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  1. I thought that I would add that this is made for gzdoom ,which is not mentioned in the OP
  2. Steve D, I know you are now aware of this but for other users, if you want the title screen using the Risen3D launcher, under the skills area, click the down button and select "Start game from New". @bzzak - sorry of I came across a bit grumpy - put it down to "old age".
  3. http://www.doombuilder.com/?p=tutorials
  4. Risen3D can indeed use DOOMWADDIR ... This ... if you bothered to read ... Risen3D/R3D_Docs/Launcher/r3d_launcher.htm and it is very playable, but for you obviously not.
  5. I'm a bit biased, but I chose Risen3D, since I've been involved with its development from its inception.
  6. nvm moderator please delete.
  7. Possible serious bug ... It appears that when highlighting a line, DBX shows it referencing the wrong sector. For example, Open up Doom2.wad map01. Highlight line 104. This line is one sided and DBX shows it referencing sector 1 whereas it should reference sector 18. Highlight line 126. This line is two sided and DBX shows it referencing sector 1 on side 1 and sector 2 on side 2, whereas side 1 should reference sector 18 and side 2 sector 21. ... a minor nitpick ... When highlighting a sector, the info box bottom right looks a bit "messy". I hope you get what I mean. Also using win10, the very bottom of the editor is "chopped off" by the windows taskbar. Compare DB2.
  8. As an occasional playtester, I feel that error checking is vital. So, for me, any improvement in map analysis is a plus.
  9. Thanks anotak for dbx. I noticed that the stuck things in map anaysis mode seems to work better now. That said, it still reports stuck things in non-solid things. e.g. dead players. Some feature requests ... 1. When a map has 32 maps, to show all these on loadup. Currently have to use the slider bar. 2. An arrow for line direction. DeepSea has this. 3. Map analysis mode to check for missing or invalid tags. Keep it up ! :)
  10. slopes ?
  11. Some last minute bug/issues with map09 ... 1. Missing upper texture on line 380. It appears that the ceiling height of sector 64 should be the same as sector 54. This error is quite noticeable in gzdoom and glboom+. 2. In the automap, not all the credit names display correctly, since, for example, sectors 30 and 31 have the same ceiling height. To fix, just give the "inner" sector a height increase of 1. So, for example, sector 31 should have a ceiling height of 105.
  12. MBF should also be linked to Risen3D also, I might be wrong, but should not Doom Classic be outside the Boom compatible area ? Same might apply to Doom Retro and Delphi Doom.
  13. There is a wierd effect with the vanilla bridge in map01. Try this with nomonsters ... 1. Stand on the bridge at raised sector 52. Turn right then walk off. The effect is instantaneous when going from raised sector 52 to sector 51. 2. Stand on the bridge at raised sector 52. Turn left then walk off. The effect is as expected. A "slow" fall down to sector 51. Maybe a slight rework of this area will fix. Tested with Risen3D and gzdoom. Map06 ... Lines 225, 303 and 1700 need a Y offset correction. To fix, remove the lower unpeg flag and give those lines a Y offset of -32.
  14. Yes, sorry. It does work, as you say. Quite difficult though. Have to be in just the right position.
  15. Yep! Sector 283's floor height needs to be changed to -288, to match sector 186's floor height.