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  1. Wolfenstein 3D - "Victors" They are considered two branching paths. When you jump into the gray wall, the right teleporter is the 'hard but fast' way and the left is the 'easy but slow' way. The right takes you next to the mancubus if you didn't kill him, and then to the bank by way of the blue key. Some complications are released from the bank vault but you then get the red key right away. The left on the other hand takes you to the wooden warehouse with some shooting and crate mazing, and then you have to shuffle along the tall and thin ledge to get to the red key. You can explore both paths if you are so inclined (or more likely are just looking where to go next) but alternate paths like these are more intended for purposes of replay value.
  2. I see, that's interesting, even what seem really simple set-ups in your mind often end up being moon-logic puzzles or even more annoyingly, unwinnable situations. This bit is actually copied from the Alien Queen level in Duke Nukem 3D, before the boss there is a long stretch with slime and the boots have just enough power to get you through that. I thought that was interesting because it's a more implicit point of return rather than having a ledge or closing door or something. However in there, the boss area wasn't damaging. It might make sense to make the revenant area non-damaging, that way the slime corridor still makes sense, with the whole damaging floor theme the level has. You can still return but risk taking much damage from the corridor if the suit runs out. It is a compromise but being so strict with the high concepts and "design is law!" attitude doesn't always work so well. Still, as a matter of policy new versions aren't made for soft game play concerns, so we will have to deal with this for now, unless some bad crashes or similar come up. Regarding the blur spheres, I think having just one would make it seem more like a powerup than a trap... if you take it, then activate the monsters and none of them shoot bullets, you'd get pissed that you got tricked. If there are 11 invisibilities there it should seem rather suspicious.
  3. For the main level there are 7 suits in all, these should be enough to get all the extra areas and the keys, although it obviously depends on whether you know where everything is. The final suit is revealed when the floor to the final area lowers, the idea is that you take it and run straight to the next area ahead. There you have to wait for the door to the exit to lower which also activates the revenants. Since the corridor is so long, it discourages you from returning, and the excessive invisibilities there are more like obstacles, since they make the non-homing shots of the monsters scatter and saturate the area. The topic of damaging floors was remarked upon, but regarding other levels probably, some sandbars and an extra suit or two were added to the abandoned mines and tenements, since the slime isn't supposed to be that big a feature in those levels. The upper district of 11 might have used a third suit since the pattern of keen doors is probably still not very clear and this one is indoors with slime around it. I don't really understand however how you could miss the suit on the way to the exit though, did you take it and then go back to explore?
  4. Hmm, possibly, it follows on the theme of the exits going "up" instead of "down" in hell, and it's also in the original start room, with the torches rearranged to form a star which is the teleporter... however this room is a crossroads instead of a dead end, and the ceiling could also be lower, it's not easy to see the portal shape on the ceiling. The arachnotrons in the main room are released by going near the tech lamp with the sawtooth light pattern around it. The idea is that taking the rocket launcher makes the room dark and going near the lamp makes it bright again, but that also releases the spiders.
  5. 1. Go to the metal building, up the stairs, then hit the switch behind the fence. 2. Go back and cross the lowered platform with the spectres. Use the elevator and get the red key. Then go up the stairs in the cavern, open the red door and drop down. 3. Get to the main chasm. The teleport nearby takes you up. 4. Go behind you to the dark cave. Go through it until you get to another chasm with a blue floor (it hurts.) 5. Walk across the ledges to the top. Hit the switch and take note how the blue floor has risen behind you. 6. Go through the base area back to the start and go back to the main chasm. 7. Take the teleport again, and go back to the blue floor area. It has risen now and you can walk across to a new area with the yellow key (take a radiation suit from the main chasm if you don't want to get hurt.) 8. Back to the main chasm again, up with the teleport, and walk across the ledge to the yellow door. Open it and continue through the other yellow door on the other side. 9. Drop down on the other side of the tall ledge, the side you can't access from the floor. 10. There is a blue key here, take it before leaving through a cave opening. 11. Passing by the sergeants, there is a new chasm with water and tall columns. Go up the stairs and through the caves until you get to the columns again. 12. Jump from column to column and get to the cave opening with the blue torch. 13. Open the blue door and return to the corridor between the yellow doors. 14. Open the second blue door and go into the base. Kill the mancubi. You can use the computer to activate the lifts. 15. Kill the arachnotrons. 16. Climb the stair and drop down. 17. Take cover from the spiderdemon and cyberdemon in the small opening with a teleporter. There are 3 such openings in this chamber and you can quickly teleport between them in a cycle by going back through the teleporter you came from. 18. Try to get the bosses to fight each other. The invisibility scatters the spider's bullets enough that he sometimes hits the cyberdemon. Otherwise, you might have to run around in the chamber proper to get the bosses to hit each other. 19. Once they are dead, hit a skull switch, which lowers a platform. Go there and hit the newly revealed switch. Repeat this until you get to the exit. The passage on the right takes you back to the blue room, otherwise, go straight forward to exit. I see, sure, most of them have some more obvious changes, I will list the ones with the least changes so it's easier to see what's different: D_countd - Map03 The Spirit World (Getting Too Tense): orchestra drum kit instead of standard D_betwee - Map04 Monster Condo (Waiting for Romero to Play): no changes D_doom - Map05 The Abandoned Mines (Message for the Archvile): no changes D_ddtbl3 - Map22 The Pit (Into Sandy's City): main melody track cloned, transposed higher, changed instrument to consistent choir aahs, power drum kit instead of standard D_read_m - Story (Read Me): orchestra drum kit instead of standard
