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  1. purist

    Monkey's paw thread

    You are being pursued by a starving bear. You are inspired to run faster than you ever have in your life. Inevitably, the bear gains ground until you are pounced and feasted upon by the ravenous beast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wish my mortgage got paid up.
  2. Great work so far everyone. Things are not moving so smoothly for Dylan and me. One very small map each so far. I'm not sure we will have a release at the end of the month but we've had some fun.
  3. I think I was playing the Jaguar version in a department store. I was in the E1M4 maze and when a demon ran at me I shot it point blank, not realising how the rocket launcher worked, and died instantly. Not the best first impression but good enough that I asked for a Jaguar for Xmas that year.
  4. 10 Scythe 10 D2TWiD 5 DTWiD 5 BTSX E1 5 Scythe 2 5 Kama Sutra 5 Sunlust 5 Plutonia Experiment 3 Zone 300 2 Classic Episode
  5. I've persuaded Dylan to attempt a father-son megawad with me. He hasn't mapped since he was six so expect a set of small, crude Doom II maps.
  6. purist

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    Doom 2. For me, the episode format and the absence of the SSG is the only thing Doom has going for it and there is an argument to made both ways on both those things. I feel like Doom's level design is overrated. Most of the E1 maps are well designed but there is (understandably) no difficulty so they are only worth repeat play for nostalgia. Outside E1 the maps don't measure up to Doom 2 at all. I think the opposing view is due to Doom levels being more accessible and forgiving. There are some design choices that make progression obscure in Doom 2 and it is uneven in terms of some routes being much easier than others but it has Doom 1 beat for repeated play.
  7. purist

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    Does this rock keep tigers away?
  8. What's the difference between playing a difficult megawad on HNTR and playing an easier one on HMP? Either way you're conceding to yourself that you're choosing the easier option. I don't see the difference to the ego.
  9. purist

    UV Continuous Play vs HMP All Pistol Start

    I like playing continuously until I die and then restarting the level as a pistol start. It adds stakes to dying because if you do you lose all the weapons you've accumulated. The downside is it is no good for long maps unless you're really patient. To combat that you could do mid-level saves after the first death.
  10. Street Fighter 2 - Vega/Balrog for his cool mask and claw. It was also original that he could climb the cage on his Spain stage. Mortal Kombat 1 - 3 - Reptile. I liked all the ninjas but being an initial secret character and a lizard pit him ahead of Sub Zero and Scorpion. Tekken - Eddie. I think that's who it was. The guy with the crazy legs. Made me feel like I was playing well when I was just button mashing. Primal Rage - Talon just because raptors were my favourite dinosaur.
  11. purist

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    D2TWiD Sunlust Scythe Kama Sutra BTSX
  12. purist

    Interception II (32 New Levels for Doom II from the Doom Community)

    Here's the link to Mt Purgatory https://www.dropbox.com/s/ri7xk9pnbw2cgua/MtPurg.wad?dl=0 If you can use it for a base of something have at it but please don't feel obliged Apologies again for not being able to finish.
  13. purist

    Interception II (32 New Levels for Doom II from the Doom Community)

    My apologies for not finishing my map. I under estimated how little free time I was going to have. Having run a CP before I appreciate how frustrating for you this could be. If you like I can boot up the laptop and send you what work I had done in case there is somewhere there you wish to continue with but no hard feelings if not.
  14. None really but Quad Damage as an extra power up would be good.
  15. 90s: Let's push the limits 00s: Let's remove the limits 10s: Let's make limits