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  1. A bunch of people sign up in a thread, are randomly divided into small teams and each tasked with making a megawad in secret. No themes or restrictions, except that any original content in the wad must be made by one of the team. At a pre-determined time the teams all post their megawads back to the original thread and either judge the best effort or just rejoice in all the lovely new maps.
  2. I chose my avatar because there was a time where I felt like I was invisible on the forum. Like most communities, the more you put into Doomworld, the more you'll get out of it. Be cool and gradually get more involved and I am sure you will begin to feel less this way.
  3. purist

    Chocolate Doom not exiting properly

    Sorry for the double post, but just to update, I downloaded MSYS2 UCRT64 and no longer experience the error using that version so thank you @mikeday for the successful solution. Beforehand I tried running without sound as plums suggested and without pwads but that didn't help. There was no stdout in the version of Chocolate Doom I was using so I don't know if I can be any further help in diagnosing what went wrong.
  4. purist

    Chocolate Doom not exiting properly

    I haven't tried anything yet, but I'm grateful for as many suggestions as possible since there doesn't seem to be a silver bullet fix. I don't get much time to use my laptop but I will report back when I do.
  5. purist

    Chocolate Doom not exiting properly

    Thanks to those who have replied with suggestions. Next time I use my laptop I will continue looking for a solution or provide more information that may help someone else to do so.
  6. I am using Chocolate Doom version 3.0.1-win32 with Windows 11 Home OS. It runs OK in-game but when I exit the music still plays, the launcher freezes and the application cannot be closed. If you launch again the two applications overlay so you get the music from both at the same time. I have tried launching from GZDB and had the same issue so it is not the launcher causing the problem. Does anyone know how to resolve this? It is a real pain for testing.
  7. purist

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    Closest was when the map I spent hours working on corrupted.
  8. purist

    Doom 30th anniversary book, do you want in?

    I'm happy to contribute a few words if you can use them in your book. I read some of the first page of replies and then skipped to the end because I am not interested in reading three pages of debate, but I do not consider a few paragraphs detailing my experiences of Doom a valuable intellectual property. Nor do I consider myself exploited, willingly supplying this text in full knowledge of how it is intended to be used and what I will and will not receive in exchange. In the unlikely event this book becomes a best seller or Hollywood adaption and my 400 words are cited as the driving forth behind it's improbable success I promise I will not hire a team of lawyers to come after my slice.
  9. purist

    What are your plans for today?

    I'm working from home today, a long day after a late night at a concert. But I'm feeling surprisingly spritely. Would be nice to have a glass of wine with the wife tonight but we will see how this energy lasts. By the time the kids go to bed I might be ready myself. At somepoint today I need to buy gift for my brother's birthday. Suggestions are welcome as I'm at a loss.
  10. purist

    What are some good map tropes?

    I'm going to interpret this as "things that are done all the time in Doom but never get old". Possibly my favourite are zombiemen placed tactically to be exploded by barrels. I don't think I will ever lose appreciation for this.
  11. purist

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Good luck with this, looks like a good project. Would be right up my alley if I had time to map.
  12. purist

    Favourite Map from each episode?

    Ultimate Doom E1M5 - Romero This was a favourite when I first got the game and it stuck with me. I think it is primarily the cinematic visual of the giant walkway emerging up from the nukage but I also liked the progression and enjoyed some of the shootouts setup with sergeants. E2M2 - Hall/Petersen Another holdover favourite from childhood. The crate maze felt as close to a real life place as Doom got. Plus we have the introduction of the bezerk pack, smartly placed in a map with no hitscanners. E3M2 - Petersen Even before I worked out the gimmick automap shape I thought this map had a unique personality. Taking place almost entirely outdoors this is about as close as Doom gets to a nature map. The open layout allows monsters to freely roam the rocky landscape hunting you as you scramble for supplies. E4M1 - McGee Brutal in it's simplicity. A shortage of health and armour gives an already vicious map an even more dangerous edge. American McGee's neat visual style lends a somehow conservative yet otherworldly atmosphere. E4 is known for it's uneven difficulty progression but this is a perfect opening to the final episode. Doom II Circle of Death - Romero I can't bring myself to split Doom II I to four lopsided length episodes so for the purposes of this post this is Doom II's episode closer. Most of my favourites are in the first 11 maps of Doom II so this can change on a daily basis but I love the use of central walkway loop to add a new dynamic to the hub style layout. Inmost Dens - McGee Out of place in the City episode but probably the most visually impressive - and influential of Doom II. It plays well too with carefully placed chaingunners and an arch vile waiting to chase you out his house. Monster Condo - Petersen I'll admit, I don't often play the Hell levels of Doom II. And I know the correct choice is the Living End, but I don't care. I choose Monster Condo. I have fond memories of playing co-op on this map and I found the playfulness of the concept quite charming.
  13. purist

    who're your favorite mappers

    Read the title as Whore Your Favourite Mappers... Erik Alm is the first name that comes to mind because of how influential Scythe was to me. Not just in a mapping sense but pulling me into exploring custom levels and being a catalysts for the longevity in my interest in Doom. Tarnsman is an author that speaks to me. His maps are executed so well you get that "I see what you were going for there" feeling, which is one of my favourite things. Memfis' uncompromising attitude gives his work a character that makes them identifiable to him, which I think is an undervalued quality. I remember him once saying how he prefers playing 1994 maps because they predate accepted conventions and there is something useful to learn from that. 40oz is a student of the game. I remember him once being super prolific and his work was always of a minimum good standard no matter how quickly put together. However, he also puts tons of thought into his work and theorising interesting ideas.
  14. There's no correct answer obviously, but I tend to lean towards red, blue, yellow unless the key is being placed a flat that it needs to contrast against. I think the reason why is red is the first key you find in Doom. Yellow I associate with the a long search for some reason. Would E1M6 or E1M7 support this? I can't remember the key placement in those maps.
  15. purist

    So, how old are you ?

    Haha, Dylan is now Luna. She is on DW as @Luna_Bourke and plays more Doom now than I do. As much as I'd still love to make a father/daughter megawad I have very little spare time and Luna prefers playing to mapping. Maybe in the next 10 years :-)