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Tester needed

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I'm looking for someone to test my mapset Canary Squadron. There are versions of it already on the archive but they apparently only work on ZDoom.

I've been working on a fix and I think I've sorted it but I need someone with experience of the major source ports to test it for me before I release it.

I've already uploaded two versions of the .wad unsuccesfully and I don't want to clog the archive with any more failed attempts so any offers would be much appreciated.

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Not a bad mapset.

Here is my report using Risen3D ...

Map 2 - 1. Can get trapped in sector 44 area if don't have red key, unless jumping is allowed. Imperative that player uses all 3 switches at start ?

Map 3 - 1. Lines 847 and 930 not lower unpegged.
2. Should have used midbars3 on front side of line 465 and then Y offsetted lines 465 and 466.
3. Lines 435 , 436, 437 etc should have been flagged impassible ? as player can run from sector 106 to sector 108.

Map 4 - Linedef 1162 goes too far. Should be between vertices 950 and 951.

Map 6 - Missing upper textures on lines 226 and 262 which will cause hom on some ports.

Hope this helps - Cheers.

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Thanks Hawkwind, this thread really should be closed because the link at the top refers to a previous version of Canary Squadron that has since been superseded. The only reason I never requested the thread to be closed was because I wasn't expecting any more replies!

The issue in MAP02 has now been fixed. Jumping is not allowed (would be easy to get the blue key if it was) and all three switches now don't need to be hit at the start.

The points in MAP03 are still outstanding but I'm not too worried about them. I knew about point three but left it in. Could be used as an escape route in deathmatch.

I never noticed the one in MAP04 and I thought I'd fixed the one in MAP06 but it's still there (oops).

Thanks for playing anyone and I'm glad you reasonably enjoyed yourself.

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