  6. Ho Ho Ho. The updated version was completed and submitted on the 22nd and it is now available on the archive. The change log is above. Some tutti-frutti errors were found and corrected after playing through it again on Chocolate Doom, those and texture alignment stuff comprise the bulk of the changes. The most drastic change was done late: I was re-recording the DEMO3 (Circle of Death) due to desyncing... and it bombed out with a visplane overflow! It's nothing I found earlier, by Visplane Explorer or manually, but looking out from this window (0) at a certain position caused an overflow; the structure with the mancubus (1) was added to block the view. https://i.imgur.com/uscARCr.png On the other hand, the platforms were pretty far away from here, and from the inside, there were little opportunities to fight enemies other than fliers. This new mancubus is much closer than the other one that was already here (2), which makes him a better threat, and the one below the ledge in the dark area was changed to a cacodemon (3) because his shots kept impotently hitting the ledge which made him kind of a joke. That's that, then, hopefully. I'm reticent about doing updated versions not because of the additional work but because of the strategic danger. If you get into the kind of thinking that you can always "just patch it later", you'll get less serious about making the initial version the one that sticks, one that doesn't need any updates. And for the player it can be disrespectful, as repeatedly getting suckered in to play half-finished releases will instill disenchantment. Still, if there is some new grim discovery like another stuck spot or reasonable visplane overflow, yet another patch might have to be done... hopefully not... It seems that the bugginess of games is proportional to the patching capabilities of the systems they're on. I always found that interesting. Even Doom went through quite a few patches ;) By the way, if some change makes a level look different than its screen shot in the help or credits image, that's not considered a bug... less work, sure, but I think that the story of the shot's difference from the real thing is a quality all its own. Kind of like those early Doom 2 screen shots that are used everywhere... Industrial Zone with Phobos sky.
  7. Played through again and these are the level changes so far: Remarks on some specifics: MAP18 Downtown -Sector 4 (interior gray marble building): 2x mancubus: changed to pain elemental and pig This is a dead end or 'bad place' which is never supposed to be a particular destination, so the monsters are supposed to be kind of a trap. They were mancubi like in the original, but this was really annoying given the new entries where you jump in from above to the main floor. They would usually block you invisibly with infinite height and then do huge damage at close range. For that reason they have been changed to different monsters that are less immediately dangerous. Pic: https://i.imgur.com/td1T1r4.png MAP19 The Factory -Necropolis: Spider, Zombie and Construct quarters have had their teleport closets activate by lowering floor instead of door (mostly under-the-hood) and teleport in additional monsters after a secondary closet's 768-height floor has finished lowering. The 4 wings use the 'close door and open after 30 sec' line type, which is a bit inflexible since the duration is fixed. The armor and health items were scattered around the rooms to give you something to do if you killed the monsters early and hit the switch but there would still often be awkward empty time where you just have to wait. For some reason it didn't cross my mind to have a delayed trigger to teleport in a second wave. The mechanism for freeing the monsters is changed to a floor type since if you have a tall door that is sunk into the floor to make it open slower, like the exit doors in MAP23 Tricks and Traps, the monsters can't cross it since the height difference is too big even if it isn't possible to fall in. No additional ammo is given since it feels like there's enough already, plus this is the final new area in the level, so all the previous ammo in the level was available for picking already which in total should make for a decent extra amount. MAP28 The Gantlet -Line 1740 (border of lava and exit area) is now monster-blocking again, so the barons don't leave the room into the lava. This was considered a bug. The border has been changed to the rotating skull thingy (cosmetic change), but the monster-blocking flag was lost in the process. Pic: https://i.imgur.com/aOhila9.png (step with red lines blocks monsters)
  8. The program I have used is called DoomWord: Letters on Earth, however it should be noted that the input yields a slightly different output compared to the same map name in the original: adjacent letters are separated instead of being merged with a 1 pixel strip of the outlines being shared. So anyway I ended up modifying the big text font's letters , ' and !, then constructing the level names again from them. The modified font has the following changes: -The shade of grey is 1 step darker -Outline is 1 shade lighter at the top and 1 shade darker at the bottom -Anti-aliasing changes near the inner outlines -Specks of light tan high lights The results are rather subtle but the same level name in this font is faithful to the original look while still being different, enough to deal with the rule in good faith: https://i.imgur.com/FLZ07Mx.gif The font itself, which the reader is free to use: Thanks. For the images, it automatically embeds them when I add a direct image link-- note, direct, these image uploading sites always try to get you to use their silly pages and make it hard to get the link for just the image. I see! Thanks for the feed back. Now another thing I've been anxious to hear about is that one sequence in MAP08: Barrels o' Fun.
