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  1. hawkwind

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    ... and looking at this thread, I thought I was the only one ... Just to add, I am right handed but play as a left hander. Mouse is always left of keyboard.
  2. hawkwind

    What GZDoom/UDMF format is used for Doom 1 editing?

    If you like, you ccould make your own config. Just omit the doom2 specific stuff.
  3. hawkwind

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    IIRC doom shareware on DOS
  4. Go here for the latest ... https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/ultimatedoombuilder/ Updater just finds any new dev build and asks if you want to download/install.
  5. hawkwind

    WhackEd 4

    Try this ... https://github.com/GitExl/WhackEd4/tags That valiant dehacked was done with version 1.01. Not available any more as too old.
  6. GZDoom 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11 start up fine, placing the gzdoom.ini in c:\Documents>My Games>GZDoom. But GZDoom 4.11.1 refuses to start, giving the error ... Fatal Error Execution could not continue Unable to retrieve known folder Same for the dev build 4.12 pre65. I know I can place a gzdoom_portable.ini file in the gzdoom directory, but that defeats the purpose. Doing constant restarts from the error window does not help. Any ideas ? Update ... Tried to load 4.11.1 this morning and it loaded, to my surprise. I did not get that message asking the user to supply their hardware specs. Persistence pays off I guess ... Still no luck with the dev. builds though. Do they require the gzdoom_portable.ini file ?
  7. hawkwind

    PNG to Doom format conversion issues

    You have Convert to Doom PSX (paletted ). Try Doom Gfx ( paletted ).
  8. hawkwind

    Vulkan Issues with GZDoom

    To help others that come across this thread, how did you fix it ?
  9. hawkwind

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS) - OP updated for the upcoming release

    imitate has only one m ... ;) .
  10. Use dosbox or dosbox staging. I found that I still had to rename dehacked.ini to dehacked.inix to ignore it to then load with win10.
  11. hawkwind

    ZDBSP Vanilla Map

    You could add this ... ZokumBSP_optimized { title = "ZokumBSP - Vanilla Optimized"; compiler = "zokumbsp"; parameters = "-rz %FI -o %FI -n2 -nu -bc"; } This is used for BTSX3.
  12. hawkwind

    Some sector effects not working in GZDoom

    Please submit your wad so we can find out why. Also, the adjacent sector(s) need to be a different brightness level.
  13. hawkwind

    Requesting someone to test my WAD.

    Probably best to ask for testers when you feel the map is finished. Then others can test fully.
  14. Since this is a final beta, I'm just wondering whether map26 will still be finished.
  15. hawkwind

    Floating monster logic

    Just an idea, but using WhackEd4 and giving it a speed of 0 might work.