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Regenerate Ammo?

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For a wad I'm currently working on I would like for the player to regenerate 10 ammo per second, specifically rockets. The ammo regen would be innate and always active, not activated by an item or action. I'm not having much luck with this. I have basic working knowledge of DECORATE and XWE, I would like to use these if possible. Any solution would be appreciated though. Also any links to relevant material that would help me figure this stuff out would also be appreciated.

I'm making this wad using doombuilder: ZDoom (Doom in hexen format)

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Can the player actually shoot more than ten rockets per second? If not, then you could just set your rocket launcher to use zero ammo, or something. If yes, then I'm looking forward to your mod!

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The plan is all the guns in my wad will have an alt fire that requires 100 rockets to shoot. So basically the alt fire will be like a special attack that can be used once every 10 seconds.

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