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  1. purist

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    I always wanted a modernised spiritual successor to Barbarian. I thought the instant death concept was underused in versus fighting games.
  2. Barbarian Mortal Kombat 2 Doom II Quake Worms Pro Evolution Soccer Championship Manager 00-01 GTA Vice City Fire Pro Wrestling World Hotline Miami
  3. purist

    What was you'r biggest dissapointment in a WAD?

    Speed disappointed me because it is a total misnomer. The level itself is fine but it practically forces you to play slowly and methodically.
  4. I always struggled with E3M5 Unholy Cathedral. Mostly because of the obtuse progression. The first level I really struggled with due to the monsters was E1M8 Phobos Anomaly because I was playing on the Atari Jaguar from pistol start. When I played from an earlier level and carried over the rocket launcher it became much easier.
  5. I'm going to approach this from the perspective of new monsters being created during the design phase. 3 monsters for each. Plutonia was very strategy orientated so the monsters would fit the gameplay challenges the Casalis like to employ. Sentry Gunner Stationary chaingunner that cannot be destroyed but can be stunned to briefly interrupt it's attack, like a painchance. This serves the purpose of the turret chaingunners so plentiful in Plutonia and would replace the infinitely respawning chaingunners. Sprite Vile A lesser version of the arch vile. Quicker to kill and no resurrection ability but keeps the same attack. The Casalis used Viles primarily for their attack rather than their resurrection ability and I think they would appreciate a weaker variant that they could use more commonly. Banshee Floating revenant. Same everything else except maybe a lost soulesque charging punch for when it is fancies a change from homing missiles. Not much to say here except I think the Casalis would think of a ton of uses for Revenants not limited to terra firma. They may never place a cacodemon again. Evilution was more about atmosphere but there were some gameplay tropes that new monsters would compliment. Plasma Zombie A former human type equipped with a plasma rifle and dropping cells. TNT uses a lot of former humans, which results in hit-scan hell. This monster would allow for a projectile variation of the theme. Fire Knight I can't remember the name but it's the Valiant Hell Knight that chucks out a ton of fire projectiles. The purpose of this monster is area denial. Evilution uses lots of wide open spaces that this creature could spice up a little and keep the player on their toes. Mother Demon Uh-oh, it's the boss! It's not so much what the monster does as opposed to being an effective final boss. I feel like Evilution really could have used an alternative to the Icon of Sin, even more than Plutonia.
  6. My memory of it was similar to Graf Zahl. It was considered a bit of a lazy cash grab since there were no new monsters/weapons/features.
  7. purist

    Make your own difficulty!

    How about health degeneration? So your health drops by 1% per second on top of any other damage being taken. You would have to play fast but balance speed with avoiding damage and topping up health. If it proves too difficult a compromise could be to eat any armour before health. Another tweak could be that it stops at 1% so it you wouldn't die outright by the health degeneration but it could put you in a one-hit kill situation.
  8. purist

    What're Your Favorite 90's Wads?

    Plutonia and TVR come to mind. Icarus doesn't have a high ceiling but is mostly a breezy play through. Requiem and Memento Mori I remember not aging great in terms of gameplay with Requiem in particular largely involved super shotgunning monsters directly in front of you. Hell Revealed was just not to my taste.
  9. purist

    What are your mapping rules?

    Lately I have used some of the following principles. 1. Try doing something new with each map to keep things fresh. 2. I like layouts that are interconnected. If they are quick and fun to run around without monsters it is a good sign. 3. Work to your own conventions, not others - even if they are generally accepted. I trust my instincts now, and like to add character to my maps. 4. I have got into making secrets. Nested secrets large areas and optional gameplay is good. If you have more ideas for your map but it is long enough already, make them a secret or optional area. 5. I like risk/reward scenarios like multiple routes or strategies that allow players to pick their own pace. 6. On the contrary I am often thinking of ways to force the player to keep moving and never feel too comfortable.
  10. purist

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I think about Sigvatr's Hell Superior from time to time for some reason: Likely no more than 2 maps were made and the screenshots are gone now. Another thread appeared 5 years later with a YT video (that is now also gone) Not much to go on unless anyone knows if anything surfaced anywhere outside Doomworld or the 2 levels survived somewhere.
  11. A Nightmare only project has been a back-burner idea of mine for years but, let's face it, I was never going to get around to it so I'm pleased somebody else has. Good luck with the project. Nightmare is almost like a different game mode than a different difficulty and I'm sure there are a lot of cool creative things you can do with it.
  12. For the sake of a chainsaw I suppose I could have made it a simpler jump :-) Ammo is tight on purpose. Another homage to E4M1 but also a hint not to waste any on the barons you will eventually telefrag. If you are careful with rockets I think you will fair OK and if not the higher HP monsters are all pretty avoidable.
  13. E4M3 - Earth, Blood & Fire: Author Notes Despite bring a pretty active mapper during the long development of the original DTWiD I think my attention was diverted to Hadephobia and my only submission was a day late and a dollar short. That map ended up in E3 inspired Bedlam episode and I instead made a concerted effort to have a map included in D2TWID instead. Alas, despite around 6 submissions I only had one late, partial success when Tarnsman reworked one of my maps into a Refuelling Base style Peterson/Hall mash up. Why mention all of this? Well, I believe it was my involvement with the D2TWiD team that earnt my the invitation to submit a map to UDTWiD. I picked an American McGhee map because his style is very orthodox and most similar to my own. My pitch was to make E4M1 and the concept of progressing by telefragging Baron's came first, triggered I think by the E1M8 music in the slot. I think the concept works better as an opener because something is lost to the player equipped with resources from previous maps but I didn't have any say in the final map order. The map went through a few revisions - all of them involving shrinking the map. First by narrowing a lot of the play areas and then by relegating the PR area, which was once part of the normal progression into a secret area. I don't have a lot of memories of making the map, except that it was pretty stress free - even when being asked to rework it, which I usually find to be a chore. I notice some players have lamented the running skills needed to find two of the secrets. This surprised me because I don't consider myself a very nimble player but I can usually get them without too much trouble. EDIT: Oh, the name. My pitch included a couple of name suggestions. One was Amongst the Beasts (a nod to the telefragging) and I don't remember the other(s). I don't know why they were passed or why the final name was decided but I am honestly not very keen.
  14. @Jimmy my style has been compared to his so our maps would complement each other. He would also be in charge of music as his midis are great. @40oz I really like his ideas and enthusiasm for Doom. He is also experienced in Team mapping and makes cool textures. @Doomkid I appreciate his commitment to vanilla and is prolific, which would given how slow I am at mapping. I am sucker for creative DeHacked work as well.
  15. hey, is everything okay? you haven't been around at all lately 

    1. purist


      Cheers for checking in buddy. All is well, just not been on DW for a while.