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  1. None really but Quad Damage as an extra power up would be good.
  2. 90s: Let's push the limits 00s: Let's remove the limits 10s: Let's make limits
  3. purist

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    His levels had a very professional/official feel despite being made in a time when the IWAD maps were of an impossibly high standard to emulate by modders. Being included in the Master Levels and being included in those ported to PSX canonises him into Doom lore and a makes him a grandfather of the Doom modding/mapping community.
  4. purist

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Sad news. RIP Dr. Sleep.
  5. Voted for Unruly Evil. Hell Keep is one of the worst levels in the game. Not much more to it than a corridor. Didn't Doomworld already establish Containment Area was the greatest original Doom map?
  6. purist

    Point of No Return / "Back Tracking" - Public Opinion

    A point of no return is fair game. Where I use them I usually add a secret way to get back to appease completists if I can. Backtracking is ok but you shouldn't have boring parts in your map and if it is a timely or complex route with nothing to do it can be quite dull to backtrack or the player may get lost. Use a teleport or other short cut or add some new monsters to fight along they way. Don't feel obliged to warn players about the cross roads. You could give a hint by allowing the player to see ahead or swap paths early on.
  7. Eh, doesn't meet the standards for today.
  8. For me, roughly the same amount. Most the maps I binned were replaced by a better one. So I'd have the same amount of released maps but the better maps wouldn't exist.
  9. purist

    Interception II (Complevel 9, Boom Megawad -- Accepting Playtesters!)

    @The Mysterious Moustachio I'll attempt a little something for MAP14 unless soneone else already plans for it.
  10. purist

    Getting annoyed by some words

    Incorrect use of the word Random became fashionable a few years back and still hasn't gone away. I was out with friends who said we should go into an old man pub because they wanted a random night out. I made the case that if we choose the pub it's not random so for the rest of the night we let the dice decide and had a genuinely random night out.
  11. Too many PWADS and not enough time. In the 90s people played the likes of MM and HR repeatedly learning every facet of the game because there was not as much high quality content. To me, UV should be the seemingly unfair difficulty level that you conquer by first learning the secrets and strategic advantages in a level. Now it's expected that UV difficulty plays fair from the first time you play because it's unreasonable to expect someone to invest so much time in one PWAD.
  12. purist

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    My McGee level, plays on E4M1 This is a new version of the level with a couple of shrunken areas. Not sure if it's better or worse; I'll let @Alfonzo decide which one he keeps.
  13. purist

    My curiosity on the popularity of certain PWADs

    It certainly inspired a lot of mappers and it looks epic but I've never had the inclination to play it.
  14. purist

    My curiosity on the popularity of certain PWADs

    And I'd add Sunlust to that list
  15. Hello. :)


    How is your VOH project?

    1. purist


      Hi Memfis,


      I've not been back long, cool that someone remembers VOH. Especially cool that it's someone whose mapping I respect as much as yours.


      I was planning 22 maps and have 16 at least part done... but I've not touched it for probably more than a year. I've recently got the Doom itch back though so if I find time I'll pick it up again.


      How are you doing?

    2. Memfis


      Wow, so you're not that far from finish? I hope you can find some time to work on it again.


      Just like you I haven't been mapping lately, but there is a new Russian megawad that should be released fairly soon, and I'm currently helping with testing it. I think it will be higher in quality than our previous megawads but also more traditional, so I'm not sure how much attention to expect.

    3. purist


      Well, it doesn't feel almost done. Whenever I finish the next episode I'll post it though and hopefully you're around at that time to let me know what you think.


      I'm out of the loop but the Russian community had built a lot of credibility so I'm sure there will be eyes on the new project.