are you ?

    6' 8" or just a smidge over 2 meters. I also do not play basketball, hence the username. It's my default response to "Do you play basketball?", I say I'm a horse jockey.
  11. I surely must as it was map 2 not map 1, sorry about that I wasn't really paying attention and just remembered it being at the beginning.
  12. Some more feedback from my playthrough so far. @Matthias (LiquidDoom) is correct about the difficulty spikes. Playing farther in and replaying through the first maps its kind of all over the place, maybe we can do some monster and item adjustments once you finalize where you want everyone's maps. Map 1 has a couple of doors that need lower unpegged, unless they are supposed to look like that. Also not a big thing but there are random greyscale sectors throughout my map, I think maybe it has something to do with the colormap but I'm not sure as I didn't set them that way.