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SNES/32x Doom - monster infighting

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On the Doom Wiki, it says that monster infighting is impossible in SNES and 32X Doom because the enemies only have front-side sprites. Isn't this inaccurate because Hexen on PS1, despite having only front side sprites of monsters has infighting? (Note: Korax is the only one who seems to have all 8 rotated angle sprites) There, the monsters do infight, but they always face you...

So perhaps it's the memory limitations, or that it would look silly for monsters to fight each other while facing you, which made the developers not program infighting in SNES/32X Doom. It's not necessarily just because monsters only have a front view...

EDIT: Yeah, the SS Officers from Doom 2 secret levels can also be a good example (I'm dumb).

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There's no reason it'd be impossible, like as you described infighting in the Hexen port, the SS troopers in vanilla Doom2 do infight, but they only have a frontal firing sequence. I haven't played the SNES port much at all and don't have it on hand, so can't say much about it. Someone should give it a test- there are plenty of zombiemen in E1M1 to try on.

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It's disabled in SNES and 32x Doom, however as a trade-off monsters of the same type can harm each other.

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