  9. The interpic was tiled horizontally so that it could also be used for the episode 1 sky, here is a centered extension: For the status bar I extended the base and then shrunk it down and affixed it underneath the original and added the details, the new space is filled by 2 empty "panels": The widths are 133% of the original. Note also that the graphics are expected to be stretched 20% vertically as usual with Doom graphics. I don't know how to make them work in-game though, with (G)Zdoom or something. That sounds interesting, although, the secret levels will still need new ones since the names are changed. I've not found how to do this yet however. Makes me miss Raven's way of constructing the level names from strings, now!
  10. If you mean the names as they are supposed to be (map01 is "Icon of Sin", map02 is "The Living End"...), then that's how they are intended, they never have had different names meant for them. Seeing as they are directly based on the corresponding level from Doom2 although with some crossover (Map10: "Nirvana" and Map11: "Gotcha!"). Some of them have the opportunity for a double meaning, like with "Entryway" since the original meaning is no longer appropriate or has not been repeated exactly, like with "Gotcha!" where the eponymous situation happens right before the end now. If you mean the automap names being the same as in the respective slots in Doom2, that is because the .deh file hasn't been loaded, those are changed to the above. Although space restrictions meant that the "Level ##:" part had to be dropped. Also the intermission names will probably be altered visually since during the last hours before releasing I happened to look at the rejects and saw the reason "unmodified Id Software assets", which is what the level name graphics were. Cue another "you moron!!!" moment since the exact same thing happened with SWake where I had to quickly make a new rock texture since the fake-contrast system I used necessitated using the unmodified original graphic for another entry. So you can see the level name graphics in LongTrek are crudely darkened a bit to get around that rule which probably crushed the colors somewhat. They'll be edited better since I have the time now, I really wanted to hit sept 30 because that's kind of Doom2's birthday ;)
  11. No it hasn't, but it's been tested with Chocolate Doom so it should work with any vanilla compatible port. There are also some instances of port-friendly constructs, like a pit with a monster in it which you can't drop into in vanilla because of infinitely tall monsters, but which you can escape in true-height conditions because of a normally hidden switch that raises the pit.
  12. Not sure what meant by archive files... maybe like putting the stuff into a zip, the deh is a loose file loaded simultaneously with the wad. Maybe you can load it as an archive too but that's how it's meant... since for vanilla you need to have the deh as separate so you can point dehacked to it and patch the exe. If it's only in the wad, you would need to extract it first with an editor and that would feel something like bad faith vanilla support, so maybe I will try having a dehacked lump in the wad and a separate .deh too. Then it's a matter of clarifying it in the text file, don't know if people read those... The challenge with map02 is to communicate what the stair switches do. The placement could be better, so you could see the stair rise with both ones. Also slow stairs would stay moving for longer, giving you more time to see and hear them, but they are only 8 units tall. Then you'd have to have twice the stair sectors for the same height gained which is a problem with visplanes in an open level like this. The many CVP (Counter-Visplane Pillars) also impede visibility and make it harder to see the stairs area. This level is particularly literal so the way to the stairs is by teleporters in the blood, like the original, so hopefully the player'll make the connection. The candles near them were a late addition to make them easier to see. For now there are the following changes: -The stairs area is brightness 144 instead of 112, so it's brighter than the main room rather than darker, making it easier to see -The stair switches use the SKIN texture to make them look more distinctive and important -The areas related to the stairs and its switches have uniformly green torches which aren't used elsewhere in the level