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  1. hawkwind

    Spear of Destiny

    Regarding the missing keys, using DOS SOD.exe, the boss on death drops the key.
  2. hawkwind

    Caverns of Darkness 2.0

    If you wouldn't mind, could you post your compiled windows binaries here ? I would be interested to compare. Just realised this has already been requested. I should have gone Next ...
  3. hawkwind

    Caverns of Darkness 2.0

    Another interesting tidbit ... Risen3D can also play the original CoD via a patch on their website. When Risen3D v35 is released, there will be even more support for it ( and many more map bugs fixed too).
  4. hawkwind

    Getting married Tuesday

    From one who has been wedded for nearly 42 years, congratulations. Have a happy and long life together.
  5. hawkwind

    Ultimate Doom Builder question

    Thanks again. I don't know why I missed that.
  6. hawkwind

    Ultimate Doom Builder question

    I have somehow lost the direction arrow(s) from a linedef with a type and tag to the sector(s) with the same tag. Anyone know how to retrieve it, barring reinstall ? Thanks in advance.
  7. hawkwind

    Reloading or no reloading?

    If the enemy reloads their weapons, why not.
  8. hawkwind

    Move camera to doomguy's head from chest?

    Remember, the player height is 56, so a closer setting for eye level would be between 52 and 54 IMO.
  9. hawkwind

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    I counted 4. But thanks K, that worked. Just another niggle that takes the edge of an otherwise great mod.
  10. hawkwind

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Apologies if this has been asked before - I'm at the start of C2M5_A Stahlhimmel, and at the cave. How do I progress out of the cave ? Thanks in advance.
  11. hawkwind

    Repeating Skybox in GZDoom

    The reason for that is the texture offsets. This wad uses linetype 272 - transfer sky textures. For example, check line 7671, and you will notice a Y offset of -72. This lowers the horizon, but repeats/tiles the sky texture near the skycap in hardware rendering.
  12. I just did a test and I've found that fixing watermap.wad has no effect. To clarify anyway, open up watermap.wad, or doom2.wad for that matter, with XWE or SLADE3, and compare sw1dirt to sw2dirt in the texture1 lump. You will notice that the brown outer area is different in both, causing the change when used.
  13. I was wondering, since woof has its own watermap.wad, could the sw1/2dirt texture be fixed, without affecting compatibility ?
  14. Yes, I realise that this is a doom\boom\mbf issue. Clearly an original oversight from iD. Those "decorations" should clearly be able to be placed on moving plats. Many modern sourceports have rectified this. Did you check my test wad ?
  15. Will Woof fix the Doom\Boom mf_noblockmap bug for doomEd things 79, 80 and 81 ? They just need the mf_noblockmap flag removed. Test map attached. noblockmap.zip