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  1. where is inverno deja vu??????? gimme

  2. hervoheebo

    The Journey

    Hi, thanks for all the comments. I'll comment on some of them in turn... This is a huge post so I'll spoiler it.
  3. hervoheebo

    DWANGO map01 in Serious Sam HD (video included)

    Why is there freelook in the monochrome footage?
  4. hervoheebo

    New Year's Resolution?

    1920x1080, pretty nice, my old monitor was getting a little cramped.
  5. hervoheebo

    Have video games become too addictive?

    If anything, I'd say they've become less addictive. Or maybe it's just that there aren't many good games being released anymore and I've played all the good old ones to death. Or it's just a side effect of getting old. Though I can easily spend all of my free time on a new, good game but generally only a couple of such games can come out in a year.
  6. hervoheebo

    Tell Me Your Dream Weapon for Doom

    The usual: -rifle that shoots a very powerful round and has pinpoint accuracy, may or may not pierce targets -inaccurate, hitscan, full-auto gun that shoots explosive shells and roots you in place while firing -chain lightning -grenade launcher that shoots grenades which attach themselves to the target, a few may exist at once, and the grenades explode when the carrier dies or when detonated remotely -some sort of area of effect weapon that causes the hit area to damage everything that comes close
  7. hervoheebo

    Penny Arcade vs Ocean Marketing

    Heh, this is some good stuff, I've watched this unfold since the beginning. This Paul guy is a real dumbass. Not only is he a PR guy that doesn't do customer relations (???), he was incredibly oblivious. "You'll be on there [Penny Arcade] tomorrow." "Great !!! love PR", I mean come on. He has that air of a small-time guy trying to be a big boss. All that talk about "connections" and "I know these people", he's talking about himself as if he was some gangster boss, somebody everybody should know. In reality he's just a dumbass and a bully who got ruined by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. "you have the power Mike Please make it stop"
  8. hervoheebo

    My annual "So what did you get" thread

    Laff, it's one of those montages of people's postings complaining that they didn't get some Apple gadget for Christmas? Listen to us geezers yelling at entitled youngsters. We're getting old. (the people in the image are still dumbshits)
  9. hervoheebo

    Counting from 1 to 35788 in 24 hours

    I have a feeling that this guy could give Ulillillia a run for his money.
  10. hervoheebo

    Hexen glitch at end of Shadow Wood

    Shit, I typo'd that one. You need a shovel to dig up an amulet or some such. It's not as absurd as I made it out to be.
  11. hervoheebo

    Hexen glitch at end of Shadow Wood

    Hexen 2 has its share of bugs too, a couple of times I've had to noclip because of an elementary scripting bug in the Stables where you can't dig up the shovel if you get some items in the non-intended order.
  12. hervoheebo

    Jesus Christ... Again? (VT Shooting)

    Thread's leaner now. Looks like something got helled. Anyway, who's the killer? I've skimmed over articles and none mention his name. I'd like to know his background.
  13. hervoheebo

    Videogames and nausea.

    Console ports with terrible FOV are good at making me feel sick. Playing WoW for prolonged periods of time used to make me feel nauseous. Like starting to sweat and spatial awareness dropping.
  14. I like the blocky turn-of-the-millennium-era futuristic style. In my opinion the high-res texture packs detract from the overall feel, like how the architecture is riddled with 90 degree angles, the human models are rough-hewn and animations are unrealistic. When the textures are high res they make the graphics clash.
  15. hervoheebo

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I never seem to be affected by any major "in-game" bugs. Everyone bashed New Vegas' initial release but I didn't encounter any bugs at all. It's the meta bugs that annoy me. The random freezing while outdoors and the FPS-dependent Y mouse axis (heard the patch shifted things around, now the Y axis is oversensitive instead of numb) are my major peeves. Well, the UI sucks too but it's not really a bug. Reminds me of that terrible Fallout 3 patch, or that minor bug-fixing patch in WoW sometime around TBC that introduced like 50 bugs (among them the orc shoulders and ghost wolf weapons).