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  1. hawkwind

    Doom Sector Light levels

    So does that mean that a sector brightness level of 0 to 15, renders a a brightness of 0 ? All interesting stuff ...
  2. hawkwind

    Criticality - v2 available

    Possible bug ... I could not get sector 390 to lower, so could not teleport at line 21235. Assuming this is a bug, I then "teleported" to sector 1055 and continued. Then 100% kills -god mode - 100% secrets. I thought that the floor of sectors 1550, 1448, 3267 and 3375 didn't look right with the flat OSLUDG01. UPDATE -- Lines 5779, 5777, 6674 and 6676 need to be lower unpegged. And ... lines 1835, 5778 and 6707 need to be upper unpegged. All this to avoid scrolling textures when the "doors" open. UPDATE 2 ... Sector 390 is bugged. The tag needs to be removed for the teleport sector to be accessed. And the action on line 20469 should be changed to 23 - floor lower to lowest floor. Just looks better. UPDATE 3 ... The ceilings of sectors 314, 914 and 1040 are not solid when those sectors have risen. Using sector 314 as an example, you will need a control sector connected to a new sector 314, with a ceiling height of 252, since doors rise to a ceiling height 4 px lower than the real/adjacent ceiling height.
  3. hawkwind

    Doom Sector Light levels

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but does not Boom and above already do that ?
  4. hawkwind

    Doom Sector Light levels

    I have been in consultation with biwa, who works on Ultimate Doom Builder, and they use 256 to allow a doom quirk in which a horizontal one sided line ( maybe two sided as well ? ) assigned to a sector with 256 light level will render brighter than a line alongside it which is assigned to a sector with a light level of 255. He sent me a test wad to show me this and it is confirmed, at least with doom2.exe and choco doom. What other doom mysteries await ... Attached is a modified version of the wad biwa sent me. 255-256.zip
  5. hawkwind

    Doom Sector Light levels

    Could someone please point me in the right direction in the doom source code as to the sector light levels. It seems that there is some disagreement as to whether the highest light level is 255 or 256. Both DeepSea and Eureka show the highest as 255. This makes sense to me as 0 to 255 is 256 light levels. Ultimate DoomBuilder shows the highest as 256. Which is ( more ) correct ?
  6. I can confirm that there is a serious bug with map27. The player can stand on sector 906, face east, and walk through lines 485 and/or 5086. These lines should be flagged impassible. If this is what you were referrng to bltzkrg22, good find. While at it, I noticed that the floors of sectors 497 and 498 should have had the flat CEIL5_2. And the mid tex on sidedef 10848 needs an x alignment of 34
  7. That's weird. A lift should always return to its starting position. And it is a once only lift action. What source port are you using ? I just did a checksum on my file. I have the same.
  8. Are you sure you are using version 1.1 ? The wad should be dated 9/9/20. The sector you are trapped in is a lift sector. Just now tried it and it worked for me. Not trapped.
  9. hawkwind

    183 SR crusher start (fast) problem in zDoom

    ... and this bug has been present in zdoom for at least 3 years ... Should work in Boom or MBF compatibilty, but doesn't. Actually applies to all SR crusher types.
  10. Some generalised door actions actions are actually switches. For example, your example in map02 sector 2 is linetype 14603, which is switch repeatable - SR and hence needs to be tagged. As has been mentioned, D1 and D2 linetypes do not need tagging. All others do.
  11. hawkwind

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The former human is not fullbright when firing, yet the other "human" monsters are. An Id oversight.
  12. map11 ... 1. Render error where line 17246 is and sectors 3507, 3175, 3854 and 3858 ceilings, easily fixed. 2. A Risen3D bug, but easily addressed. When sector 1394 has lowered, player can see through the 1 sided lines. Can be fixed, without any negative consequences, by just making sector 1392 have a floor/ceiling height of 0. Map13 ... 1. Sectors 685 and 690 have the wrong ceiling flat. Should be METFSQ03. 2. Sector 850 needs to be tagged 83. Map14 ... Lines 670 and 1232 not lower unpegged - not a good look with BRONZEG1. Map15 ... 1. Line 2694 and sector 431 needs to be tagged. Lift. 2. Tex offset issue lines 3803, 3802, 3801. 3. Sector 536's tag can be removed. map17 ... 1. Remove lower unpegged from lines 280, 995 etc. 2. Offsets on lines 751, 722 and 732 differ from the others similar. 3. Increase ceiling height of sector or lower floor height of sector 249. Sky occlusion when looking at sector 416 from sector 249 or 203 (especially sector 203). 4. Any reasons why the floors of sectors 295 etc. and 415 need scrolling/ moving things ? map20 ... 1. Note the ceiling of sectors 939 and 941. 2. The back sidedef textures of lines 6702, 6703 need a Y alignment. 3. Needed a mirror/reversed texture WARNVRAK for line 3812. map22 ... Why not a pickup reward for finding secret sector 274 on medium and easy skills ? map23 ... 1. Lines 421, 5045/5110, 6657, 5289 need to be flagged impassible. 2 Lines 1148 - 1151 need MIDBARS4 on their back-sidedefs. 3. Unwanted mid texture line 1353. 4. Render and floor height issue with sector 1206. The front sidedefs of lines 7097 to 7100 should have been assigned to sector 84. 5. Missing lower sidedef texture line 5137 - HOM. 6. Mid Tex on lines 1229 and 3981 bleed into the floor in software. 7. SERIOUS - I fell into sector 572 before crossing the lines at sector 41. I suggest having similar lines that are around sector 566. 8. Can walk through MIDBARS3 when at sector 895. map24 ... 1. Lines 1815, 3247, 3246 etc. use the skull texture, yet there are no skullkeys in the level. 2. Seems impossible to get to secret sector 241, unless use jump. map27 ... 1. Monsters at sectors 144 and 162 are stuck in each other on easy skill. 2. Many instances where MIDGRATE bleeds into the floor in software. 3. Why not have the same linetype on line 1993 as is on line 4568 ? 4. Wrong floor flat sectors 915 and 104. Should be RROCK03. 5. T1464 cannot teleport due to its radius. Suggest using line 10817 as an additional teleport line. 6. When at sector 2783, the player cannot access teleport line 2648. 7. Line 6300 side 2 needs an X offset of 8 and line 6299 an x offset of -1. map28 ... Back-side lower of line 14269 could have been ROCK12. map30 ... Sector 1115 should have had a ceiling height of 224, not 242. See ceiling height of sector 1112. map30B - This map can be deleted, as is a copy of map30. That's it. Tested on easy skill.
  13. hawkwind

    Can't load PWADS on prboom+

  14. hawkwind

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    I'd like to refer you all to this https://github.com/jewalky/UltimateDoomBuilder/issues/469 The questions are, Does either mine or biwa's method have any negative aspects to them ? Will both or either work just fine ? By reading, you will notice that this just applies to mp,not coop, not dm.
  15. hawkwind

    Eleven Zero - 32 Maps Megawad (WIP) V1.5

    It is nodebuilder related. This has been discussed with the OP. Risen3D uses a modified version of Glbsp by default, but can use ZDBSP if invoked.