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Final Fantasy VI Rhodox

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This is a Rhodox monster from the Final Fantasy 6 video game that I made, along with an illustration.

How it looks in the SNES game:

Quick 'n dirty, rotating animation:

Figure photos:

Accessories photo:

Mid-construction photo:

'Kupo for Rhodox' illustration (pencil line art, colored with GIMP):

More information:


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nice. I used love pounding on those guys. like the item drops. I love the enemy designs in that game, as well as the rest of the series. can't wait for your next work.

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Well, you don't have long to wait. :)

Here's a preview of the figure I started on yesterday, it's a Cook/Atomic Chicken from Mega Man 2.

Game sprite:

Mid-construction animation showing neck/head articulation:

The sketch/paint guide I drew up to work from (note that the light and dark orange color notations should be orange and red instead--the NES' limited color palette messes with my eyes sometimes . . .)

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I finished the Atomic Chicken late last night, so I haven't taken photos yet. The final figure has eight points of articulation (hips, knees, ankles, neck and head), so I ought to be able to come up with something interesting, animation-wise. I'll probably upload the webpage, photos, etc. for it early Monday afternoon after I get off of work.

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