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  1. Yes, sorry. It does work, as you say. Quite difficult though. Have to be in just the right position.
  2. Yep! Sector 283's floor height needs to be changed to -288, to match sector 186's floor height.
  3. No. Using the "secret" linedef flags shows the line red, to simulate a solid wall. Map 08 ... It appears that the player must get to sector 158 to eventually get the secret at sector 409. I was trying from sector 165 and nearby to access this sector. Try as I might I failed. Am I doing something wrong or is sector 158 impossible to reach ( bar cheating ? ).
  4. Map 06 ... MIDBARS3 on line 2037 bleeds into the floor/ceiling in software mode. To fix just give either sector 420 or 421 a brightness difference of 1. Lines 1408, 1636, 1639, 1642, 1458 could be flagged secret.
  5. First off, you need to specify which port you are mapping for.
  6. Risen3D runs this just fine, provided you follow these instructions contained in CustomWADS.txt, that comes with Risen3D ... Download the MORDETH FEB'97 DEUSF-Compatible version (it indicates that this is for Macintosh users). Ignore all instructions sent with the pwad and just place MORDETH.WAD, MDEUGRAP.WAD and MORDETH.DEH in a PWADS udir (e.g. r3dgames\mordeth\pwads). The Launcher will do the rest.
  7. This may well be a DEU bug, and not a map bug per-se.
  8. Mapping for R3D is certainly a learning curve. I suggest examining any of the R3D maps on the homepage via an editor to see how it is done. Experiment. To answer the last question ... no.
  9. I miss the old forum. Anyway, map 5 sector 386 has a skywall issue in R3D. Can be reworked to fix without changing visuals. Also, map 8 sector 163 has the monsters stuck into each other, and line 1503 needs an X align fix.
  10. Risen3D users ... If playing from the idgames release, and want models and splash sounds, just rename btsx_e1a.wad to btsx_e1.wad.
  11. map28 ... 1. I think the floor flat for sector 4573 was supposed to be RROCK15 2. Should not lines 27100, 27117, 27136, 27153, 27401, 27418, 27437 and 27454 been flagged impassible ? - uses the texture MIDBARS3.
  12. Good to see that Dragon Sector has finally gone public. Good work guys.
  13. map 01 ... a) MIDBRS1A at lines 1417 and 1648 bleeds into the floor in software ports. One easy fix is to give sector 180 a brightness of 127. b) Line 834 could have been flagged secret. c) Line 822 could have been flagged secret and sector 3 should have been flagged secret, since it leads to the "secret" pickup at sector 151. d) T380 ( hanging one legged body ) in some software ports bleeds into the ceiling, and will appear to "slide around" when looking at it when the player is moving. Also with some opengl ports renders half into the ceiling. Is this sprite used in other levels ? Can be fixed via DeHacked. map 02 ... a) BUG - switch texture on line 1454 does not animate . Remove upper and lower textures to fix. b) T84 and T307 has their heads rendering into the ceiling in opengl ports. map 03 ... a) Line 486 wrong X offset. Crate. b) T60 renders into the crate. c) The switch texture on line 729 does not animate due to the fact that D1 is used. Linetype 135 could be used instead. d) Line 3734 could be flagged secret. map 04 ... a) I thought it a bit strange that line 312 has GBRAYP3 whereas line 336 has GBRAYP2. b) Lines 1078, 2141, 2164 could be flagged secret. c) T17 stuck in T413 map 06 ... a) Lines 1919, 775, 351, 1674, 2385, 1726, 1670, 1690, 1668, 1400, 2040, 1994, 915, 914, 913, 2153 could be flagged secret. b) Could the upper unpeg flag be removed from line 351 ?Note effect when sector 72 rises. c) Lines 1864, 1865, 2041, 272, 2039 could be flagged hidden.
  14. Over a year in the making, Risen3D version 2.2.31 has finally been released. Visit the Risen3D homepage for more details.
  15. Over a year in the making, Risen3D version 2.2.31 has finally been released. Visit the Risen3D homepage for more details.