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  1. hey, is everything okay? you haven't been around at all lately 

    1. purist


      Cheers for checking in buddy. All is well, just not been on DW for a while.

  2. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Chris_Bourke_(purist) Only 36 released maps according to my Wiki page when totalling up released stuff. Going back to 2004 that is a pretty slow work rate! Including unreleased maps I'd estimate I am up to 62 and I am hoping most of those will be released one day.
  3. Cool, I'll keep working then and post an update when it is ready for more thorough play testing.
  4. @Joshy As promised, please see link below. It plays on MAP12 but is not committed to any particular slot. It is in an earlier stage than I would normally share but hopefully there is enough there for you to give me an idea whether it is worth me continuing for this project. The layout is in place and I am somewhat settled on the map progression. Thing placement is not balanced but is a guide for what I intend for each area, textures are also a basic guide whilst detail and lighting are barely started. The map is called Power Trip and the theme is selected areas where BFG use is the primary weapon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9r0op5h9smindom/POWER.wad?dl=0
  5. I've made a good deal of progress on a submission but I'm not sure if it's right or not. I will link to it and tonight and you could let me know whether to keep working on it or not.
  6. purist

    Any one else play/played Warhammer?

    I used to play 40k years ago! I think I used to like reading the Codex and looking at the well painted (as opposed to my efforts) miniatures more than playing the game but I did have a few battles with my brothers and friends.
  7. E3M7 is one of my least favourite IWAD maps. I really dislike maps that are unintuitive to progress.
  8. Maybe E2M3 and E3M2 from the original Doom. Both are not generally considered good levels and I accept they are basic and flat. Still, they are among my favourites. For Slough of Despair I think it is because it feels like you are in the wilderness of Hell and are stalked from all angles whilst you scramble for provisions. For Refinery, I can't really explain. I think it is more of a nostalgia think. Hopefully another closet Refinery fan can put their finger on it.
  9. I'll try and do this by memory but my full list is on the wiki. Doom 2 Unleashed. I have a map in the ZDoom only overflow section. One of the 32in24 speed map DM compilations. Maps for the Map God I think it was called. My map was inspired by the first Quake 2 map and I never played it in DM so I have no idea if it is any good. Interception. I have MAP08 and another map I shared with Memfis. I had a lot of fun finishing what he started. Hadephobia. I ran this project. I made 6 maps for the main WAD and one of the 3 bonus maps. I actually co-authored a few others but I haven't noted so in the credits. This was loads of work, I don't think I could commit to it again. Stanimapping / Grindmapping Project. I am not sure if I changed the mispelt portmanteau title or if it was even released but this was a project I made that was a sort of speedmap exercise except there was no time limit provided you made the whole map in one sitting. October. This was a small project by mapper who had a birthday in October. I made 3 short gimmicky speed maps. Bedlam. This was a Doom E3 episode arranged by Memfis. My map was originally made as a last minute entry to DTWiD but was either too late or didn't make the cut. D2TWID. I did get a map in this. It was heavily edited by Tarnsman so it is a co-credit. I finished another 3 submissions that might end up in the Lost Levels if they are ever released. Dime's birthday speedmap WAD. I don't remember the name if this but I submitted a Scythe E3 style map. Mutiny. I co-authored a map with TraversD. This was a fun one to collaborate on. TNT Revilution. My map was submitted to the Devilution project but it sat with them for months before the project changed leadership a couple of times and the new people wanted extensive changes when I has no interest in revisiting so I offered it to the Revilution guys when they splintered off instead. UDTWID. I was honoured to be invited to submit a map to this project. It took a long time to release but I enjoyed the process. Team Mapping Project. I made a map with SteveD. Apparently the project is not dead but I am not sure what form it will be released under. Perdition's Gate 2. I submitted a map to the TNT arm of FDTWiD but since there has been no movement on this for so long I offered it to another project looking for a Tom Mustaine style map. This is hopefully close to release. I have started a map for PRCP2 but have not had opportunity to work on it for a few weeks.
  10. The answer to all of them is they are all fine if implemented well. Some of the points will be harder to execute than others.
  11. @Terminus Thanks for playing VOH. I hope you enjoyed it. I have noted a few minor bugs from your VOD so that is helpful for me making improvements. To answer a few questions: New vanilla monsters. The limit for new monsters is more the frames than the monsters themselves. The reason I can have so many is that most of them use existing frames with just changes in properties such as speed, HP, projectiles etc and I use either the spectre flag or the palette swap flag to distinguish them from each other rather than new sprites. That is also why plasma marines look so similar to former humans. I am hoping to add at least a couple of new monsters for the last episode. The levels mostly played correctly except a sequence break in MAP13. In that map the idea is you need to find the light switches to get through the dark areas but the red key is too easy to beat in the dark so it allows you to skip the bunker area (that you did anyway) without much risk.
  12. This is not at all true. At best, opinions are split over which game is better and, if there is a consensus, I would say it is more likely to favour Doom; especially when the extended mapping resources of Doom 2 is taken from the equation. Personally, I think Doom 2 is clearly superior even just in terms of level design but this is not a majority opinion.
  13. purist

    Have you read all of Doomworld threads?

    I used to read every new thread. I don't know where I found the time.
  14. purist

    user Malinku was murdered

    I'm sorry to hear there has been no progress in his case. Your son was a valued, creative and easy to get on with member of this community and he is very much missed.