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  1. purist

    A Doom-based Poem

    Doom guy rebooted as an angsty virgin..
  2. purist

    Designing for continuous play.

    Just test it's beatable for pistol start. That way if the player is in an unwinnable position carried over from the previous map he can at least have a chance after respawning. You can always throw some med kits in an exit room for a lazy/easy way to accommodate continuous players.
  3. purist

    GZDoom lags as soon as I start a new game

    I noticed this also happened to me after the Win 10 update.
  4. purist

    How often do you check Doomworld?

    Every few days. I'm kind of out of the loop at the moment but I still want to check in in case something major happens.
  5. purist

    What PWADs invoke the most nostalgia for you?

    Scythe, 10 Sectors and congestion 1024 for me, since they were amongst the first I downloaded. Now that I think about it, this could be the reason for my soft spot for small maps.
  6. purist

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    This is a stupid question I'm sure but I'm trying to navigate posts by most recent unread, which is fine, but how do I go to the oldest unread post in the threads? If I click the number of replies it always goes to the first page - even if I read them all.
  7. purist

    How many forums are you registered to?

    Other than DW the only one I use is FPRArena for the Fire Pro Wrestling games. The community is pretty dead compared to here but there's still a little bit of activity.
  8. It was made around 13 years ago with WADED. It was called Courtyard and was a small outdoor map. You started near the foot of some steps that lead to a bridge that split the courtyard. You had to cross the bridge to get to one side where you can then lower the middle of the bridge to get to the other side where the exit was. It was mostly populated by chaingunners. For a first attempt it was pretty well thought through. It became MAP01 of a vanilla Doom II episode called Cult of Doom that never got released I went on to use WADED to make my first IDGAMES upload Helevator and another Doom II episode Canary Squadron. I think I migrated to Doom builder after that.
  9. purist

    Infighting after death

    Sometimes it goes on endlessly as the monsters have moved into positions where they can fire at each other but not hit each other. I once has an instance where, after a post death infight had died down I thought this was happening. One of the monsters was a cyb and although it couldn't hit what he was aiming at his splash damage must have reached an imp who attacked back. More monsters got caught in the resulting crossfire and it all kicked off again. Amused me a bit that did.
  10. purist

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Echelon & Mutiny

    I'd like to give some designer notes on Wildcard because I always enjoy it when other authors do. Unfortunately, being a colaborative map, I don't trust my memory enough not to do Traversd a disservice. Regardless, I'll give my recollections of it's production and hopefully Traversd will pop in and correct any inaccuracies. I think I started the map with the revenants behind the red door being the core concept behind the map and it was built around this. I spent most my time working this and the subsequent area searching for a sweet spot of risk versus reward. I'd recycled this concept from a map in a ZDOOM episode I made called Hell Bent. Trivia: During project development some map slots had preset names and the ones that weren't were given the working title of 'Wildcard'. Hence, we kept the working title and the red key became the titular card. Layout wise I think a general rule of thumb in terms of division of labour is that Travers handled much of the outdoor areas whilst I handled most the tech. However, there was plenty of crossover as we were both quite laid back about revising each others work. I laid down the foundations of the combat and map route but Travers had the final say. He improved everything he changed with the exception of the red key fight that has been made much too easy to back out of in the final iteration - though it is a minor enough part of the map not to offend. Aesthetic wise, Travers deserves all the praise. I realised very early into the polishing phase that I would be unable to contribute any further with out detracting from the finished look. Other than establishing some early visual motifs there's very little I can take credit for in this regard. I need me a Travers to polish all my maps!
  11. purist

    The Wrestling Thread

    I'd check it out but I already pay a sub to the WWE Network so not for the time being. The crossover stuff with ROH looks cool and like that they have regular tournaments. By the way, for an awesome wrestling game check out Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on PS2 or emulator and equip with a load of CAWs from FPRArena
  12. purist

    The Wrestling Thread

    My prediction - Cena beats Styles for the title then Undertaker draws 30 and wins the rumble to setup Cena v Taker at WM33. I watched WWF from around WM6 to WM9 and stopped watching because of Hogan winning the belt under circumstances too contrived to swallow. I started again 3 years ago when my son got into it and have followed it with some interest for the last year or two. I also quite like ROH and LU but theres just not time for it all so i rarely watch. From what I read the sports style format of NJPW would appeal to me most but I don't think I'd get past the translation issue.
  13. purist

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Very kind feedback for my map, thank you Dobu. I have no issues with the changes suggested being implemented either.
  14. purist

    2016 Goals

    I made only a little progress with VOH despite dew's help. Played a little of Doom 16 but no Snap map. At least I had a release of sorts in 2016 with my contribution to Mutiny and a level in Dime's birthday compilation too. Need to step it up in 2017.
  15. purist

    What type of secret levels do you prefer?

    Yeah I read my post again and it makes no sense. Dunno if it was my phone autocorrecting or I lost the plot. It would still not work as Ichor described in the post I was quoting but the outcome would be as you've said.